Monday, April 18, 2011

My Insight

Hello to all who read my blog (and for you who do I am very honored to know that you take the time to do so). Today was a beautiful day, and of course I had found some wonderful prices on Physicians Formula makeup, and was just trying it on to see how it would work with my tones. I had actually used a primer, and full coverage foundation, and used blush and bonzer, all those things I don't normally have a huge time to do. It was not until I started to wipe off my makeup when I had just a thought pop into my head.  I had half my face still covered in makeup, the other not. One side was done up to our favorite fads, and the other was just me.  There was not a dot of coverup, or anything to help enhance myself. I could see the redness on my face, and a few acne scars, but I saw the me behind it.  Maybe that is why I never put on many products, because I like to see my imperfections once in a while to just ground me into my life.  Not to say that anyone who does use many products is vain or something, it just never truly worked for me.  Makeup was a place for me to enhance maybe my eyes, when my cheeks were broken out or just to draw a little attention and look pulled together. It was not about hiding that pimple (even dear pimple I loath you because you always find the worst place to plant yourself)  but about makeing myself a little better.  I look rediculous right now with that makeup still half on and the other half clean, but there's almost something symbolic about that.  Before I go outside of my home, I know that I like to add eyeliner, or shadow, a little color here or there, but once I am home from school, I feel like I just want it off me. As if I just want my skin to breath and I can't get it off fast enough, as strange as it is.  I know some women refuse to let their husbands see them without makeup,even after years of marriage, but there's something nice about knowing that the one who loves you, loves you for that little extra redness, or bags under your eyes from those late nights that you worked hard.  He sees every line as a little story of how it got there and smiles to know that he was probably a part of it.

When I was younger I would put tons of makeup on my face thinking that I could cover it up, and look pretty. But part of the growing up with makeup for me is understanding that I don't have the perfect skin, or easy tones to match. But that my quirks are meant to be loved and not covered.

So yes I still sit in front of the mirror and pray for smaller pores, or a movie star complexion, or to have a better hand at makeup. I still sneak that cover up, and still make blunders with blush, but at the end of the day I know that I have a beauty that for many years my close friends have seen. They don't know me as the pimple-on-her-forehead-girl, but the sweet, happy, hard working gal.  I ask that all of us take time and learn to love every curve, every wrinkle, and work with that. Don't cover it up completely, but love it. Learn about it, learn that story behind each imperfection and take it with wonderful grace. Remember: your a beautiful and strong young woman. A woman of great power and influence within your own way. Embrace it. Love it. Live it.



  1. Love ur blog... id love if u could follow mine .

  2. I agree! Make-up is about enhancing our natural beauty! I save the full face of makeup for nights out that I know will be pic heavy, other than that even out my skin, add some color and I feel great. Wearing a mask is no fun and guess what? Wearing no make-up is okay too. Loved this post!