Friday, June 21, 2013

Packing Nails, Tools and Skincare

So here is post numero dos on my packing! It has been a crazy set of days, but finally I have narrowed down what I'd like to bring with me... and what I'd be happy using.  I like to pack multiple small bags because I feel like it keeps me organized and that I don't lose things.  This first bag will be in my suitcase, and it holds all things that I'd feel ok with leaving in my suitcase (ie things that don't explode)

In this VS Pink Cosmetic Bag I threw in:
2 dry shampoos: cause there WILL be days I need them
1 Bottle Pamprin: This stuff works...and FAST...I'm not 
gonna mess with cramps.
2 small bottles of a mix of advil & tylenol: To hold me over until
i can get to the Pharmacy.
1 mini First Aid kit: hey... don't laugh...this came in very
hand during my semesters. 
I also opted to take several bottles of nail polish in colors I knew I would wear.
I chose mini's so that I wouldn't waste as much space. 
Nail tools such as a buffer, nail files (Christmas!), cuticle gel and a hand 
moisturizer.  Like I've mentioned before...I love doing my this is a lil taste of home. 

My other bag that contains skin, body, and hair care will be in my carry on so that I don't have to worry about little exploding surprises.  I am taking a lot of mini's because I will be purchasing large bottles for the stay...these just tie me over and help for weekend trips to visit family. 
I hope this helped you guys out when it came to planning out what to pack...the biggest thing I'd like to underscore is that each country has their own brands, so if you forget something or run out during your stay...try something new! (unless you have severe reactions etc...then pack away!)


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Packing Makeup

Holy Moly... 
Ever try to narrow down the makeup products you might feel like using for the next three months? I was going through my makeup collection and deciding which products I might want to take soon ended looking like this:

Yikes! This reminds me a bit of that Victoria's Secret commercial a few years back for the fashion show where the clothing suitcase is TEEEENY tiny, and the makeup trunk was insanely huge? Yep I had a minor flashback of that one. I know for sure I CAN'T take all of that makeup because I actually need to fit a decent amount of clothes, and now airlines are a lot more strict about weight and size of suitcases and carry ons (no thank you 50 dollar fees).  Needless to say...even Guam has makeup stores so if I realize I need something, I can easily pick it up from a Sephora, Inglot or drugstore.

So this was round two, three,  four and five (yep took that many rounds for my real bare basics) of pairing things down.  Still you can tell I was really wanting to take a LOT of eyeshadow...when in reality I'll be lucky to just finish one or two shadows the next few months.  This is still probably going to be picked through because I'm not 100% sure on some products but it's safe to say that I've got some great eye looks, great combos, etc available.

It took forever to finally narrow down my choices!
The bag I chose is a part of a 3 bag set that I got as a birthday gift a few years back.  I'm using the middle sized bag which compared to my computer is still a decent size. 

So let's really see what I plan to take on my trip:
I am taking a good variety of products, but colors that I know I will use. 
I always need a few lip balms because my lips get painfully chapped. 
Products from L-R in top image: Fresh Sugar Rose (x2), Buxom Lip Gloss in Sandy,
NYC Applelicious Lip Balm in Applelicious Pink, NYC Lipstick in Violet Shine, ELF Studio Matte
Lip Color in Coral, Buxom Lip Stick in Two-Timer, Anastasia Lip Gloss in Bellini, Rimmel Kiss Off!
Lip Gloss in First Time, Love & Beauty Lip stick in coral/pink

When it came to face I knew I needed products that were small, and that would not shatter, 
that is why I went with the blush and bronzer.  I also don't switch those as often so it's really
not a big deal to just use these two. 
L-R: Laura Geller Spackle Primer in Bronze, Smashbox Photo Finish Primer,
Wet n Wild Coverall Foundation in Fair, NYC Smoother Mineral Finishing Powder in Natural,
Rimmel London Blush in Pink Sorbet, ELF Under Eye Concealer in Fair, Benefit Hoola Brozer

Eyes: This is my favorite category!
I had a really hard time trying to figure out which products I would love, 
and which would be less fussy.  While I'm boring when it comes to colors,
there is just something about the packaging and the product itself that makes the application 
so much nicer.  I chose products that I knew would not fail me (even though some are already 
running low).  
L-R: ELF Exact Lash Mascara, ELF Waterproof Eyeliner in Midnight, Jordana Fabuliner in Brown, LA Colors Trio
 in Nude, MAC Mineralized Single in Aurora, Physicians Formula Trio in Baked Sands,
NYC Quad in Best of Broadway, NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skintone, Rimmel London Single in Royal
Linen, ELF Cream Liner in Coffee, Benefit Badgal Lash. 
Now I know this is a good amount of stuff I plan to bring, but I also wanted to have certain extras if I finish a product, it gets lost or stolen or smashes.  If you want to have a review on any product let me know! 


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Big Move

Hi Everyone!

   So this post has been a long time coming, but I will be studying abroad (in Poland to be exact) for 3 months, and thus got the idea that some people might like to read/ hear about packing for very long trips, differences in culture etc.  I know it's not necessarily beauty, but it still fits into the "lifestyle" aspect of this blog.  I feel like we know how to pack for a week or two vacation, but how to pack into one suitcase everything you need for three months, AND living in a dorm? The packing will also include my makeup and what I will be buying there verses what I will pack and my reasoning for that.

Add caption
Anyways, feel free to leave any questions you may have about packing, my upcoming experience, the transition, school etc.  For all my beauty loving people, yes I will be posting plenty about cosmetics there too!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Project Pan: May

Hi all,
   So you would think that once graduation passes, things get easier, but with two jobs it's actually pretty nutso.  I'm trying to take on as many hours now because I will be away for a while (more on that in the next post).  Anyways I took these photos on my usual monthly 24th day mark, but until now didn't have a chance to sit down and write about them (boo). Anyways, I figured people wouldn't mind too much (sorry if I offend you?)

I feel like I've been making a lot of progress, especially since yesterday I went through all my makeup and put it into a use up asap/ giveaway and then a core collection.  I have much less makeup in my core collection, but feel much happier.

Anyways, let's get back to the products and my current progress on them.

The first right is actually the Wet N Wild Nutty eyeshadow! Holy crow it looks very different than my last post about it, but I'm so glad that it's basically done.  I'm fairly sure I'll have it done in the month of June, which amusingly enough...was my "expected" finish date (it has taken about 8 months to get this far!)

The product on the top right is the Physicians Formula Bronze Booster in Light to Medium, and I finally hit pan on it! I don't know why or how it has taken so long to just hit a tiny corner of the product.  I feel like I'll have this around for YEARS!

The next product on the left is a Physicians Formula Tone Correcting Powder...and sad to say...but I like the ELF version of this much more.  This still leaves a dewy finish and doesn't keep my face oil free for long.  I really can't wait till this is done.

On the right is the Rimmel Blush in Pink Sorbet, and this is another blush I would consider as a dupe for Benefit's Dandelion blush.  I have finally started to wear down the crown design in the middle. It's a pretty sheen of pink on the cheeks that also works great as a highlight.

The last product on the left is the ELF Studio Liner and Shadowstick in Green/Moss.  The "green" is more of a coppered/ antiqued gold black-green.  But this still looks nice.  I haven't started to use the Shadowstick although my swatches show that it's pretty. 

The last product is my Softlips lip balm in Wildberry.  I'd like to take a moment and say woohoo for not losing the dang thing! I have not lost it ONCE this entire month and a half block...THANK GOD. This lip balm has a carmex-y tingle, which I personally love and find that it works great on my lips.  I might actually be sad when I finish this out as I have still so many more to get through. 

What have you finished on your project pan?