Saturday, November 26, 2016

Valentia Pure Glow Moisturizer

Hi all,
I was contacted again by the Valentia brand to try something new from their line of skincare,
this time it was the Pure Glow Moisturizer. This product retails for $25 US dollars and is 4oz or 120 mL.  The moisturizer comes in a brown glass bottle with a great pump to really dispense the right amount of product.  At first when I saw the price tag, I was uneasy, but then when you look at the product size itself, it's a fair amount.  Valentia actually advertises this as a 4-6 month supply, which already seems quite accurate, as I've been using this product for just under a month and barely made a dent.

This particular item is Vegan, Organic, made in the USA, Cruelty Free and made with natural ingredients. According to the website, the moisturizer is made with Ginseng and Kojic Acid for dark spot fading, and Hyaluronic Acid, Safflower and Shea Butter for moisture replenishment.

The product claims in the short term (with my own commentary):
- Provide all day hydration: This is a lighter moisturizer, which would be great come spring and summer, but with the current fall/ winter cold, I found this not strong enough to keep away minor dry skin.  I did enjoy it, but would pull this back out once it's warmer weather.
- Instantly restore radiance: I hesitate with this one, as I feel like I don't quite see a "radiant" complexion as soon as I apply this. How does one really measure radiance? My skin didn't look particularly dull or feel gross, so if we go by that definition... sure it's radiant.
- Tight skin feels nourished: I've got to admit, I hate when companies put claims like this... on a MOISTURIZER. Duh, I'm putting on moisturizer to nourish my skin after it has been properly cleaned. But, I would mention that my skin soaked in the formula, and didn't feel dry or tight one hour, four hours, and even 8 hours later.

For the long term (also with commentary):
- Lightens dark spots: I can't state if I see a change yet, as these types of products, as the claim even states, are long term. Check back on my Youtube channel empties to see how that one works out!
- Evens skin tone: Again, less than 30 days doesn't give you much time to truly test this one out.
- Diminishes fine lines: I'd be interested to see how it claims to do this... again later time and date.

So my initial thoughts on this product are positive and I would consider purchasing this product, even with the $25 price tag. You get a lot of product for this price, and I'd argue that one does end up spending about this much in the drugstore for a 4-6 month supply as well. You can buy it on their website or off Amazon.

Thanks to Valentia for sending this product to me, and as always, these are my unbiased reviews of these products.  My links are not affiliated and I do NOT earn any commission off these products, I added them just to make shopping a weee bit easier! :)

Friday, April 15, 2016

Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum

If someone said serum to me, I would automatically think
some old lady, anti-aging, fine lines and wrinkles, insanely expensive product
and really random ingredients like snake venom or eye of newt. 

I was sent by the company ,
to test out and to give honest feedback. 
My skin would best be categorized as "young" and "combo",
with occasional hormonal breakouts. 

I don't really have any problem areas
(yes, I know I'm extremely lucky)

So after using this product for about 3 solid weeks, I've definitely watched my skin acclimate to this product. 
I've mentioned it before, but for skincare to work really well, and for a person to see the effects, ya gotta be willing to put about a month into it. 

This product claims:
The reality:
- It did provide good moisture and I'd rather like to attest to the fact that my skin didn't feel dry.  I also didn't see any dry patches. 
-Ooooooh boy, when brands claim things like "antioxidant protection" I get skeptical because how exactly can a person measure something like that? There's no way I can prove or disprove how that has worked for me. 
-YES, although this claim does feel redundant to the first claim of moisturizing the skin. Like I said, dry skin wasn't there, and my skin felt soothed after I would cleanse at night. 
- I can't say that my skin tone or texture felt dramatically different, but I can't say that it didn't.  Granted, I don't have lines, or wrinkles (yet) and have a pretty even texture naturally. 
- I've never been able to tell if I do or don't have radiant skin.  It doesn't look dull, but I'd also like to attribute it to a good skincare/ cleansing regiment.  

Additional Thoughts:
1. This is a lightweight product, but is effective. Although I wouldn't recommend this for very dry skinned people as this might not be enough. 
2. The pump works great, allowing you to even get a half pump out.  I typically used between 1 full pump to 1.5.  Plus this bottle is glass, so it does feel luxurious. 
3. The rose scent. This scent reminds me of a L'Occitane Rose Perfume roller ball.  It's not a dusty/ old lady-esque scent, instead fresh.  As a person who has actually walked through a rose garden after a rainfall, it is indeed very similar in scent. Rather fresh and spa like. 

If you are looking for a bit of a splurge of $35, this would be a very lovely addition to one's skincare. Although admitedly, the price is a bit steep for my current budget. 
This product is available through Amazon. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

HASK Mint Almond Oil Thickening Hair Care Collection Review

I remember when so many people were talking about HASK
as the lower priced option to Moroccan Oil haircare.  
Granted, that was at least 4 years ago and this brand
has expanded their haircare lines tremendously. 

Hask sent me three full sized bottles from their newer Mint Almond Oil Thickening Hair Care Collection.  This included the Shampoo, Conditioner and Root Thickening Spray, all packaged in 
an adorable drawstring bag. 
This brand is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, drying alcohol and artificial colors,
which is great for people trying to take a more natural route with their hair care. 

After a couple of weeks of using these products, 
I've developed an opinion on each item, both as a collection and on its own. 

So let's start with the products individually:

Almond Oil Thickening Shampoo: ($5.99)

This is a thick formula product, which you can very easily rub into your hair.  
It sits like a hair mask, due to its thickness but does lather quite nicely. 
I find that sulfate free shampoos leave my hair generally flat, as I have an oily scalp. 
But this one didn't do that.  Most days with sulfate free haircare, I'm lucky if I can get to 2pm without my bangs looking like I rubbed them with butter, BUT this shampoo really didn't do that. 
Out of the three products, I would probably not buy this product just because I switch my shampoos often depending on what I've done to my hair for the week.  I prefer to spend a little more on my styling and conditioner. That said, my hair DID have volume, and didn't lay flat. 

Almond Oil Thickening Conditioner: ($5.99)

This conditioner was also very thick, and I found that I preferred to apply it on the ends of my hair, but that is something I do all the time with any conditioner.  I used it about once a week, which due to the thickness of the product, created a really nice conditioning mask.  My hair wasn't weighed down, but that was also due to me using a sparing amount, you can go overboard with it and look like you applied oil on your scalp.  
This bottle will last me a while, but I'd purchase it again because it is a worthwhile investment to my hair routine. 

Almond Oil Root Thickening Spray: 
I was afraid of this at first.  Put oil and root in the same name and it's like 
*hit the breaks*
But once I shook the bottle really well, spritzed it on my hair,
it was like a texturizing spray. 
I love it. 
The product says to use it on damp hair and blow dry/ style but I really liked using this on second day hair to restyle my hair.   
It's not tacky, it's more like a cross between a hairspray and dry shampoo. 
This was my absolute favorite of the trio, and would highly recommend picking this up, but as of now, I can't seem to find this particular product in ANY online retailer!? 
Let me know if you spot it!

As a Collection:
I don't believe I would purchase the entire collection, 
as I switch my shampoo often. But the bottom line is that I would seek out the Root Thickener for sure, and would recommend it to my friends 100%

The Scent:
I just had to throw this in as a category, the scent is AMAZING! 
It's like a light marzipan with a mix of peppermint and spearmint. 
It's fresh, without feeling sickly, or sticky. 

These products are available at Harmon Discount, Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, Walgreens, ULTA, Target and more!

*I was sent these products by Hask in exchange for an honest review.*

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Derma e Comes to Target! #NoticetheLotus

A trip there is an adventure. 
It's closer than this mythical unicorn of Walmart and Costco to me, 
but still I have to get to a mall to go shopping there, 
and after teaching for 7 hours, the last thing I want to be doing 
is bumping into my students at the mall. 

That said, 
Target has recently stepped up their game with prices and products 
and now they also sell Derma-e products. 
I don't have to order online!

Derma-e sent me a few products to try out in celebration of them arriving in Target. 
But I figured I'd bring together a top listing of my favorite 4 things that I'd highly recommend. 

1. Firming DMAE Eye Lift
My sister already uses this, and loves it.  The hardest thing is that I have to use skincare for a very long time to see results.  
But so far, this eye lotion has not given me any adverse effects! 
This is to help with tightening of the eye area and making sure it remains plump and youthful looking. 
Gonna be very real here, I'm 25 years old and can still pass for 18. 
(It doesn't help when your the teacher and the sub for the co-teacher thinks your a student in a roomful of high schoolers....but I digress) 
I find that my under eyes can look a bit dull. 

2. Purifying Gel Cleanser
So at my first review, I wasn't hugely impressed by this product.
BUT then I continued to try this product out.
This cleanser works really well to not over dry the skin,
but also leave your face clean.
My other cleansers leave my face squeaky clean, (which I like as I put on a very good moisturizer)
but for the days when your face needs a break, this works well.
I found that while it doesn't get rid of my pimples super fast, it has helped prevent many breakouts.
(Hello Hormones!)

3. Purifying Oil Free Moisturizer
This is AWESOME for summer.  
A light sprayable moisturizer, that does sink in quickly to the ski

It doesn't leave a tacky coating on the skin, but just leaves a quick refresh.
It's great when you really want to run out the door,
and don't want to sit there are rub your moisturizer in.
I wouldn't suggest this during the winter months as my skin was begging for more moisture.

4. Microdermabrasion Scrub
The scrub above all scrubs.
It's not the least expensive out there,
but I keep holding out to purchase it.
This scrub is amazing.
I suggest only using it once a week, as you can overdo it,
but it leaves your skin so soft and bright, AUGH.
I keep trying to find products similar to it, but while some have come close,
this is still undefeated.

I always suggest, check out the Derma E website as they often have great promo deals,
some that are even better than stores!

What products from the line are you happy to see in stores?

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Chomps Beef Jerky Review

You say beef jerky and I think Slim Jims. 
Not because I love them, but that's a brand that I'm familiar with. 
I've had the occasional hankering for some, when I can't run to my Polish butcher for some 
homemade stuff. 
But, we also know that they are loaded with chemicals. 

Being a teacher, I often have "snacky" lunches, or something that can tie me
over through an almost hour commute. 
I had the chance to try an assortment of beef jerky complementary from the brand

As their website declares:
Well, considering the fact that I know that Slim Jim's are terrible and contain questionable "meat", anything could be healthier. 
Apparently, if you follow the Whole30 or Paleo movement, 
these are also approved by both programs.  
I don't really follow either, but I do try to opt for healthier, and more natural foods when I can.

But, I had the chance to try three flavors, so in ranking of my favorite to least here we go!

Hoppin Jalapeno

I should preface this with, I love spicy food.  I love spicy meats even more. The texture of this is very similar to a Slim Jim, with a thin outer casing, and softer inside.  You get actual, identifiable chunks of jalapeƱo within the stick *you've been warned*. The fat was well distributed, although the minor downside is that I wish it didn't have a sweetness to it.  It needs just that little bit more of salt. 

Yep! Mid-study snack!
This is closest to what an original Slim Jim would be like.  Has the meaty-ness, the savory flavor.  
This does not have the sweetness of the other two, and therefor you get a nice steady heat.  This comes second best as there was just something about that Jalapeno which tasted just a TINY bit better. 

Crankin' Cran
You can see a a little bit of cranberry in this bite!
This is for the hot and spicy and sweet wallop lovers. I love my spicy and this is the spiciest of the bunch, BUT the sweetness of the cranberry plus the natural sweetness of the stick combine to be a bit sickly. You can see the actual chunks of cranberry and habanero peppers, and your mouth will feel the heat, which I LOVE. But that follow up sweetness is something I disliked. 

As you might notice, these sticks have a sweetness to them, which I don't LOVE. I LIKE 
the flavor options. I LIKE that they are actually spicy and not a whimpy flavor. But that sweet after taste leaves me with a ".... um what?"

Nutritional Facts versus Slim Jim
Okay, so let's talk about those nutritional facts. What are the stats on this thing?

So let's start with the portion, both are 28grams. So same size, great!
The Chomps stick is only 100 calories, while Slim Jim's are 140.
For those who follow strict food programs, that might already become a deal breaker. 
Slim Jim's have 11 grams of fat, 25mg of cholesterol, 480mg of salt and 4 grams of carbs. 
Meanwhile the Chomps stick has 3 grams of fat, 20 mg of cholesterol,  and almost HALF the sodium at 250mg.  It also has zero carbs.  Considering that we eat a lot of foods already with salt, I'll be glad to take the lower option. 

For my protein loving friends, Chomps has 9 grams of protein, while Slim Jim has 6. 

So looking at the Nutritional Facts, the Chomps brand is more mindful, and probably the "healthier" option of both. 

So let's discuss ingredients.  It's awesome to see a short list of pronounceable ingredients.  In Chomps Original Sticks there are 10 ingredients.  There are actual spices, and they use celery juice as a preservative.  (I never knew you could do that!)

Slim Jim's 
Um. Yeah. What is exactly the purpose of outlining that chicken is mechanically separated? 
Soy protein concentrate? 
No wonder why my mom never let me take these things in my lunch boxes!

Clearly, Chomps uses better ingredients. 

So show me the money!
After this side by side, we know that Chomps is better, but then we know usually more natural means much more expensive. 
A Slim Jim from my locale ShopRite retails at $1.49.
Chomps sell via their own website, and offers several package options, and I've calculated to see what are the price points. 

You can buy a 5 count pack for $11.25. 
Ouch. This means that each stick is $2.25. 

A box or 24 count pack goes for $49, 
which breaks down to $2.04.

A case or 144 count pack goes for $259
and you get free shipping with this one. 
This option breaks down each stick to $1.80.

The most cost effective option would then become the 144 count, and yes you can get a mixture of the brands three flavors. No matter which option, you will pay between 40-76 cents more per snack stick. 
For orders over $75 the shipping is free, and for under it is a flat rate of $4. 

Final Thoughts:
I really hope this brand expands into supermarkets near me. 
Or at least into my more natural markets such as Whole Foods, Fairway or Trader Joes. 
 While this doesn't beat out my trusty Polish butcher shop, this is much better than any Slim Jim. 
If you are looking to have natural, 100 calorie snacks, this is a good option. 

Interested in Purchasing?

*I was sent the products complimentarily for review.  This does not affect my honest opinions within this post*

Billion Dollar Brows Kit Face Off

So I'm the type of person who HAS to draw in her brows, because I have SUCH
light natural brows.  I have about half an inch of darker brows, and then light hairs. 
So filling in my brows is pretty important, needless to say. 

I was contacted by the company Billion Dollar Brows 
to be able to test out two available kits, at two price points. 
I figured, hey, let's do a face off and see if either is better than the other 
and do I feel like either is truly worth the money. 

The first kit up is the cheaper of the two:

60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows ($24)
There are two parts to this kit:
1. The Brow Powder in Taupe:
I got the color taupe which is the lightest shade, and when you first open the container, it seems rather dark.  If you have very fair blonde hair this would not be the product for you, I have dark blonde and need to go in with a careful hand. 
I found the powder to go very nicely, with no clumps or changes in tone ,
 that said, I still felt like it needed a wax or a gel to just set the powder. 
I have dry brow area (don't ask how but I do get a few flakes *ew* there), 
so if I'm not careful I find that any brow powder gets worn down faster. 

2. Dual Ended Brow Brush
The brush is slim and stiff enough to stand up to sculpting a brow, and the spoolie.. well really what can you say about a brow spoolie? It worked fine but this comes from the girl who snags them for free at Sephora. I may actually switch out this brush for my other brow brush because it is THAT good. 

That is the biggest fault I find with the kit, the fact that the brow powders do not go lighter. 
Also, I feel like I'd have preferred a brow gel, just to keep the powder in my brows, as my skin is most dry in that area and can wear away easily. 

Similar Products:
When I saw this kit, I first thought of Anastasia brow powders. 
I could have sworn that they had a brush and powder set, but the closest one I can find is in ULTA
at $36 and comes with a gel, powder and brush. 
Otherwise to purchase separately to build a similar kit you would spend $23 on a powder and then $18 on a similar brush. 
Even though Anastasia has more tones, it becomes much more expensive. 

the next kit is:
The Best Sellers Kit ($42)

The kit comes with four products
1. Universal Brow Pencil:
I'm going to give it straight, I don't like using pencils for my brows. I dislike the concept of the "universal" tone even more. The kit claims to work on blondes and brunettes, but you have to be even more careful with blonde hair as you have to press super light.  I'd rather have a specific "blonde" pencil, if I had to. It is creamy, but maybe my skill or comfort level just isn't up there.
2. Brow Duo Pencil
This was kind of the hidden gem of the kit.  At first I had a "psssssh" thought to the pencil, knowing that most concealers in this form are dry or they are the wrong color. 
This may become an issue for girls with different tones as there is only one color of concealer.
This has a creamy highlight on one end and the concealer on the other. 
Neither have shimmer or sparkle, but I hate to say that they are matte as they are not dry!
I did find that they work best when patted into the skin instead of smudged. 
3. Smudge Brush
This was a product that I just felt was an afterthought.  Something that was a "fluff" product.  
It's like those sponge tip applicators or blush brushes and are kinda useless.  At first I thought I could try to use this IN my brows, but the brush is too wide. The packaging says this is supposed to be used to blend the Brow Duo Pencil.  I'd rather had gotten a good pencil brush to blend in the products. This was actually my least favorite product, even beating out the pencil. 
4. Brow Gel
This clear brow gel doesn't leave my brows crispy or the old school super shellac-ed look.  It holds the brows in place.  I used this with the brow powder from the other kit as well, and it held the powder quite nicely.  I just feel that if you have a waxy pencil, your brows can usually stick in the right place, thus not needing a brow gel.  But then again, I don't have difficult brows. 

Anything labeled universal already gets on my nerves, as it just never works 100 percent. 
The "smudge brush" was also a product I just felt that could have been done without and let's be honest, it's probably better known to be a flat liner brush. 
I'd rather a kit of 3 good products, than 3 and 1 mediocre product. 
$42 is a fair amount to spend on brow products, especially when you want to invest in a kit, and I'd want each product to be a star, not "just okay". 

Final Thoughts:
Due to my own preferences in brow products, I'd have to say that I would better recommend the 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows Kit.  The kit uses a powder, which I find better matches my tone than a "universal" pencil (even though there is a limited color range) plus the brush makes application so much better. 
The brush in the Best Sellers Kit seem to be just an after thought, something I could very easily purchase from ELF at a buck. If I could, I wish the 60 Second Kit came with the brow gel from the Best Sellers Kit.  That would make the 60 Second Kit spot on. 

Both kits are available on the Billion Dollar Brows website. 

Both kits were sent to be reviewed from Billion Dollar Brows, but does
 not affect the honest opinions presented in this post. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Derma E ICANTWHEAT Gluten Free Skincare & Giveaway

As a person who has absolutely no allergies, 
I have never had to worry about what I eat, drink, lay on, touch or put on my face. 
But becoming a teacher, I've have a WHOLE eye opener.  
Most recently is a wave of gluten allergies. 

For a person like me, I think gluten...okay, that's in breads and pastas etc. 
There are now whole sections devoted to gluten free lifestyles. 
One thing I hadn't been aware of, is that gluten can be present in makeup and skincare. 
But Derma E apparently has not only gone gluten free, but is Vegan and Cruelty Free. 
With the current movement of a LOT of beauty bloggers and vloggers to cruelty free lifestyles, 
here is a brand that would cater to you too!
They are also paraben free, GMO free, Mineral Oil Free and the list goes on. 
If you would like to read up more on that aspect check out their website here
I remember seeing Derma E only in my hour away Whole Foods, but has recently expanded into 
Ulta, CVS and many online stores. 
I've tried Derma E products before, and have wanted to purchase one product in particular
(...Microdermabrasion Scrub I'm looking at you...) 

But recently, Derma E contacted me to be a part of their ICANTWHEAT campaign, and sent me a few products to try out based on the new evaluation system on their website.  
At first, I was a skeptic about the evaluation, I thought that it would be a gimmick to sell the most expensive products. But I tried it. 
Overall, the evaluation is painless and fast, and more or less highlighted what I already knew about my skincare routine. I need something for acne specifically and for dry skin. 
The price range on the products was about around the $15 mark, which is still rather comparable to many drugstore lines. 
There were 8 suggested products for my concerns, ranging from a Toner Mist to Night Cream to Face Scrubs. 

What was also interesting is that these products were not put together from just one brand or line of their skincare.  It was completely mix and match, showing that we really don't need to follow only oily-combo skincare because there are other products for our concerns available.
So let's actually find out what I got, and if they actually worked for me. 

From my evaluation I picked out four products that were most interesting to me:

1. Purifying Toner Mist:

Claims: A pH balanced formula that instantly refreshes, rebalances and fortifies skin against environmental pollutants.

Reality: Well, it does lightly moisturize the skin. This product works in the similar manner to that of a setting spray, except this is a super light moisturizer.  This is great for my days when my skin is normal, and doesn't require protection from wind, snow etc (ie winter). My skin didn't show dry spots, didn't feel itchy or tight.  I used this in the mornings, and this product has a light, refreshing citrus-ish scent to it. I rather like it. I had no breakouts from this, and my makeup didn't run around my face either! You could probably use this throughout the day or if you travel on a plane and need that little extra moisture.

Will I repurchase: Yes, but only for the summer months. This isn't enough for my typically combo skin during the dead of NYC/ Chicago winters.

2. Purifying Gel Cleanser:

Claims: This fragrance-free, sulfate-free, pH balanced formula lathers away sweat, oil and toxin buildup for a refreshed, glowing complexion.

Reality: We all hope that a cleanser will get rid of sweat and oil (and for us makeup loving gals...anything else we left on our faces from makeup). I can't vouch for toxin buildup as how can I measure that? It is fragrance-free (like REALLY no fragrance). It starts out like most typical charcoal Then with a little rubbin' and water, turns milky white and washes away. I was a little more surprised with the fact that this REALLY smells like nothing. nada. goose egg. My skin type typically needs a cleanser that has salicylic acid for my acne, but this cleanser didn't do anything bad for my skin. It didn't make me feel necessarily glowing either. But it cleaned my face, and didn't leave it tight, so it did its job.

Will I repurchase: Probably not. I just wasn't really wowed by this particular cleanser. Yes, it works, but I don't feel like I LOVE it.

3. Very Clear Moisturizer:

Claims: A skin-balancing formula that provides essential nutrients to help clear and prevent breakouts, reducing redness and irritation.

Reality: The product was a heavier moisturizer (ie. probably going to be a good winter product) which did not clog my pores.  I always have very rose-y cheeks, so I can't vouch for the redness reduction. But then I look at the product on the irritation claim and I just have to mention that this product is VERY, scratch that, EXTREMELY heavily scent.
It smells like Lysol floor cleaner (the yellow bottle), and is so potent that it makes my eyes water.
The scent does not go away either, I keep getting whiffs of it, and have a headache.
Out of all the products, this one is the one I would say stay away from.
I can't recommend this product for the fact of the fragrance of it, and when I read the package, it states that it is "formulated with a specialized herbal anti-blemish complex of tea tree, willow bark, salicylic acid, rosewood, lavender and chamomile."  You'd think this would smell more like an herb garden, but no, it is that chemical cleaner scent.

Will I repurchase: Sorry guys, I can't do it. I can't recommend a product that causes such a reaction.  It could be a miracle product but the scent deters me, I just can't deal with the headache it produces.

4. Glycolic Facial Cleanser:

Claims: This gentle, fragrance-free, pH balanced formula deeply cleanses and rejuvenates without stripping skin of its natural oils.

Reality: Okay, so a little background story. Once upon a time, about 4 years ago, I tried a product that had glycolic acid as a main ingredient in it (it was a peel). I haven't touched anything since that experience because I ended up with such a bad reaction, with skin that was essentially burned. (a la minor sunburn with tightness and peeling). Maybe it was supposed to do that, but it was so scary and painful I never tried anything with glycol in it. BUT, silly me though, hey... maybe for review sake I'll try this thing out. Guys. This stuff is good.
It is actually gentle.
It doesn't burn. It doesn't sting.
It's actually fragrance free. (really truly!)
My skin felt clean, not tight, but refreshed.
I think I like this better than the Purifying Gel Cleanser.

Will I repurchase: Yeah, I think so. It's a good sized bottle for a good price. You don't need a lot of the product, and it left my skin feeling really nice. It did what it would claim to do.

So 2 out of 4 products I'd repurchase for sure, not bad.
Skincare is a difficult thing, because while we may get something for the skin type, it might not work due to natural chemistry, or we just don't like the product.
I plan to do follow up posts for each product,
as I feel that with skincare, it does take a much longer time to see results.

Derma e is a great brand, and if you are transitioning to a more natural, cruelty-free, gluten-free lifestyle, this is a brand you should check out.  Actually, even if you don't care about those things, you should still check out the various lines.  Just try out the evaluation, even if you know what skin type and needs you have, you might get introduced to a new product that you will eventually like.
(Also this evaluation doesn't make your email clogged up with newsletters from the brand, it just sends you the one time suggestions)

Additionally Derma e is running a giveaway! 
The prizes!
1 person will receive a $150 gift certificate to Derma e
1,000 people will win a Gluten Free Sampler Kit (3 foil packs) plus a special coupon code.

If you are like me, and never win anything...
and just feel like you want to browse what is available Derma e is also providing a coupon code for me to share with you guys!
Use ICANTWHEAT for 25% off your order
(expires 11/20/2015)
I'm totally using this for the Microdermabrasion Scrub fyi.

FTC: This is a sponsored post and products were sent to me for HONEST reviews. I write honest reviews on the products.