Monday, February 25, 2013

Project Pan: February 2013

Hey all!
  Hope you had a LOVEly month (bad joke I know), anyways it's time for the next installment of my project pan.  This month was pretty interesting, although I swear, my shadows must be growing back during the night because I feel like I'm right at the cusp of hitting another small pan, and yet nada (grrrr!)  Anyways let's start from top left corner.

L.A. Colors Face Pressed Powder: This thing won't die! It just keeps living on, although I feel like it has made a slight improvement. (wishful thinking I believe)

Wet'n'Wild Eyeshadow in Nutty: Again doesn't look like much has been used, but I've used this every single darn day.  Let's face it, even using a single shadow might take about 4 more months to get through it (talk about whole collection might take more than 5 years!!)

Color Workshop Palette: The lower right corner shadow is the one I've been focusing on this month. It shows a dent, but won't hit pan (cruel joke!)

Jordana Easyliner: whoa hey, did this really grow back? Nope! I finished my Lavish Brown shade in the middle of the month, so I've started onto the other Jordana Liner in Eggplant.  It's a nice shade switch!

How are ya'll doing on your project pans?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Incoco Nail Strips Review

Now I feel like everyone and their mother has tried theSally Hansen version of the nail strips. I haven’t yet tried them so I can’t compare them to Incoco, but as someone who had noprevious experience with these strips, I found it to be very straight forwardand simple to use.  There is a slightnail polish scent, but not as strong as straight from the bottle polish. 
Packet I Got

Most of these strips fit on my nails just fine, and the tinyparts that stuck out I could very easily file down.  I topped the strips with 2 coats of clear topcoat to just seal everything in and was good to go! The instructions werestraight forward and really simple.

These lasted me over a week, before they started to lift andmy nails started to grow out.  I’m aperson who once she sees a chip or lifting, I start picking at it, so theystarts to look bad after that first week.

Taking them off: I didn’t realize that these strips were actually glitter (don’t ask why…I thought they were just printed) so trying to remove those things were a pain BUT not as bad as regular glitter polish. 

Incoco Nail Strips retail between 8.99 – 10.99 for the full nail sheets with designs on them.  I was surprised because I always assumed these were more than the Sally Hansen versions, but hey they  aren’t. 

Who would I recommend them for?
-         People who like nail designs and don’t pick at polish
-         Special occasions: (ie Christmas, Birthday,Wedding) Because hey, it’s cheaper than getting a manicurist to try to do the same design!

Have you tried these?
Xoxo, Emi

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Project Pan Update

Hey all!
   Ever wonder how long it really takes to make a dent in makeup? I've been tracking via photos each month how much of a product I end up using, which had led to some interesting findings, and something I'd like to continue doing for the rest of the year.

So the first month I started taking photos was November where I went back to my makeup drawer and really went through what I wanted to use up.  The top left photo is the Wet'n'Wild ColorIcon single eye shadow in Nutty.  I was expecting this shade to be more taupe toned, but instead comes out more grey-silver.  It's still very pretty, just not 100% what I had hoped it to be.  The next product, on the top right is what I have been using as a setting powder, the LA Colors Pressed Powder in Nude.  It's not my favorite and does get cakey looking if you use too much, but it'll do.  This is just one of those products I want out.   Finally the bottom image is from a Color Workshop 15 pan "Little Black Book" palette.  It is all shimmery shades, and a neutrals set.  Not all are the same texture, but again they do the job.

November: I've only been using these colors this month for my makeup looks, and they turn out rather pretty.  I used a different moisturizer during this month, and it left my face so shiny, so I'd keep powdering my face.

December: The dent in the Nutty eye shadow is definitely getting bigger. The eyeshadow from Color Workshop does take a while to get through too.  It took two months to get through en entire small plan of shadow (highlight and blending) and hit pan on the next one.  The face powder had another month of heavy use, still not a favorite, it really makes me miss my last face powder, the ELF Complexion Perfection powder.

January: This month has really seen a good amount of usage and I even threw in another product that I've been working through but just never thought to take a photo of it.  The Wet'N' Wild shadow is getting along slowly, but it does have a nice sized dent too it.  The face powder still hasn't grown on me, and I don't think it will.  The Color Workshop palette saw little change, but now there are 2 empty pans.  I plan on using this until its 100% empty--so I have a while to go on it.   The newest addition (which is something I've been using for about half a year) is my Jordana Easyliner in Lavish Brown.  It's a creamy liner, with a nice amount of color/'s just not long wearing at all and smudges easily.

Shall I continue with this series? Does this help anyone who is interested in planning out a "project pan" project?