Thursday, January 2, 2014

#bbsecretsanta What I Got

Hi Ladies!
This year I was quite daring and decided to join in on a beauty Secret Santa "swap" run by Georgina from Makeup-Pixi3 and Laura from A Scottish Lass.  They both took the time to organize it and I thank them so much! I was paired with the lovely, and very sweet Tasha from Bellezakisses.  

The rules were straight forward and a dollar amount was set, from there we got to know each other
our likes and dislikes. We sent the packages by the needed dates and then waited. 
I got my package but wanted to wait till Tasha got her package too (also retail hours on holidays didn't allow much awake time to actually open the package for a few days).  ALTHOUGH, 
I did shake the package a bit….nothing sounded smashed *thankful* 

Let's get into my package.
I have to say that Tasha really packaged everything SO nicely, 
and the empty book is perfect for my collection! (I have a bunch from my travels)
Plus who can resist shiny silver tinsel? (maybe that's just me)

Tasha sent me the following:

Adorable wrapping!

Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush
It's rather funny because I purchased the eye kit and was thinking about purchasing next the fine liner brush but Tasha beat me to it! (I think she's a mind reader…sshhhh)
Revlon (blah blah blah blah) Balm Stain in Precious (amazing color!!!)
The last balm stain I had from Revlon was a little too out there for me, 
I kept wishing I had purchased a more everyday shade…
and once again, Tasha was a total mind reader and picked out a BEAUTIFUL shade. 
Beautiful color!
First off, I didn't even know that NYX had these beautiful gel liners! This color is stunning and I can't wait to spice up my neutral looks with this awesome liner color. (insert happy dance)
NYX Cream Blush in Tickled
I adore this color. It'll be the most perfect over a tan blush ever.  I wish I was tanned…instead I am ghostly pale. (oy the Central European problems).  But funny enough, I had also sent Tasha a NYX cream blush! (not the same shade)
Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links (L-R) Cocoa, Bone, Java
Disclaimer: Cocoa was not broken in transit, my pup jumped up and caused me
to drop the shadow. But I can still repress it :)

Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links (L-R) Taupe, Copper, Gold
I wanted a bunch of these, but each time I found a location with them, it was so picked over or the shadows were smashed up.  I love that Tasha picked out a bunch of finishes, that copper and Taupe look amazing!

A few extra goodies from a couple of "Rugrats"  Please pass on my thank you Tasha!
Pop Rocks are my favorite and I never seem to find enough of them. The nail decals are also awesome!