Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What is on my nails today

I was just drinking my morning cup of coffee when I looked down and had an “EEEEEEK” moment. My nail polish was so chipped and ragged looking that I jumped into my stash of nail polishes and thus here is my post. (I work in a jewelry store so my nails have to be neat looking, but with my finals they kinda went a lil blah) I had worn corals and fuchsias all of April, and just needed a little change, so out came my China Glaze Spontaneous.  I will mention that this is my only China Glaze so I can’t really answer too many questions about the brand.  It is a crème with no shimmer, and goes on with only two coats to get full opacity.  

 My accent nail is 2 coats of a glitter by the company Funky Fingers ( found at a store called 5 Below) in the Shade of Sugar Plum.  I love this glitter and have worn it several times on its own (3 coats usually covers the nail completely) The nail polish has a slight pink jelly base with silver, gold, blue, green and red tiny glitters. A perfect and fun look for the holidays!
What's on your nails today?

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  1. I love purple pretty!!