Monday, September 15, 2014

September 2014 Ipsy Bag

Hi All!

Does anyone else subscribe to IPSY? How long have you had your subscription? What have you thought about it through the months?

Much Love!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lipstick Swatchout Series

Hi All!

   So after falling off the face of the Earth for a while, I'm back! Kinda… I'm trying here! If you follow my youtube channel, I've been trying to work my way through my makeup and really bring it down to a level where I don't feel panicked about it. One of the most difficult parts of having a makeup collection in a dresser drawer is that you don't really know what colors you get/ have so the old "out of sight, out of mind" saying rings true.  In a time where my living area/ conditions only stretch as far as 10 months, I know I don't want to try to lug boxes of makeup on a plane (or lotions, or body scrubs, or or or or) so working my way through to the real basics and loving what I have seems to be the answer.

   I've also noticed, as I've been going through my makeup, it has spread to other parts of my life where I want to get rid of the "junky" stuff and really keep a simpler living style. (except for shoes…you never have enough shoes, or handbags)

   To help organize I've opted to go through my lipstick and lip gloss collection and swatch ALL of them, to help myself remember which colors I have (and why I really shouldn't have bought those colors). Hence the new series, I thought about doing a 30in30, but with many of my lip colors, they are a tad too bold or none seasonally appropriate (or frankly even a very conservative work/ school appropriate) or let's face it… I look dead in a few shades.

  I hope this next series helps others out when it comes to figuring out colors, pigments and swatches vs. on the lips! Please let me know what you think! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lipstick Series: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul

I remember purchasing this particular product right after all the hype of the lip creams came through town…erm… youtube. The packaging is supposed to reflect the actual color of the lip cream, and while it does come out similar, the swatch on my hand leans more toward a cool toned bright baby pink. 

On my lips, however, this color warms up and reflects more closely to the color on the packaging.  The formula on this product in this particular color is a little streaky, so two coats are my suggestion. (although you can build it up rather comfortably) This formulation does highlight any lines in your lips, so I'd probably top this off with a clear gloss.  

The formula does seem to remain a little tacky on my lips, not fully annoying but not the biggest gripe there is (and I'm sure with a light gloss, it'll feel better).  I wouldn't call this a "your lips but better shade" as this is lighter on me, but I'd classify this color more as a "nude" shade as true nudes make me look quite dead. By the end of the day my lips did feel dehydrated because it IS matte, so a little TLC was needed. 

Because these colors are opaque and creamy, I don't know if I would actually purchase any more shades, to be very honest when I went back to look at the selection, I still was very happy with my choice in this one (plus a little sentiment is in this as I spent some time in Istanbul back in May)

**I will warn though that the swatches on the website aren't true to color. Istanbul on the website looks more mid toned/ neutral pink with a little dustiness in it. **

Lipstick Series: Be A Bombshell in Hot Damn


I got this chubby lip pencil in my Ipsy bag, and I gotta admit, it's not a favorite color.  I feel like this color pulls orange and almost neon-esque, and the name made me think it might be more of a cinnamon red.  I just feel that this color doesn't complement me as much as other reds in my collection do.  This lasted a decent amount of time, but it is drying on my lips. The crayon does seem to have some shimmer in it, but on the lips it seems to lean more towards a satin finish. 

Additionally, this is one of those lip colors I'm moving out of my collection because I just know I won't wear this now or really ever. 

If you are interested the Be A Bombshell Lip Crayon is $14

Thursday, January 2, 2014

#bbsecretsanta What I Got

Hi Ladies!
This year I was quite daring and decided to join in on a beauty Secret Santa "swap" run by Georgina from Makeup-Pixi3 and Laura from A Scottish Lass.  They both took the time to organize it and I thank them so much! I was paired with the lovely, and very sweet Tasha from Bellezakisses.  

The rules were straight forward and a dollar amount was set, from there we got to know each other
our likes and dislikes. We sent the packages by the needed dates and then waited. 
I got my package but wanted to wait till Tasha got her package too (also retail hours on holidays didn't allow much awake time to actually open the package for a few days).  ALTHOUGH, 
I did shake the package a bit….nothing sounded smashed *thankful* 

Let's get into my package.
I have to say that Tasha really packaged everything SO nicely, 
and the empty book is perfect for my collection! (I have a bunch from my travels)
Plus who can resist shiny silver tinsel? (maybe that's just me)

Tasha sent me the following:

Adorable wrapping!

Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush
It's rather funny because I purchased the eye kit and was thinking about purchasing next the fine liner brush but Tasha beat me to it! (I think she's a mind reader…sshhhh)
Revlon (blah blah blah blah) Balm Stain in Precious (amazing color!!!)
The last balm stain I had from Revlon was a little too out there for me, 
I kept wishing I had purchased a more everyday shade…
and once again, Tasha was a total mind reader and picked out a BEAUTIFUL shade. 
Beautiful color!
First off, I didn't even know that NYX had these beautiful gel liners! This color is stunning and I can't wait to spice up my neutral looks with this awesome liner color. (insert happy dance)
NYX Cream Blush in Tickled
I adore this color. It'll be the most perfect over a tan blush ever.  I wish I was tanned…instead I am ghostly pale. (oy the Central European problems).  But funny enough, I had also sent Tasha a NYX cream blush! (not the same shade)
Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links (L-R) Cocoa, Bone, Java
Disclaimer: Cocoa was not broken in transit, my pup jumped up and caused me
to drop the shadow. But I can still repress it :)

Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links (L-R) Taupe, Copper, Gold
I wanted a bunch of these, but each time I found a location with them, it was so picked over or the shadows were smashed up.  I love that Tasha picked out a bunch of finishes, that copper and Taupe look amazing!

A few extra goodies from a couple of "Rugrats"  Please pass on my thank you Tasha!
Pop Rocks are my favorite and I never seem to find enough of them. The nail decals are also awesome!