Thursday, August 1, 2013

Review: Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm

Hey Everyone!
   So pretty much every brand has a BB cream in their makeup line...and Urban Decay has totally been workin the "Naked" line too.  I had received a sample of the Naked Skin Beauty Balm with a previous purchase and had put off using it until now.

According to the Urban Decay website the Naked Skin Beauty Balm "Minimize pores, lines, wrinkles and redness instantly.  Get significantly firmer, more lifted skin in 8 weeks".  It also has SPF 20 and claims to have DNA Repair, Optical Blurring and is Oil Free.  Sounds pretty darn great doesn't it? It retails at 34 bucks for 35 ml.  What Urban Decay claims to be so special about their particular BB cream is: "while many beauty balms are tinted to provide coverage, ours diffuses light with high-tech pigments to give you amazing, natural, NAKED-looking skin." This sounds all fancy.  It claims to blur lines to create an "airbrushed" finish to the skin.

Sorry for the ill lighting!

The product comes just in one shade that once blended in becomes translucent.  I'm just going to say it right out from the start...I don't like this product...nor do I really get the point of it.  I was under the assumption that BB creams offer some coverage...this sounds more like a primer.  I don't see any blurring of fine lines truly looks like I've got nothing on my face (which yes...I understand the idea of "naked" skin).

 My redness didn't change at all with this product.  I feel like this would work as a good primer for foundations and tinted moisturizers....but not a stand alone product.  It IS oil-free though, and didn't make me feel greasy.

Final Points: More of a primer than a BB cream, this won't give any coverage, or help redness on it's own.  I'll pass on it.

Have you tried it?

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