Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Favorites :)

Hi All!
  Wow it is so nice to finally have the time to write over here! November is sure the calm before the storm of December and boy do professors love to dump HUGE projects at the end of November. I think that is my one big hate about November. I've been assigned several projects that amount between 50-150 pages of typed work (yay double major and minor!) ANYWAYS, I also finally managed to work out how to take my own photos for my blog and this is the first post I will not have googled an image. I'm still working out kinks and such since my room has really weird lighting, but it is a start! I do have a bunch of skincare products I've used this month but I wouldn't claim any as real loves than what I have mentioned. Although reviews will be on the way! So here are my faves! 
The tops of my products (Poor St. Ive's is on the last leg!)

A view of the various products uncapped.
Night Prowl Wet N Wild. LOVE IT!

Carmex: Oh my gosh, I really don’t know why I did not get this product earlier. I picked this up last minute because I had such chapped lips, and I figured “oh medicated” and got it. As you can tell I’m about halfway through my container of it. I plan on repurchasing this as soon as I run out of it. It kept my lips so hydrated and the medication left a lil minty tingle on my lips.

ELF Cream Eye Liner: I bought this a while back, (bout a year ago).  I went through a big eye pencil phase, but recently I went back to using the cream liner on my water line. I use a small brush, not presision brush to get a smudgy, smokey look. It’s not too harsh like black, but it is deep enough to still give attention to my eyes. 

Love & Beauty Black Mascara: This is a product from Forever 21 for about 2 bucks.  I LOVE this mascara, it has fibers that grab and coat every lash. I don’t see any clumping and is lightweight. Best of all, my lashes become SO long that when I compare them with a regular pair of false eyelashes, they end up being the same length!

NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skintone: My original Holy Grail eyeshadow primer was reformulated and now I dislike it, so I had turned to NYX to try out their products. I like my primer to be a little more opaque because I do have purple veins in my eyelids and want to cover them nicely. This was my first NYX purchase and boy do I love it. The price is 6 bucks and I’ve been using it for over a month and still barely made a dent in it.  Hello new favorite primer!

Noxema: I’ve heard some bad rep about this product recently which made me a little sad, but then I realized different skintypes will be causing so many effects. I personally love this product, it leaves my face clean feeling with no film. I’ve had the same bottle of it for over a year and still is going strong although I AM on the last inch or so of it.

ELF Eyeshadow Duo in Mocha Swirl: Another product I have had in my collection for a while but had not used for a long time. The lighter shade is a beautiful champagne color and the dark brown is a nice rich brown. Both have shimmer, but are buttery in consistency. 

Wet N Wild Lipstick in 502A: I wish these lipsticks had names on the packaging and not just at the store on the swatches. But this is one color I have reached for almost everyday. It is a pink tone, with gold, silver and pink shimmer in it. It is not chunky shimmer but enough to look like you have a gloss. It’s not drying and just gives my face a more pulled together look. 

Wet N Wild Night Prowl: At first glance this nail polish is a black, but when you look closely there is purple shimmer throughout the polish! It is a great polish to go with a dark nail, but not full on black. It does need a good topcoat since it does leave a little bumpy texture. The way it goes on is like a jelly polish and two coats gives you a full opaque nail. I used this at one point for a black tip French Manicure and it looked SO cool. It does not chip away either, I actually tried to and ended up pulling off all the polish in one go (granted it DAMAGED my poor nails) but it was a little pain to remove (all that shimmer) But I still love it. I would repaint my nails several times in a row with this color (rare for me!)
St. Ives Apricot Scrub for Sensative Skin: I have used this product so much that I might be finishing it up in December! I like that it is a little more chunky because I just get the overall sense that my skin is really being exfoliated. I would love to repurchase but I have an Olay scrub that is waiting in the wings to be tested and reviewed! But no matter what else I purchase, this product always sneaks back into my routine. (hmmm little elves perhaps)

So that is all for my November favorites, and I hope this next month will be good to us all! Feel free to leave a comment below or if you would like to have a review on a product, I am always open to that! 
As always, hugs and health,