Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mini Physicians Formula Haul/ Impressions

Hello Ladies, So yes, I did what many of the beauty community are doing, and grabbin at those sales for Physicians Formula.  I picked up a few starter items, and things I wanted to try for a while, and things I just wanted see how they would look on me.  So let's dive right in!

1. Bamboo Wear Bambuki Brush
What is it? It's an oversized brush good for all over face powders. It's made with bamboo bristles and a cute natural bamboo wood handle.
- I like it and don't find it too scratchy or too soft. I like a more "strong" bristle but there is a little fallout. I only worry what color it will turn from my powders (yes I know wash them!) and how to pack it safely during my travels.  But for my first kabuki brush, seems rather okay.
Overall Impression: Thumbs Up

2. Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Correcting Pebbles (creamy natural)
What is it? Different colors (green, yellow and salmon) powder pebbles used to correct any discoloration and even out the skin tone. It comes all in one little package, with a puff, and a brush.
- Okay, I wanted to like this product. But I have already a few qualms. Even closed this package spills out some of the powder. There is no divider for the puff and brush, and the brush is useless. The brush doesn't pick up anything, and the puff has that issue too. Not only that, but these pebbles have SO SO much shimmer in them. I used it on my entire face and I was a disco ball! I wish this idea was matte pebbles because I still like to use bronzer and blush! Plus the pebbles got so crushed up by the fourth day of having it  that the see through case looks very gross.
Overall Impression: Thumbs Down

3. Talc Free Miner Wear Correcting Primer SPF 15 Pink Highlighter
What is it? It's a base before you put foundation on to fill in the pores a bit, and just create a smoother surface.
- The box said 10-15 clicks to get it started. It took me more like 10-15 minutes of it. The brush applicator is pink,yellow, and green and when the product comes out it leaves the brush kind of, well, icky looking. I really didn't notice any pink highlighting or it really smoothing out my skin. On the bright side it has SPF.
Overall Impression: On the Fence, but not sure if I would purchase again.

4. Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls in Light Bronze Pearl
What is it? A pressed powder with different shades of bronzer swirled with a pearl finish.
-It's very shimmery with light color. I would use this more as a highlight but it comes with  cute packaging.  The mirror is under the pan, with the mini brush (useless again) so the powder won't dirty it. It does have a light floral scent which is rather nice.
Overall Impression: On the Fence, too much shimmer for contouring.

5. Mineral Wear Talc-Free Correcting Powder in Creamy Natural
What is it? It is a pressed powder with green, yellow, beige, and salmon swirled together. It corrects and evens out the face tone.
-Yep, one correcting face item wasn't enough, I had to go and try the pressed powder. I actually love this one much more. It has very little shimmer and is much more wearable. It has the flip compact bottom with the brush and mirror and no scent.  I see this one actually doing some evening of my face tones, but the brush isn't very good for blending.
Overall Impression: Thumbs Up. I'd buy it...if it's on sale again....

6. Bronze Booster  Glow Boosting Sun Stones in Light to Medium
What is it? It is similar to those pebbles I mentioned before but round. It has different tones meant for light to medium skin that have shimmer to boost a natural tan.
- I like these much more than those previous pebbles. The packaging isn't smashed and there is also a light floral scent which i liked. It comes with a puff and a brush, which is halfway decent, and is the biggest one I have seen in all packages I bought.  But warning, this is very shimmery so I would use this more as a body glitter to quickly tap on before going out for a girls night in the city. But there are so many similar and cheaper bronzer with the same effect, so it's not something your very missing.
Overall Impression: meh, Thumbs Down. Cute Idea, but I won't re-buy.

7. Bronze Booster Glow Boosting Pressed Powder in light to medium
What is it? In plain words, its just a bronzer that is just a hint darker than the natural skin tone with very little shimmer that gives a little more oomph.
- I like this one. It has nice color so I don't look weirdly bronzed up.  There's not much more to say, I mean, it's not a must get product because there are similar products out there, but this one lays nicely on my skin and hasn't broken me out. (yay)
Overall Impression: Thumbs up.

8. Organic Wear 2 in 1 Bronzer and Blush in Light Bronze and Pink Rose
What is it? It is a more natural formula of blush and bronzer in one package. It is packaged in a more eco-friendly box, think benefit cardboard, but still nicely designed.
- Very natural colors, and barely any shimmer, so it shows up nice and matte on my face.  I think this is very cute and out of all that I bought would probably run back to the store and buy it, maybe at full price (gasp).  The powders are a little harder and don't have much fall out so it takes a little to build but it's still a lovely and natural tone.
Overall Impression: Thumbs Up...UP UP!

Final Words: These products are pretty cool and for their price I enjoy them. My biggest two peeves are:
1. Those mini brushes are bad! I don't know but for me, and trust me I am not a brush snob, but goodness they don't work for me AT ALL.
2. The packages are so bulky. If the eliminated the brushes they could create a more compact product and I could actually fit these easily into my makeup bag.

Okay ladies, I hope this helped you all out. Have a great day or evening.


  1. I prefer no brush over bad brush! Wish the companies understood this.

  2. Oh that PF Organic Wear 2 in 1 Bronzer and Blush looks beautiful! I might have to run out and pick that up! Great review!