Thursday, January 14, 2016

Derma e Comes to Target! #NoticetheLotus

A trip there is an adventure. 
It's closer than this mythical unicorn of Walmart and Costco to me, 
but still I have to get to a mall to go shopping there, 
and after teaching for 7 hours, the last thing I want to be doing 
is bumping into my students at the mall. 

That said, 
Target has recently stepped up their game with prices and products 
and now they also sell Derma-e products. 
I don't have to order online!

Derma-e sent me a few products to try out in celebration of them arriving in Target. 
But I figured I'd bring together a top listing of my favorite 4 things that I'd highly recommend. 

1. Firming DMAE Eye Lift
My sister already uses this, and loves it.  The hardest thing is that I have to use skincare for a very long time to see results.  
But so far, this eye lotion has not given me any adverse effects! 
This is to help with tightening of the eye area and making sure it remains plump and youthful looking. 
Gonna be very real here, I'm 25 years old and can still pass for 18. 
(It doesn't help when your the teacher and the sub for the co-teacher thinks your a student in a roomful of high schoolers....but I digress) 
I find that my under eyes can look a bit dull. 

2. Purifying Gel Cleanser
So at my first review, I wasn't hugely impressed by this product.
BUT then I continued to try this product out.
This cleanser works really well to not over dry the skin,
but also leave your face clean.
My other cleansers leave my face squeaky clean, (which I like as I put on a very good moisturizer)
but for the days when your face needs a break, this works well.
I found that while it doesn't get rid of my pimples super fast, it has helped prevent many breakouts.
(Hello Hormones!)

3. Purifying Oil Free Moisturizer
This is AWESOME for summer.  
A light sprayable moisturizer, that does sink in quickly to the ski

It doesn't leave a tacky coating on the skin, but just leaves a quick refresh.
It's great when you really want to run out the door,
and don't want to sit there are rub your moisturizer in.
I wouldn't suggest this during the winter months as my skin was begging for more moisture.

4. Microdermabrasion Scrub
The scrub above all scrubs.
It's not the least expensive out there,
but I keep holding out to purchase it.
This scrub is amazing.
I suggest only using it once a week, as you can overdo it,
but it leaves your skin so soft and bright, AUGH.
I keep trying to find products similar to it, but while some have come close,
this is still undefeated.

I always suggest, check out the Derma E website as they often have great promo deals,
some that are even better than stores!

What products from the line are you happy to see in stores?

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