Friday, June 21, 2013

Packing Nails, Tools and Skincare

So here is post numero dos on my packing! It has been a crazy set of days, but finally I have narrowed down what I'd like to bring with me... and what I'd be happy using.  I like to pack multiple small bags because I feel like it keeps me organized and that I don't lose things.  This first bag will be in my suitcase, and it holds all things that I'd feel ok with leaving in my suitcase (ie things that don't explode)

In this VS Pink Cosmetic Bag I threw in:
2 dry shampoos: cause there WILL be days I need them
1 Bottle Pamprin: This stuff works...and FAST...I'm not 
gonna mess with cramps.
2 small bottles of a mix of advil & tylenol: To hold me over until
i can get to the Pharmacy.
1 mini First Aid kit: hey... don't laugh...this came in very
hand during my semesters. 
I also opted to take several bottles of nail polish in colors I knew I would wear.
I chose mini's so that I wouldn't waste as much space. 
Nail tools such as a buffer, nail files (Christmas!), cuticle gel and a hand 
moisturizer.  Like I've mentioned before...I love doing my this is a lil taste of home. 

My other bag that contains skin, body, and hair care will be in my carry on so that I don't have to worry about little exploding surprises.  I am taking a lot of mini's because I will be purchasing large bottles for the stay...these just tie me over and help for weekend trips to visit family. 
I hope this helped you guys out when it came to planning out what to pack...the biggest thing I'd like to underscore is that each country has their own brands, so if you forget something or run out during your stay...try something new! (unless you have severe reactions etc...then pack away!)


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