Saturday, November 17, 2012

Updated Product Empties

Hi ya'll!
    So I'm sure many of you are like "come ON Em, you've done so many updates and haven't done much else on this blog" honestly, a lot of my products are old discontinued products...hence the reason why I won't bother to write about them. But yes! Another update about my Empties!! This will also be the last one before my 2012 finale where I will reveal how much space all the products would have taken up in my room, and pretty much give ya'll a chance to gander at how much stuff it truly is. Can't lie, I'm shocked that I've gone through so much! 

For Some Reason always the biggest category! 

From Left to Right, Back row to front
B&BW Magnolia Blossom Body Splash: I've said it before, I like very few body sprays, and this was one of those I wasn't crazy about. It had a musky and very strong floral scent. Reminded me slight of old ladies and could be really overdone. I used this as a room mist. Not Repurchasing. 

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Conditioner: This was a good product, I mean it did lighten up my hair without seeming too drastic. It was a good conditioner, but with the lightening ingredients I am a little weary about long term use of this. I feel like this might just be a summer product for me. 

Asira Shampoo: This was a travel sized product from my trip to Aruba in the Radisson hotel. It was ok. I would say this is strong clarifying shampoo, and did not leave my hair feeling very nourished. That said, when I was using this, I had a lot of products in my hair so this got it ALL out. 

CVS Advanced Hydrating Beauty Lotion Original: This is comparable to the Olay Original moisturizer, which I have not tried, but hey I found this product to work really well. It was best used from spring to mid-fall and did not leave my skin feeling greasy. It sunk in within a medium length of time. 

April Bath & Shower Fast Glow Tanning Medium to Dark: Tanning lotions are never really moisturizing because they contain alcohol within the first few ingredients, which is used so that the color dries out quickly on your skin.  I would mix my tanning lotions with a strong moisturizing lotion so I would really get a gradual tint to my skin and so I wouldn't stink of tanner. This product though did not leave ANY color on my skin, and still stank strongly of tanner. Passing on this one!

Balenciaga Paris Perfume: Um...just not a fan. I prefer clean scents and this had a mixture of sweet and musk on my body, which was not very pleasant for me. 

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion: I'm sorry but I hated this product, and it makes me sad because my drugstore moisturizers surpass my recent samples of facial lotions. This took a long time to sink in, left a tacky feeling on my face (think kids hands after they had a lollypop...NOT fun) and would pill on my face. If your not familiar with "pilling" think of your sweater, when you rub it, it develops that little pill...well this product did it. I tried it during summer, during winter, etc and it just did not work. 

Dove Go Fresh Body Mist Energizing: This scent is described as grapefruit and lemongrass scent, but for me it has an awkward fake citrus scent. I honestly felt like a food dish with the mixture of sweet and savory of the lemongrass. I ended up using this as a room spray too because I did not like wearing the scent. I do like the mini travel size of it though. 

Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Hairspray Lightweight Hold: This did not hold my curls at all. I could safely say that while it was touchable and not crunchy looking or feeling, there was no strength to it at all. I could have gone without this spray and have had the same amount of hold time.  What I did like was that it was a very fine mist, and it did work on the tiny flyaways, but I won't be buying a hairspray for just my flyaways. 

COCO Mademoiselle Chanel: Ok, I am actually kinda sad that I don't like this. It seems that I dislike a lot of very popular scents, and that I have my own select few that I will wear, which surprisingly enough aren't as popular so they have become my signature scent? I guess I wasn't meant to follow the crowd...even when it comes to perfumes. 

Renu Derma Eye Cream: So anyone remember Go-Go Girlfriend? Yeah...if you haven't look it up on make-up ally. Anyways I got this product from that box, and I hated it. I used this for months because you only need a tiny bit and didn't see anything different. This was so, SO, greasy that my eye makeup would crease the morning after I would put this on before I went to bed. I tried using this as an overall moisturizer, but it was so darn greasy. Do not go near this product, I felt like it was such a waste, and I'm sure there are better ones out there. 

Um Can I have a whoot whoot for actually finishing some legit makeup!?
Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Stain in 25 Feelin' Rosy: This was actually a rather nice color, a light swipe made for a pretty tint, but I could build it up to a pretty red lip. It was very drying on my lips though so I'd have to use some TLC afterwards.  It lasted me a decent amount of time, my slight issue is that the felt tip marker is so darn hard! I think my Crayola markers are softer than this!

alba Passion Fruit Nectar lip balm: I loved the scent of this, but the texture was an issue. I swipe it on and I got large chunks of lip balm, which was not really pleasant and got messy. I'd just pass on this one because it wasn't worth the hassle. 

L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Light: I got this as a sample from a magazine and was rather excited to try it. It started out grey and then turned skin toned, sadly this turned orange on my skin after I applied it...hello Oompah Loompah. Plus there was SOO little of it in this packet...

Love & Beauty Mascara: This is a Forever21 makeup brand, and for 2.80 I have to say that I LOVED this mascara. It had the traditional, old school wand but had fibers in it too! It gave me such lush lashes. Once I get through my other mascaras I am belining it to Forever21 and getting two!

Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast (x2):  Someone wanna explain to me why I hated these so much? They smelled great but boy did these stink at protecting the lips. I think these chapped my lips more, and also texturally I had chunks of these coming off. Just not worth it. 

ELF Complexion Perfect Face Powder: Now I had this for a while and didn't like it until I figured out how to use it, and tweaked it a little. Now it has four shades, and it's supposed to cancel out any dilemmas. They have minor tint to them but once you buffed it out on your face, you couldn't see any color difference. I actually used this as a mattefying powder, and it worked really well for pretty much a 12 hour day! It was very finely milled, and will probably be the face powder I'd repurchase time and time again. 

Olay Foaming Face Wash: I'm not going to say much because I have an overdue blog post that will be up in the next few days explaining my feelings about this product. Not bad, but not good...very bland feelings to it,  but not going to repurchase. 

asira Body Wash: This was again a hotel travel sample, and really wasn't anything amazing. It was rather stripping for the skin, hmmm clarifying much?

AVON Bubble Bath in Vanilla Cream: So this had a very fake vanilla scent which is never a good way to start. It gave ok bubbles but overall I wasn't impressed with it. 

Archipelago Pomegranate Soap: So I used to sell this brand at my old job, and really just hated this and the grapefruit scent. They did not smell anything like their names, but I still bit the bullet and used this soap. I didn't like it, but at least the scent wasn't lingering. 

LUSH Honey I Washed the Kids Soap: This was my first Lush soap (I've tried the bath bombs before) and really liked it. I got this and a few other products as a birthday gift a while back, and finally got around to using it. The scent is light and the soap itself felt moisturizing.  I think I'll have to go back to Lush and purchase a few things from there soon!

Montagne Jeunesse Squeezed Lemon Green Tea Peel Off Mask (Detox and Pore Cleansing): I felt like this was one of those masks from my elementary school slumber party days, where friend's would try to make us feel special and grown up.  I didn't really notice anything detoxifying or pore cleansing, but it did leave my skin very soft.  I might use this brand again, although the packaging is a bit awkward. It has enough product for two uses but it is a one time use sample packet. o.0

Go-Go Girlfriend All Natural Cherry Almond Soap: haha, again from this lovely brand. I actually liked this soap, it had some almond pieces in it so I felt like I had a little exfoliation. The scent at first was very strong fake cherry, almost bordering on medicinal.  Thankfully it faded after a few months and I was left with a likeable scent. 

Of course I'd have some randoms
Colgate Total Gum Defense: Well another mini toothpaste bites the dust. It wasn't a favorite one though, but hey it's toothpaste so it did the job. 

Nivea Fresh Natural Gentle Care Antiperspirant Deodorant: I got this from my Polish market, so I don't even know if American retailers sell the roller ball deodorant. I love that European products come in glass containers because it makes it feel a little more upscale. Awkward I know, but hey this deodorant worked like a charm even on the hottest days and since it was a clear gel, it didn't leave any marks! Wooohoo!

Wow, so I've finished out a good chunk of stuff! Let's get a rundown!

Lotions/Fragrance/ Hair: 42 + 11= 53
Makeup: 17 + 8= 25
Candles/ Scents: 6 + 0= 6
Cleansers/Body Wash: 25 + 7= 32
Randoms: 19 + 2= 21

Total: 109 + 28 = 137!!! Holy cow! I'm in shock that I've hit that much! 

How are your empties going? How many products do you think I'll hit by December 31st? Anyone? Anyone? lol