Monday, May 30, 2011

May Most Used Products

Hello all! Well, it is the end of the month, and of course I have a decent bunch of products that I have been using. This month I have been working on shopping my stash and rediscovering certain products. I have so many makeup products that refuse to die out so it was a why not. I will also include the products I finished out this month, and if I plan on repurchasing them. 

1. Maybelline Falsies Volume Express in Very Black: I have just found this mascara to be awesome and makes my lashes so lush! I didn't have to wait for the formula to thicken either. It did take a few tries to get used to the brush, but this is a great product!

2. Benefit Lemon Aid: This product is of course going to be on my favorites list because I use it all the time and even have a back-up of it. It takes a long LONG time to use up, and it is basically an eye primer that has a yellow tint to it to remove any veins or discoloration in the lids. It does wonders for my eye lids and has never creased for me. While it is a little more expensive item, I got a hold of the product on ebay, brand new and in box for 6.99!

3. Wet N Wild Kohl Eye Pencil in Black: I am still working on this eye pencil, but I really only use it to line the lower waterline so that might explain it haha.  I find this product to be a great one, and really has lasted me months and I still have a good chunk of it left to get through. This is just the standard wood pencil product and a gem because it is so inexpensive.

4. Benefit Boxed Blush in Dandelion: Another product that does not want to die! This blush is very light pink with gold and pink reflects in it. This is my all the time and any time blush and I find I can wear this product day or night, winter and summer. During the summer I use it more as a highlight because it just is shimmery enough for it. It leaves a lovely and almost innocent hint of color on the cheeks. 

5. Clean and Clear Morning Burst Moisturizer: This is a product that I am not really loving, because this particular Morning Burst formula leaves me a little greasy/ shiny but I am really trying to finish this product out so I can go try something else.  It does moisturize the skin and really has no scent, but I am really ready to say good bye to it! 

6. Clean and Clear Deep Astringent for Sensitive Skin: This is such a great product. I use this every two to three days in a rotation and just find that it catches all the dirt from my face. I have been using this particular product for about 5 years and I really don't think I will stop using it. 

7. Harmon's Face Value Hydrating Toner: To be honest I bought this product because a close friend of mine kept going on and on about the need for a toner and how it's so amazing. So I went to my local discount beauty store and got this one. It's supposed to be a Harmon's dupe for a L'Oreal product. It works the same as my astringent and don't love the product. I don't think I'll be buying it again once I finish out the bottle, it takes up room on my counter!

8. Dove Clinical Protection Deodorant in Energize: I bought this deodorant on a whim and thought "hey it'll be summer, I'm starting at the gym and running outside and my car has no air conditioning so why not". I don't like it. First off, It's a cream texture (think gel deodorant) and while I really prefer the solids, I gave this a try. I feel like it just doesn't work for me and feel the need to keep using body sprays to feel comfortable. My solid and cheaper deodorants feel like they do a better job. Although I love the body spray version of this product, go figure!

9. Color Workshop Gold Eyeshadow: This is one of those very VERY old products that wore off the name. It was a product sold in CVS years ago and was one of those boxed sets. I typically thought that since they were so cheap that I would not like the payoff. Oh my goodness was I wrong. The golds and bronzes in those palettes are amazing and so soft! This month I wore a lot of the gold tones and just blended them out. Yep I am in summer mode already because the New York area has been seeing 80+ degrees for at least a week!

10. Sinful Colors Timbleberry Nail Polish: I have been painting my nails so many colors and just really haven't found my absolute favorite color, but I did wear this color two-three times this month and figured that maybe that meant it is my "favorite of the month". It's a red/ coral colored polish and is just fun. It's a nail polish that just makes me feel very happy and goes with a lot of my wardrobe. 

Now this month I finished out a few products too. These are the ones that I'm done with and if I will rebuy them: 

1. Avon Skin So Soft & Sensual Hand Cream: This was a great product and never left my hands feeling greasy. It has just a classic hand cream scent and soaked into my hands very quickly. While I loved it, I have so many hand creams to get through, I think I will pass on buying it again. 

2. L'essence de Provence linen water in Lavendar

3. InColor by Jordana Lip Shine Natural Glaze in Pink Grapefruit: A sheer gloss with a brush applicator, light grapefruit scent, and hint of color. It's not really an OH MY GOSH I NEED IT product. I used it, finished it, and will probably find another gloss to finish up. I have so many glosses that I think I will pass on buying it again. 

So lovelies, what products did you love this month? Which ones did you finish up? Any changes for your summer routine? Have a great day (or night!)

xoxo Ema

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tag: Summer Besties

Hello readers!
   So today I was watching on youtube a new tag going around that was created by Macbarbie07 called the Summer Besties. It's just a list of the summer favorites in different categories. So I figured I would turn this into the blog version of the tag and give it my little bargin twist on it. My views on summer makeup is to basically go much more light-handed than I do at winter time. Summer is when we are getting that glow and don't need to pack powders on like there's no tomorrow. I know that during my summer vacation I am literally pool-work-gym-pool-beach routine so I don't want to be packing a big makeup bag with me. I do love to tan out on the beach (gasp...) but I do use something with SPF in it (*calming sigh*) SO...

1. Lip Product: Summertime I don't really use lipsticks, I turn to my glosses and chapsticks. Depending on my mood I'll go for a colored/ tinted lip balm or gloss or just go sheer. Other times I don't want shine and just a little protection. My gloss picks would be the Jordana line found in Kmart and Walgreens. The products are 2 dollars max and come in many cool shades and flavors. For lip balm I just grab whatever I have in my purse (at the moment I think I have 4 floating around!)

2. Blush: I love my benefit blush in dandelion. It's just pinky and shimmery enough to be worn in both winter and summer. It adds the little extra oomph and when I have a day I don't want to look like I have make up on, I dust it lightly and it doubles as a highlight. I use the Wet N Wild bronzer in Acapulco Glow in certain spots to just highlight. It's a light shade so it's not a bronzer perse but adds a little gold reflects.

3. Nail Polish: Oh gosh, I really can't pick one, and almost never really have a favorite must have I always fall back on summer color. I just love to change it up, matte, shiny, glittery etc. Summer is just that time to go bold or try new shades. It's a more carefree time! My go to line of nail polish is either Sally Hanson Hard as Nails (between 2-4 dollars) or Sinful Colors (.99-1.99). Both have a wide variety in colors and have good payoff without too much risk with price.

4.Liquid Face Product: For summer WATER! Crazy as it sounds water is the best and cheapest way to a healthier and more glowy/ radient face! It's been proven that when you sweat your pores are being cleaned out, so yes as gross as it is...sweating is good!haha. On a more seirous note, it keeps skin and our body hydrated and removes puffiness in the face. How's that for a cheap, always available miracle product!?

5. Powder Face Product: Um...I really don't use many powders during the summer. It's a little too much upkeep for day to day with my summer activities BUT if I had to pick something, it would be a pressed powder. Just something transluscent with a mirror is good. I've found ones from L.A. Color that were for 1 buck and work great!

6. Hair Product: I have fallen in love with the Got2B smooth operator and L'Oreal Kids Detangler. When my hair is damp I just comb the lotion consistancy product through my hair and let it air dry or style. The detangler is SO yummy and summery smelling. With a fun bottle like that and a price tag of $3.50, its great. The detangler doesn't weigh down your hair or leave it feeling greasy

7. Eye Product: Summer time I love the deep bronzy shadows with gold shimmer. Granted I wear this color all year long, but summer time, I just wear that one color and blend it out. My favorite one at the moment is Rimmel Glam'eyes in Spicy Bronze. Just that color and thick black lashes, and I feel ready even for the night out.

8. Self Tanner/ Tanning Item: I love using Hawaiian Tropical products because they just SMELL like summer. Especially the tanning products, they have a coconutty scent which I will only wear at the beach, but when I wear it OH MY GOSH. I know it's summer!

9. Fashion Accesory: I would have to say silver toned hoop earrings. Not the small ones you wear for work that are about an inch, I mean 3 inch, classy hoops. I love how they look on tan skin, and are perfect for day and night. You can find these anywhere, Claire's is a great place for cheap but nice earrings for about 5.99. They always have some sort of deal so you can stock up on your faves!

10. Clothing Piece: I would have to say my dresses. I have these gorgoues dresses, mainly from Urban Outfitters, that have a '20s look to them. They are fun and flirty and just awesome! They always scream summer because I'll wear them to bbqs or parties or a night out in the city :)

Hope this was a fun read for everyone! What are some of your besties for summer?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project Palette (Update)

Hello all!
  So recently I started this project to go through all my makeup mini palettes and try to use up colors and then consolidate them into one big homemade palette.  Well, I can safely say that it is going well! I tweaked this project a little though. My first step, (and admitedly pure amount of boredom) brought me to depot many of the palettes I owned.  This was a better idea than having to go through so many of them to finish up. I now have all the colors (that would actually depot) in one CD case.  It's nice to be able to have some more freedom this way. I say this because when I had the mini palettes it was too much work for me in the mornings to go digging through my drawers for another shade of brown, so I would just use the suggested mixes. Now I can see which shades of browns I have and can darken them up, or lighten them up! OOOOOOOH freedom haha.  
   It has also been rather amusing for me when I go into the drugstsore, because I do have so many products and colors I would use (in nailpolishes) that I usually leave the store with nothing more than a purchase of hand creme. Shopping my stash has gotten me aware of what products I do have and gets me to explore what I can do with them. I also came to realize how many similar or almost the same shades I have that I never touched! I was purely shocked. Well I am still into this project, and feel confident that I can downsize what I have into the drawer without needing the help of a male to push the drawer back! I may need a warning sign on it! Since I haven't really put a dent on my project I won't update you all on how its going, it will most likely be in my monthly favorites/ most reached for items instead. I will also let you all know what other products I finished out during this project :)
   Thirdly, how awesome is this, I looked at my subscribers and see that there are 7 of you reading this! It's really awesome to now see people reading this blog. Thank you all and please know that I appreciate you guys!
  Fourth, it's yard sale season!! I am so excited for the next bout of warm weather to go hunting for some goodies.  My dad and I are such amazing bargainers, and I am so ready to start looking at furniture and kitchen items.  Yep, I'm looking at apartments! While this is not an asap move, it is getting to that time where I need to stand on my own feet and take care of myself, but until then...I'm still happily living at home and workin hard for that money! 

Thanks for reading

Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm Still Alive!

Hello all, just wanted to send out a quick post that yes I am still alive haha! It's finals time at my college so it's been pretty rough, but Wednesday is my last day of finals and I promise I will be on here once again with more posts, reviews and comments :) I didn't forget about anyone!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Project Palette

Hello All!
  So today I was going through my makeup drawer and carry case when I realized how certain palettes (like 5-8 pan palettes) take up so much room and I never seem to remember to actually finish some of these.  I found some colors I loved, and some that I know won't work too well, but am willing to put effort into finishing them out.  This is kinda my spring cleaning of makeup project when I think about it.  I know I put these palettes into my carry case and then never use them, forget what I have and finally end up buying more of the exact same shade. I'm sure I'm not the only here who does that! So what I am going to do is pull out all of my palettes and try to finish at least 2 colors from them.  Whatever colors still left will be condensed into one palette that I am actually going to make! I didn't come up with making my own palettes, actually Grace & Beauty has a great video and direction list of how to make super inexpensive, personalized palettes! Shout out to Gracie...keep up your awesome work!! I will link you all to her post at the bottom of this posting :)

So my 2 rules:
1. I MUST finish, not just hit pan, at least two colors from the palettes (which have 5-8 pans in them)
2. Can't buy makeup until they are done!

I have about 5-7 palettes that are so old that the names have rubbed off completely. I feel this is really just a great way to make more space in my collection and pull out those colors we don't have a chance to wear. I mean I have a few that have the brand and names totally rubbed off! I want to just finish out all the dupes of makeup that I have before I move onto the box of newer items, not only to mention that I need the room for it all! (oopsie?) My only exclusion will be if I run out of a different product and I have nothing else that can stand into its place, so yes there will be a decent amount of other products I will finish out! (I'll include those in the updates too). But I also know that in June, the 50-75% off sale in Bath and Body Works occurs, and I will break this project to purchase all those things I love since they are just lotions and candles.

Wish me luck!! (i'll need it, it's taking me already 4 months to finish a nickel sized shadow and I use it every day!)

The link to Grace & Beauty: (subscribe to her too, she's AWESOME!) DIY Palettes

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Review on juice BEAUTY Green Apple Peel Full Strength

Hello ladies, so in the most recent Birchbox many received this product along with the moisturizer.  This is just my own view on the product and experience. I have never had a chemical peel done before because my skin is rather sensitive, but I figured that if Birchbox was giving them away, they must be easy and good products. Well...I hated it. I followed the directions to the T, and carefully put on this product.  I left it on for about five minutes when during that time I felt like my skin was burning. The instructions said to leave it on for 10 minutes total but by the 6 minute mark I could not take it anymore.  I prompty washed my face according to instructions, and the areas that had the peel on it were cooked lobster red, very tender and very much in pain. I put cold cloths on, and put on moisturizers so I could try to stop some damage.  It took about 4 hours for the redness to full go away and two days for my skin to stop being tender. During that time I did not use face products, toners, powders, foundations.  After the two days, my skin felt tight and frankly gross to the touch. I used my St. Ive's Apricot Scrub and only then did my skin feel back to its normal self.

I would not recommend this product because after getting much advice and risking my own skin, I can see how it can all go wrong.  The moisturizer given with the peel was so gross and greasy that I felt like I was rubbing lard on my face. After this product my skin was not radiant or smoother. I have better results with my own face scrubs from Clean and Clear or St. Ives. Ladies, do not risk your face. This is one treatment I would leave to the pros.

Overall Opinion: THUMBS DOWN. Throwing out my sample tube.

My Most Used April Products

Hello all you beautiful readers! Well the month of April blew by faster then I could have imagined and of course is my new topic of monthly most used products. I suppose you can say a lot of these products are my favorites, and then there are a few products I'm not crazy about but am just trying to finish out. I will let you guys know in the captions about how far along I am with each product too! So what did I use this month, and in no particular order, of course!

Lacey Lilac Brand New
3/4 full

For Nails:  Sally Hansen Hard as nails Xtreme wear Lacey Lilac (number 270) and China Glaze in Spontaneous. Both purples and just so pretty during this month. They actually match some flowers from my moms new garden!

I can finally see a dip in my box!
Works rather well, hate the brush though!
For Face:  Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc Free Correcting Powder in Creamy Natural. Physicians Formal 2-in-1 Bronzer & Blush. I bought these two earlier this month and just really reach for them a lot ever since. When I want a more dewy finish I reach for my benefit Dandelion box blush (still haven't finished that bugger -.-)

This isn't my actual quad, but I can't wait to finish
this one and move onto my other browns! 
For Eyes: Of course my holy grail benefit lemon aid primer, I have been working on finishing my Wet 'n' Wild black kohl liner which is just one of those things that refuses to give up or give in haha. Then my Mod Quad by NYC in Far Out Fawns. I have hit pan on all the shadows, and have the edges left of the center gold color. I am really looking forward to finishing this product. Maybe next month I'll actually get to say goodbye to it!

For Lips: I finally gave into the Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks and got Mauve which is so pretty. It's my lip color with a lil more oomph. Then this month I tried Jordana Pretty Shine Luxury Gloss in Babe and LOVE it. In the bottle and on the applicator it looks nudey-brown. But once on the lips the pink and gold shimmer work perfect to create a very natural yet fresh look.

Lotion wise I have finished out my Bath and Body Works Signature Collection coconut lime verbena and plan on repurchasing asap.  I have also been using AVON Skin So Soft & Sensual hand cream. Both are awesome products.  Scents I love my benefit Maybe Baby, a light and spring scent and then my Calgon tahitian orchid body mist.

These were my most used during April, what did you all end up using? Finishing up? Loving?