Thursday, May 5, 2011

Project Palette

Hello All!
  So today I was going through my makeup drawer and carry case when I realized how certain palettes (like 5-8 pan palettes) take up so much room and I never seem to remember to actually finish some of these.  I found some colors I loved, and some that I know won't work too well, but am willing to put effort into finishing them out.  This is kinda my spring cleaning of makeup project when I think about it.  I know I put these palettes into my carry case and then never use them, forget what I have and finally end up buying more of the exact same shade. I'm sure I'm not the only here who does that! So what I am going to do is pull out all of my palettes and try to finish at least 2 colors from them.  Whatever colors still left will be condensed into one palette that I am actually going to make! I didn't come up with making my own palettes, actually Grace & Beauty has a great video and direction list of how to make super inexpensive, personalized palettes! Shout out to Gracie...keep up your awesome work!! I will link you all to her post at the bottom of this posting :)

So my 2 rules:
1. I MUST finish, not just hit pan, at least two colors from the palettes (which have 5-8 pans in them)
2. Can't buy makeup until they are done!

I have about 5-7 palettes that are so old that the names have rubbed off completely. I feel this is really just a great way to make more space in my collection and pull out those colors we don't have a chance to wear. I mean I have a few that have the brand and names totally rubbed off! I want to just finish out all the dupes of makeup that I have before I move onto the box of newer items, not only to mention that I need the room for it all! (oopsie?) My only exclusion will be if I run out of a different product and I have nothing else that can stand into its place, so yes there will be a decent amount of other products I will finish out! (I'll include those in the updates too). But I also know that in June, the 50-75% off sale in Bath and Body Works occurs, and I will break this project to purchase all those things I love since they are just lotions and candles.

Wish me luck!! (i'll need it, it's taking me already 4 months to finish a nickel sized shadow and I use it every day!)

The link to Grace & Beauty: (subscribe to her too, she's AWESOME!) DIY Palettes

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