Monday, June 18, 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB

Rarely to I come across products that are such fails that there is nothing I can do with it. I can actually count on my one hand those products. This is now one of them.  The Maybelline Dream Fresh BB "8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Light Sheer Tint". The back of the package states: Enhances skin with eight benefits in 1: blurs imperfections, enhances, brightens, adjusts to skin tone, smoothes, hydrates, SPF 30 protects, 0% oils and other heavy ingredients." The directions state: "For sunscreen use: apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure." 
The packaging
My camera (and lighting) turned this slightly yellower. But a pea sized amount.
Rubbed out I just get a sheen, but it dries down to nothingness.

There is a pro with this product, but it's not even the product but the display. There were small vials of each skin-tone available so I could more easily match myself to the right color...YAY and FINALLY for that. I hope more products (foundations in specific) do that because I'm getting tired of running back and forth to Harmon's. The staff already know me as the "make-up returning girl" -.-. 

You get 1 fl. oz or 30 ml of this product. Oh let's start from the top with this product. When they say sheer... it's so sheer that I am sorely tempted to go check if the darkest shade available will leave a tint to my skin. I matched myself for color and the next one up was too yellow for me.

The Eight Benefits:
1. Blurs Imperfections: Well...since there was NO COLOR how could it blur imperfections? That just didn't make sense to me. I tried to layer it but I still got no color improvement. I don't want to have to make tons of layers (essentially caking makeup) when this is supposed to be a product that would *in theory* work as several makeup products.
2. Enhances: enhances what? It is so vague...what is this product supposed to enhance on me?
3. Brightens: Ok so I got some dewiness with my application, so I suppose one can classify that as "brightening"? But I already have oily/combo skin, so adding more sheen to my face doesn't seem to make sense to me.
4. Adjusts to skin-tone: again...
5. Smoothes: I can say that my skin felt a little smoother and it did seem to fill in some pore areas, but for that I can get a primer.
6. Hydrates: It hydrated a little, but nothing noticeable or that my daily moisturizer can't do (and for cheaper by the oz)
7. SPF 30: A bonus, I will give it that
8. 0% oils and other heavy ingredients: good thing I guess?

Some of these benefits (to me) seem to just be repeating themselves, but if someone can help differentiate them for me, I'd be truly humbled.

Overall I'd class this as a sunscreen/ moisturizer being advertized as more than it really is or does. I purchased it at Harmon's for just about $6.90. After hearing everyone rave about the Garnier BB Cream I had some high hopes for this one but it really missed the mark. Another return for Creams are supposed to help with anti-aging and are usually one color, both of which are not present with this product.The claims on this product are redundant, and seemingly useless. Which brand BB cream (from the drugstore) do you all suggest?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Finished Products Pt 3

**warning super long post...I will try to keep it short and sweet though!**

Wow, half the year gone and I'm still chugging pretty strong through this project.  I've been finishing up quite a few products and see that a lot of stuff is finishing out (mainly because right about now is when my of my full sized products are running out!) More and more stuff is being added in and I still have half the year to get through, so perhaps by the end of 2012 I will actually finish out a nice chunk of makeup :D (squeals of delight!) Needless to say, this project has already shown me a lot on what types of skincare and body care products I prefer (scent-wise, texture and actual use-wise) so my future product purchases will have that in mind.

Breathing Space Calming Lavender: LOVE. Lasted me a month and was so luxurious feeling.  I'm a stickler for lavender scents and if it does not smell right, I'll refuse to use it, but this product smell just right.  Best part was that this was from my local Dollar Tree so it was only a buck. Will be repurchasing.

Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Body Lotion: This was one of those samples/ travel sizes you get at hotels. It was a good product but I am not a fan of the scent. I love all the other scents from their lines but something about this is slightly a sickly sweet spa. ick. Not purchasing.

Jade Hand and Body Lotion: Another hotel sample I got (I am sooo one of those people who kidnap those lil things) but this one was probably my favorite scent. It was clean yet a hint of floral. It wasn't the BEST moisturizer, but worked in the pinch.

SHINE by bliss Mandarin & Mint: ummm no hint of mandarin and none of mint. This had a weird fruity scent and I was just happy to finally say good-bye to this last lil hotel travel size I had.  It felt greasy and right after I applied it...I still felt really dry.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion: HOLY GRAIL right here. If I didn't have almost 5 half or 1/4th done bottles around the house  thanks to my siblings I would repurchase this in an instant. This had such a homey oat-y scent without being off-putting. It left my elbows and knees so soft and well moisturized. Perfect soaking in time too.

L'Occitane Hydration Creme: First off- I hate sachets. There is either too little product or too much and no matter what there is no way to really save to use later. This product had too much in the sample sachet and was so greasy on my skin. Plus it had a cucumber/aloe scent which is something I just dislike. I love L'Occitane but this was a miss on my list.

Jergens Natural Glow Face Daily Moisturizer in Medium: Yes this is for face but it would break me out SO horribly and did not moisturize that I gave up on it. Until I mixed it with my Aveeno Lotion and got a great product. I would not recommend this product though for people with sensitive skin because the fake tanner is irritating.

AcneFree Green Tea Oil Absorbing Moisturizer: I love this product.  This is a great lightweight product but still does the job and keeps the skin nice and clear.  I was so sad to see it go that I actually cut it open to get every last bit. I think my Clean & Clear has some competition.

John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo: This product works, I got some really natural lightening which was great for me because it was not like BAM blonde or like with Sun-In all one color.  I like it, but probably wouldn't purchase unless on sale because you don't get a huge amount of product but also I don't really know the long term effects on my hair with this shampoo. The baby version was nice and retails for 1.49 at CVS.

B&BW Coconut Lime Verbena Volumizing Shampoo: I don't think B&BW makes the shampoo of this for retail but I *again* got this from a hotel. I LOVED the scent so much I went out and got the body butter. The shampoo isn't a great product though, my hair got REALLY matted together and just didn't leave any volume.

Carmex Moisture Plus in Peach: First off, this color was NOT peach at was a rosy/ coral pink. But it was so nice on the lips. It still had a slight medicated scent but no where near the typical carmex scent. Will repurchase if I can find it again.

ELF Studio Minty Lip Gloss in New York City: Such a nice gloss! It has a ruby tint with a nice minty feeling. While it looks like I still have some product left, I took the stopper our and the brush does not reach the bottom. I tried the boiling water trick, but it did nothing because there is just so much extra plastic. I have other glosses similar in color so while I won't rush out to get it, I might purchase on a whim one day.

Benefit Stick Foundation in Spin the Bottle: I have sentimental value to this because it was a part of my first actual makeup kit that I got from my mom.  I loved this product dearly, but it is very full coverage.  I don't even know if they still make it!

NYC Lengthening Mascara in Jet Black: This is that rare product that I have repurchased. I like this product because it is a classic spoolie brush and had a very natural look.  I would get some volume and length and it was a drier formula *which is my favorite*

Slatkin & Co Wallflower in Twisted Peppermint: My favorite scent out of the entire B&BW collection.  I have a love hate relationship with this though.  I refuse to pay regular price so I'll only restock on it during the Semi-Annual Sales. It is so fresh and crisp with just a hint of sweet.

Absolute! Green Tea Facial Tissues: This was actually my first facial cleansing wipe and it really just re-iterated that I am not a cleansing towelette girl. I need to go in with my facial cleanser because my skin does break out so easily. I just don't see the attachment to them.

Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash: Really nice product. I love immolating it and doubling it as a shave gel (it's suggested on the bottle). It just makes it a 2 in 1 product for me. Once I do get through all my body gels, this will become a staple.

Montagne Jenesse Pore Cleansing Facial Masque: This was another sachet product that I got roughly 2.5 uses out of. It really just reminds me of the masques my mom would give me as a youngster and doing slumber parties. Those masques did nothing for us but made us feel more grown up. I still have 2 left to get through (weep)

Fa Gelee Royal Almond Blossom: I used this on my face and body (hence the reason why it is in this section) and I love it. This is a brand marketed to central Europe (aka Germany, Poland etc) In the states it is rather expensive, but since I travel to Europe so often (for both research, studies and family) I will be able to pick this up for MUCH cheaper.

Noxema Clean Moisture Deep Cleansing Creme: Most people have a love it or hate it relationship with this product. I for one, love it. I use it as a deep cleanser and leave it on for 15-30 minutes or as a spot treatment on pimples/ whiteheads. By the next day my problem areas are gone! I have a whole other tub which will get more love, once I get through all my other products.

Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub: This poor product has just been through the ringer *haha* It is a salicylic acne treatment which seems to work best on my skin type.  I really do like this and I think my typical St. Ives will have some competition.

Burt's Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser: I was SO disappointed by this product. I loved the scrub but the cleanser left a waxy film on my face. It was also a mental screw because for me...I want to feel foaming and cleansing of my skin...and if it doesn't do that...I don't feel like my face got clean. This was sadly the case with this product.

Opti-Free Replenish Contact Solution: Just a basic solution but since I have been really focused on being safe with my eyes, I had been changing solution each night.

Bio-True Contact Solution: Got a tester of this from my eye doctor.  It's a bit more expensive because it's supposed to be closer to the biological tears, but I really didn't notice anything special.

New Totals!:
Lotions/ Fragrence/ Hair: 10 + 9=19
Makeup:4 + 6= 10
Candles/ Scents: 1 + 6 = 6
Cleansers/ Body Washes: 7 + 11= 18
Randoms: 2 + 2= 4
Grand Total: 57!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bath & Body Works Jasmine Vanilla Sensual Body Wash

**Giving a review on a scented product is always difficult. What smells one way to me, may be different to you.**

 I bought this product at one of the Semi-Annual Bath and Body Works sales for right about a buck. I love B&BW, but really miss their old scent which were classics. I find that the newer scents are all pretty similar or just a buncha mixtures BUT ANYWAYS... I have used the Aromatherapy line in the past but usually calming(lavender) and another eucalyptus scent which I can't remember the name of. I was wandering around and saw this scent and figured that since all the rest of this line was so great, I'd try it-- even though I was not looking for an oooh-la-la sensual scent.

The Label:  Awaken your senses. Jasmine Absolute relaxes the mind and inspires sexy self-confidence. Vanilla Absolute helps soothe and calm so you feel at ease.

Let's take this apart.... Awaken your senses: boy did I have a double take on my 'awakening' this was not the scent I thought it would be.  Jasmine Absolute relaxes the mind and inspires sexy self-confidence: I STANK LIKE A MAN... a man who overdid it on the AXE spray. This is so masculine, so the only thing that it gave me was self-awareness that I did not smell 'right'. This is coming from a girl who does use more neutral scented men's deodorants so I am not a person who likes to smell like candy or fruit.  Vanilla Absolute helps soothe and calm so you feel at ease: the jasmine is so strong that I get NO notes of vanilla, even after washing it off. 

BOTTOM LINE: If you want to smell like a man (a la AXE) use this product. If you wanted a lighter, woods-y, spicy, yet sweet "sensual" scent -- this isn't for you. It's not a bad product based on quality and strength of scent, but my dissapointment stems from what I believed the scent would be and what it turned out to be. Maybe I have a different idea of what a "sensual" scent would be like...

Repurchase? NO!

Ever have one of these moments?
Sometimes I really think that B&BW should have a scent cleanser (coffee beans like they do at Lush) so your nose doesn't get all clogged up with every other scent.