Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mini Physicians Formula Haul/ Impressions

Hello Ladies, So yes, I did what many of the beauty community are doing, and grabbin at those sales for Physicians Formula.  I picked up a few starter items, and things I wanted to try for a while, and things I just wanted see how they would look on me.  So let's dive right in!

1. Bamboo Wear Bambuki Brush
What is it? It's an oversized brush good for all over face powders. It's made with bamboo bristles and a cute natural bamboo wood handle.
- I like it and don't find it too scratchy or too soft. I like a more "strong" bristle but there is a little fallout. I only worry what color it will turn from my powders (yes I know wash them!) and how to pack it safely during my travels.  But for my first kabuki brush, seems rather okay.
Overall Impression: Thumbs Up

2. Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Correcting Pebbles (creamy natural)
What is it? Different colors (green, yellow and salmon) powder pebbles used to correct any discoloration and even out the skin tone. It comes all in one little package, with a puff, and a brush.
- Okay, I wanted to like this product. But I have already a few qualms. Even closed this package spills out some of the powder. There is no divider for the puff and brush, and the brush is useless. The brush doesn't pick up anything, and the puff has that issue too. Not only that, but these pebbles have SO SO much shimmer in them. I used it on my entire face and I was a disco ball! I wish this idea was matte pebbles because I still like to use bronzer and blush! Plus the pebbles got so crushed up by the fourth day of having it  that the see through case looks very gross.
Overall Impression: Thumbs Down

3. Talc Free Miner Wear Correcting Primer SPF 15 Pink Highlighter
What is it? It's a base before you put foundation on to fill in the pores a bit, and just create a smoother surface.
- The box said 10-15 clicks to get it started. It took me more like 10-15 minutes of it. The brush applicator is pink,yellow, and green and when the product comes out it leaves the brush kind of, well, icky looking. I really didn't notice any pink highlighting or it really smoothing out my skin. On the bright side it has SPF.
Overall Impression: On the Fence, but not sure if I would purchase again.

4. Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls in Light Bronze Pearl
What is it? A pressed powder with different shades of bronzer swirled with a pearl finish.
-It's very shimmery with light color. I would use this more as a highlight but it comes with  cute packaging.  The mirror is under the pan, with the mini brush (useless again) so the powder won't dirty it. It does have a light floral scent which is rather nice.
Overall Impression: On the Fence, too much shimmer for contouring.

5. Mineral Wear Talc-Free Correcting Powder in Creamy Natural
What is it? It is a pressed powder with green, yellow, beige, and salmon swirled together. It corrects and evens out the face tone.
-Yep, one correcting face item wasn't enough, I had to go and try the pressed powder. I actually love this one much more. It has very little shimmer and is much more wearable. It has the flip compact bottom with the brush and mirror and no scent.  I see this one actually doing some evening of my face tones, but the brush isn't very good for blending.
Overall Impression: Thumbs Up. I'd buy it...if it's on sale again....

6. Bronze Booster  Glow Boosting Sun Stones in Light to Medium
What is it? It is similar to those pebbles I mentioned before but round. It has different tones meant for light to medium skin that have shimmer to boost a natural tan.
- I like these much more than those previous pebbles. The packaging isn't smashed and there is also a light floral scent which i liked. It comes with a puff and a brush, which is halfway decent, and is the biggest one I have seen in all packages I bought.  But warning, this is very shimmery so I would use this more as a body glitter to quickly tap on before going out for a girls night in the city. But there are so many similar and cheaper bronzer with the same effect, so it's not something your very missing.
Overall Impression: meh, Thumbs Down. Cute Idea, but I won't re-buy.

7. Bronze Booster Glow Boosting Pressed Powder in light to medium
What is it? In plain words, its just a bronzer that is just a hint darker than the natural skin tone with very little shimmer that gives a little more oomph.
- I like this one. It has nice color so I don't look weirdly bronzed up.  There's not much more to say, I mean, it's not a must get product because there are similar products out there, but this one lays nicely on my skin and hasn't broken me out. (yay)
Overall Impression: Thumbs up.

8. Organic Wear 2 in 1 Bronzer and Blush in Light Bronze and Pink Rose
What is it? It is a more natural formula of blush and bronzer in one package. It is packaged in a more eco-friendly box, think benefit cardboard, but still nicely designed.
- Very natural colors, and barely any shimmer, so it shows up nice and matte on my face.  I think this is very cute and out of all that I bought would probably run back to the store and buy it, maybe at full price (gasp).  The powders are a little harder and don't have much fall out so it takes a little to build but it's still a lovely and natural tone.
Overall Impression: Thumbs Up...UP UP!

Final Words: These products are pretty cool and for their price I enjoy them. My biggest two peeves are:
1. Those mini brushes are bad! I don't know but for me, and trust me I am not a brush snob, but goodness they don't work for me AT ALL.
2. The packages are so bulky. If the eliminated the brushes they could create a more compact product and I could actually fit these easily into my makeup bag.

Okay ladies, I hope this helped you all out. Have a great day or evening.

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Insight

Hello to all who read my blog (and for you who do I am very honored to know that you take the time to do so). Today was a beautiful day, and of course I had found some wonderful prices on Physicians Formula makeup, and was just trying it on to see how it would work with my tones. I had actually used a primer, and full coverage foundation, and used blush and bonzer, all those things I don't normally have a huge time to do. It was not until I started to wipe off my makeup when I had just a thought pop into my head.  I had half my face still covered in makeup, the other not. One side was done up to our favorite fads, and the other was just me.  There was not a dot of coverup, or anything to help enhance myself. I could see the redness on my face, and a few acne scars, but I saw the me behind it.  Maybe that is why I never put on many products, because I like to see my imperfections once in a while to just ground me into my life.  Not to say that anyone who does use many products is vain or something, it just never truly worked for me.  Makeup was a place for me to enhance maybe my eyes, when my cheeks were broken out or just to draw a little attention and look pulled together. It was not about hiding that pimple (even dear pimple I loath you because you always find the worst place to plant yourself)  but about makeing myself a little better.  I look rediculous right now with that makeup still half on and the other half clean, but there's almost something symbolic about that.  Before I go outside of my home, I know that I like to add eyeliner, or shadow, a little color here or there, but once I am home from school, I feel like I just want it off me. As if I just want my skin to breath and I can't get it off fast enough, as strange as it is.  I know some women refuse to let their husbands see them without makeup,even after years of marriage, but there's something nice about knowing that the one who loves you, loves you for that little extra redness, or bags under your eyes from those late nights that you worked hard.  He sees every line as a little story of how it got there and smiles to know that he was probably a part of it.

When I was younger I would put tons of makeup on my face thinking that I could cover it up, and look pretty. But part of the growing up with makeup for me is understanding that I don't have the perfect skin, or easy tones to match. But that my quirks are meant to be loved and not covered.

So yes I still sit in front of the mirror and pray for smaller pores, or a movie star complexion, or to have a better hand at makeup. I still sneak that cover up, and still make blunders with blush, but at the end of the day I know that I have a beauty that for many years my close friends have seen. They don't know me as the pimple-on-her-forehead-girl, but the sweet, happy, hard working gal.  I ask that all of us take time and learn to love every curve, every wrinkle, and work with that. Don't cover it up completely, but love it. Learn about it, learn that story behind each imperfection and take it with wonderful grace. Remember: your a beautiful and strong young woman. A woman of great power and influence within your own way. Embrace it. Love it. Live it.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Smashbox Lip Gloss Set Deal!

My awesome deal for $20.00!
Hello lovely readers! It has been gorgeous in my area and I just don't think I can wait for summer to really arrive! All that said, it doesn't deter me from finding some lovely products. My newest and probably most exciting was my chance to buy this box of lip glosses by the high end brand called smashbox. They are lovely shades that I have really enjoyed.  They are thick enough that they stay on the lips and don't feel super slippery, which I personally enjoy the most.  My awesome friend, Jamie, got me into these. She picked me up this pack from Nordstrom Rack for $20. You get 2 full-sized products and 4 minis.
L to R: Pout, Luster, Tease, Candy, Aura, Radiant
Pout is a baby pink, with a creme texture. It has very fine gold/ pink shimmer
Luster is a golden/ nude with pink, silver and pink shimmer.
Tease is a red wine colored gloss with no shimmer but still shine
Candy is a coral-pink with red and gold shimmer in it.
Aura is pinky nude with gold, silver and pink shimmer.
Radiant is a creamy red wine color with gold and pink/ red shimmer.

My favorite of the bunch is Tease because its a lovely deep color without it being too overpowering. I would say if you have a chance to pick this up, please do.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April Birchbox

Hello Everyone, it's that time in the month....no not THAT time in the month...but the Birchbox time! April is Earth Month so Birchbox sent this little box of joy in a light green box, instead of the fuchsia pink it usually is in. All of the products received are eco-friendly products. Their purpose this month was to teach all us makeup and cosmetic fans and eco-friendly products can be great too! I'll review the products sooner or later and let you know what I'll be purchasing. So into the products!

The first on the list is the Green Apple Peel by Juice Beauty.
The description card says: This organic peel doesn't mess around: natural fruit acids dissolve even the most tenacious dead cells for an immediately brighter, smoother complexion.
- I have never tried skin peels so it will be nice to test an organic product that would not be as harsh for skin. It has a fresh scent, very delicate of apples but not over sweet.
- The sample size is .5 fl oz and the full size is 2fl oz at $45 dollars (they sent a mini sample of the stem cellular repair moisturizer.

The second product is Earth Eau de Parfum from LIV GRN
The description card says: Made from biodegradeable and sustainable ingredients, this lush scent is laced with jasmine and sandalwood.
-I'm very picky with scents, but I love it! I feel like it is the perfect scent for summer after you spent the day at the beach. There is warmth to this scent and yet still light.
-This was a mini tester tube of the perfume so i have no idea how many oz it is, but the full size is 3.4 fl oz and is $60.

The third product is the Healthy Body Butter by Lavanila.
The description card says: Made from all natural shea and cocoa butters, this satiny cream is lighter than your usual butters.
-This is a really nice light scent, more on the lavendar side than vanilla, and I LOVE lavendar.
- The sample size was 2.75 oz and the full size is 8.5 oz for $25.

The fourth product is a nail polish in the color Jules from Zoya.
THe description card says: Green is glam, especially when it comes to Zoya's super glossy lacquers.  THis versatile metallic hue is your new spring go-to.
-This color is a nude-ish grey nail polish with pink, silver, and gold shimmer.
-Zoya sent a mini order list of all colors and their spring line I love the shade Danii which is a purple with pink, light purple, silver, and gold shimmer.
-The sample size is .25 fl oz and full size is .5 oz for $8.

The bonus item of this month is something just so adorable! It's called Seed Paper by Bloomin.
This is a small card, that invites can be printed on, but they are filled with wildflower seeds so you can plant the paper instead of sticking it into the trash! Adorable!

I can't wait to try all these products out. In the meantime....HAPPY SHOPPIN!

xoxo Ema

Monday, April 11, 2011

What's In My Makeup Bag Today?

Hey so there's this tag going around about what is in the makeup bag on just a normal everyday basis.  I don't usually retouch up my makeup throughout the day and I find my own makeup lasts.  But on Mondays I have a gym class first thing in the morning and wait until after to do it. So today, I am kinda stocked up on my powders and blushes etc to make sure my face feels a little better. (I used a peel off masque and it broke me out!) So today I have:

- New York Color Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in Peach Glow
- LA Colors Pressed Powder in Nude
- NYC Smooth Mineral Loose Finishing Powder in Natural Veil
-NYC Mod Quad in Far out Fawns
-ELF lipstick in Seductive
-my Mirror Compact I got as a gift
-Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in Blue Eyes
-Wet n Wild Cover All
- ELF All Over Color Stick in Pink Lemonade
-Assorted Mini Brushes

On more normal days I usually carry around, chapstick, lipstick/ gloss, and pressed powder for my T Zone.

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Little Discovery!

So I was sitting in my room looking at my new supply of lipsticks (haul post coming soon!) when I noticed something so funny! I bought two Revlon ColorStay lipsticks in Mauve and Peach, and I also had my ELF Seductive standing beside them. It hit me that if Mauve and Peach had a baby, it would be ELF Seductive! They all have almost the exact same finish, and I just had a good chuckle about it!

I will try to post a picture of it soon, because my sister lost my box of electronic cords -.-

Happy Shoppin!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers

So I adore tinted chapsticks. They make my lips feel smooth and healthy and still leave enough color so I don't have to be hunting down my gloss/ lipstick. My favorite brand that I recent discovered (I know shocking!) is the Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers. They usually retail at 4.99 at Walgreens.

The two shades I picked up was the champagne and the rhubarb. The champagne is a straight up frosty-shimmer. It's good to use to tone down a really bright lipstick, or gently dab onto the lips. What worried me when I picked up the Rhubarb shade was that it would be too dark for my complexion, but as it turns out, it's a lovely shade of a bronzy, muted red. I really like the way it stays on my lips, and doesn't settle into every crease.

Scent wise, there is a light minty smell, and when you put the product on you get a soothing menthol feeling on your lips. I personally love that feeling because it heals my very chapped lips.

I really like this line of the products and will repurchase it.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Predictions

Hey everyone, So I decided to start basically a tab of what products I will be trying to use a lot this month. It's a kind of tin pan project/ idea of what products I will most likely be reaching for a lot during this month. At the end of the month, I'll come back and see what I really did reach for a lot and what I didn't. I usually keep a small basket of makeup items that I use on a daily basis, which is just easier for me than having to dig through drawers at 6am, while trying to make my meals for the day and getting my book bag together.

So let's get started!

Lip product wise I have several different things that I use. First off is just my basic lip treatments like Chapstick and my Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Champagne. I am almost done with them, but I'm one of those that digs into the product because there is still some left. I have recently found two nice shades of lipstick, both from Wet n Wild one is a pink matte shade and the other is a shimmery reddish toned color with a pinkish pearly shimmer in it too. My final lip product is a Clinique plump and shine duo both in pink tones.

Face Product wise I have been trying to finish out my Wet n Wild Bronzer in Acapulco Glow, which doesn't have much bronze color but gives a light glow to my face. My foundation that I've been trying to use up (for way too long) is the Wet n Wild Ultimate Minerals powder foundation in fair 270. I'm not crazy about that powder, but it takes up so much room and just really needs to be finished out. I'll also be looking at my benefit dandelion powder blush. It's a light pinky shade with a pearly finish to it, and gives just a very gentle flush. For a coverup/ blemish stick I'm also trying to use up the Wet n Wild CoverAll in 801 (yeah a lot of WnW! I went through a big phase plus a lot of it was on sale!) This stick looks like its been through the gauntlet a few times, but its still very useable, I may end up depotting this one.

For eyes, I have been using my benefit Lemon Aid religiously as my primer, and I just love it. I've hit pan on it, and yet I still have a few good months left with it. For eyeliner, I have been using two different products, the first is my Wet N Wild Eye Kohl in Black. It's just a pencil with nice payoff, I have about 3/4 of it still left. The other eye liner is the ELF Cream Eyeliner from the studio line in coffee. I am despritely trying to find a use for my Wet N Wild Idol eyes creme shadow pencil in Pixie, and finally found one! I use it as a brow highlight, and once in a while a base for very light shadows even though it creases on me. I also use two eyeshadow palletes my first is the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips for Blue Eyes, and the NYC Mod Quad in Far Out Fawns.

My Nail products will probably be this beautiful shade of a coral-red from Sinful Colors called Timbleberry. I put on about two or three coats, it dries fast and is just a happy color for me.

My favorite scent right now is the Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Coconut Lime Verbena, I have a travel size one of these and am almost done with it.

Okay so I'll give you guys an update at the end of the month about what went fast, what won't get used up, and my own struggles to finally finish out some products (haha case and point the millions of brown shadows I found hiding around my room -.-)

Happy Shopping!