Monday, December 31, 2012

Final Product Empties of 2012!

Hi Everyone!
   I hope Christmas found you all really well and that everyone had a chance to enjoy time with friends and family.  This is going to be my last post before my finale post about my project pan, and boy am I excited about that one! Today is just my last minute things that I finished up during the December month.  I always surprise myself about what I end up finishing out, it's never really the stuff I expect to!
Anyways  onto the products!

Garnier Fructis Fortifying Shampoo Pure Clean: So I've heard a lot of people saying that this was so cleansing for their hair, I really think that the "Pure Clean" aspect is more intended to be a part of their environmentally friendly label, not really the way it cleans the hair. I love this brand anyways, so it's something I'll be repurchasing over and over again.

Blondie Violet Volumizing Mousse: So I had this product since I went really blonde with Sun-In when I was about 16.  That's roughly 8 years, and I had purchased it thinking that it would keep it from being brassy.  At that time I didn't know what "brassy" meant, and saw no change in it. I dug this back out this year and finally used it up, I swear it would multiply over night.  I didn't see much volume either, so I think this was just a wishful thinking mousse.

Burberry Brit for Women: Okay, this is my signature scent for most of the year. Starting in September through till mid-April I will use this fragrance and it lasted me a long time too!I was sad to see it finish out, but for Christmas I got two more Burberry perfumes, but I will be repurchasing once I get through a few more scents. 

Asira Shampoo: This was just a travel product that I had when I went down to Atlantic City with my friends.  I didn't see it do anything special for my hair, just cleaned it.

Asira Conditioner: Another travel product, it was decent but I have a lot of other conditioners that keep my hair much softer than this one.

Giovanni Step 3 body lotion: This is a sample packet I got from Fairway Market, I found this lotion to be decent. It had a very sweet scent to it, which wasn't very off putting, but it isn't something I would purchase on a whim.  It's made with antioxidants so it's supposed to be good for your skin but I really didn't notice anything special about it.

Juer Birchbox Pink Lipgloss: This was a specially made mini for Birchbox, but I just didn't see it as anything special.  It had barely any pigment, and the design wasn't the greatest because it was a square shape and the brush couldn't reach to majority of the product.  I finally started to use a longer brush from another gloss but it was a pain to carry them both around.  I was disappointed by it, and won't bother to look into it.

Almary One Coat Dial Up: This was an awesome mascara, and it kept my lashes deep black, curled and didn't make them crunchy.  I had a backup of this one, but I'll use it once I get through my other mascaras. 

ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black: This was the first liner I got from ELF and this was a miss for me, but only because the felt tip was already damaged.  It left a nice dark line on my lids and was rather long lasting.  As time went on, the liner pen frayed more and became rather unusable.  I know it's just a fluke though, because my other ELF liners are fine. 

Stila Smudge Proof waterproof Liner in Peacock:
This was another disappointing product.  It came from my first Birchbox, and came to me already defective, it wouldn't screw back down.  It also seemed to be much drier than others that I have sampled at Sephora.  It would start out as a beautiful deep color but by a few hours, it would turn into a light and bright teal.  It also could crumb on my lids, leaving fallout.  Overall just disappointed.

CVS Eyemakeup Remover: This bottle lasted me a while and didn't sting my eyes. I don't usually hunt out same brands specifically, but this one is something I'll repurchase. 

CVS Sensative Unscented Baby Wipes: I got these because for the last month I was staying at various friend's homes due to a hectic work and school schedule, for a bit I forgot to get any eye makeup remover, so tried these out.  They were cheap and worked well, they got all the makeup off, and hey...if they are good enough for a baby's butt then it was ok for my face.

Asira Oatmeal Almond Soap: This was my only favorite Asira product, because it had actual bits of almond in it so it acted like a great scrub.  It was still gentle and just smelled awesome.

Giovanni Step 1 Cleanser: This was the little packet, and I really didn't notice anything special about this cleanser, I feel like it was just another body wash, and wouldn't spend the money on it.

Giovanni Step 2 Exfoliator: This, unlike the other three parts of the "program", was awesome.  I was expecting a stronger scrub and a little surprised it was a sugar/salt scrub, but still found it just right.  While I don't exfoliate my body often (oops being lazy) I would purchase this for the more summer months. 

Iseries Lens Towellets (60): Technically these aren't beauty related, but since they are for my eyeglasses, I figured they would count because I don't want them looking gross on my face.  These were fine, just something easy to clean up the lenses.

Opti-Free Replenish Contact Solution: This is the best product in the world...said no one about contact solution. lol. This is one of those large bottles you can get as a two pack for about 18 bucks.  It keeps them clean and that's all I care about.

Swan Nail Polish Remover: I buy this one at the Dollar Tree, and for some reason, I love it better than any other drug store polish.  It just seems to get my nails clean and it's cheap.  Since I do my nails so often, polish remover goes pretty fast.  I already have several bottles around my house.

Colgate Luminous Toothpaste: So another toothpaste done, and only several more containers before I get down to a normal amount! lol, I feel like this is another product that keeps having babies and multiplying because I keep finding more and more barely used tubes. Oh well, at least I have clean teeth!

So what does this new total come to??
Lotion/Fragrance/ Hair:53 + 6 =59
Makeup: 25 + 4 =29
Candles/ Scents:6 + 0 =6
Cleansers/Body Wash:32 + 5 = 37
Randoms:21 + 4 = 25


Stay tuned for an upcoming post about this journey and a look at how much space all these products take up! Have you started a Empties Project?


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Updated Product Empties

Hi ya'll!
    So I'm sure many of you are like "come ON Em, you've done so many updates and haven't done much else on this blog" honestly, a lot of my products are old discontinued products...hence the reason why I won't bother to write about them. But yes! Another update about my Empties!! This will also be the last one before my 2012 finale where I will reveal how much space all the products would have taken up in my room, and pretty much give ya'll a chance to gander at how much stuff it truly is. Can't lie, I'm shocked that I've gone through so much! 

For Some Reason always the biggest category! 

From Left to Right, Back row to front
B&BW Magnolia Blossom Body Splash: I've said it before, I like very few body sprays, and this was one of those I wasn't crazy about. It had a musky and very strong floral scent. Reminded me slight of old ladies and could be really overdone. I used this as a room mist. Not Repurchasing. 

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Conditioner: This was a good product, I mean it did lighten up my hair without seeming too drastic. It was a good conditioner, but with the lightening ingredients I am a little weary about long term use of this. I feel like this might just be a summer product for me. 

Asira Shampoo: This was a travel sized product from my trip to Aruba in the Radisson hotel. It was ok. I would say this is strong clarifying shampoo, and did not leave my hair feeling very nourished. That said, when I was using this, I had a lot of products in my hair so this got it ALL out. 

CVS Advanced Hydrating Beauty Lotion Original: This is comparable to the Olay Original moisturizer, which I have not tried, but hey I found this product to work really well. It was best used from spring to mid-fall and did not leave my skin feeling greasy. It sunk in within a medium length of time. 

April Bath & Shower Fast Glow Tanning Medium to Dark: Tanning lotions are never really moisturizing because they contain alcohol within the first few ingredients, which is used so that the color dries out quickly on your skin.  I would mix my tanning lotions with a strong moisturizing lotion so I would really get a gradual tint to my skin and so I wouldn't stink of tanner. This product though did not leave ANY color on my skin, and still stank strongly of tanner. Passing on this one!

Balenciaga Paris Perfume: Um...just not a fan. I prefer clean scents and this had a mixture of sweet and musk on my body, which was not very pleasant for me. 

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion: I'm sorry but I hated this product, and it makes me sad because my drugstore moisturizers surpass my recent samples of facial lotions. This took a long time to sink in, left a tacky feeling on my face (think kids hands after they had a lollypop...NOT fun) and would pill on my face. If your not familiar with "pilling" think of your sweater, when you rub it, it develops that little pill...well this product did it. I tried it during summer, during winter, etc and it just did not work. 

Dove Go Fresh Body Mist Energizing: This scent is described as grapefruit and lemongrass scent, but for me it has an awkward fake citrus scent. I honestly felt like a food dish with the mixture of sweet and savory of the lemongrass. I ended up using this as a room spray too because I did not like wearing the scent. I do like the mini travel size of it though. 

Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Hairspray Lightweight Hold: This did not hold my curls at all. I could safely say that while it was touchable and not crunchy looking or feeling, there was no strength to it at all. I could have gone without this spray and have had the same amount of hold time.  What I did like was that it was a very fine mist, and it did work on the tiny flyaways, but I won't be buying a hairspray for just my flyaways. 

COCO Mademoiselle Chanel: Ok, I am actually kinda sad that I don't like this. It seems that I dislike a lot of very popular scents, and that I have my own select few that I will wear, which surprisingly enough aren't as popular so they have become my signature scent? I guess I wasn't meant to follow the crowd...even when it comes to perfumes. 

Renu Derma Eye Cream: So anyone remember Go-Go Girlfriend? Yeah...if you haven't look it up on make-up ally. Anyways I got this product from that box, and I hated it. I used this for months because you only need a tiny bit and didn't see anything different. This was so, SO, greasy that my eye makeup would crease the morning after I would put this on before I went to bed. I tried using this as an overall moisturizer, but it was so darn greasy. Do not go near this product, I felt like it was such a waste, and I'm sure there are better ones out there. 

Um Can I have a whoot whoot for actually finishing some legit makeup!?
Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Stain in 25 Feelin' Rosy: This was actually a rather nice color, a light swipe made for a pretty tint, but I could build it up to a pretty red lip. It was very drying on my lips though so I'd have to use some TLC afterwards.  It lasted me a decent amount of time, my slight issue is that the felt tip marker is so darn hard! I think my Crayola markers are softer than this!

alba Passion Fruit Nectar lip balm: I loved the scent of this, but the texture was an issue. I swipe it on and I got large chunks of lip balm, which was not really pleasant and got messy. I'd just pass on this one because it wasn't worth the hassle. 

L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Light: I got this as a sample from a magazine and was rather excited to try it. It started out grey and then turned skin toned, sadly this turned orange on my skin after I applied it...hello Oompah Loompah. Plus there was SOO little of it in this packet...

Love & Beauty Mascara: This is a Forever21 makeup brand, and for 2.80 I have to say that I LOVED this mascara. It had the traditional, old school wand but had fibers in it too! It gave me such lush lashes. Once I get through my other mascaras I am belining it to Forever21 and getting two!

Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast (x2):  Someone wanna explain to me why I hated these so much? They smelled great but boy did these stink at protecting the lips. I think these chapped my lips more, and also texturally I had chunks of these coming off. Just not worth it. 

ELF Complexion Perfect Face Powder: Now I had this for a while and didn't like it until I figured out how to use it, and tweaked it a little. Now it has four shades, and it's supposed to cancel out any dilemmas. They have minor tint to them but once you buffed it out on your face, you couldn't see any color difference. I actually used this as a mattefying powder, and it worked really well for pretty much a 12 hour day! It was very finely milled, and will probably be the face powder I'd repurchase time and time again. 

Olay Foaming Face Wash: I'm not going to say much because I have an overdue blog post that will be up in the next few days explaining my feelings about this product. Not bad, but not good...very bland feelings to it,  but not going to repurchase. 

asira Body Wash: This was again a hotel travel sample, and really wasn't anything amazing. It was rather stripping for the skin, hmmm clarifying much?

AVON Bubble Bath in Vanilla Cream: So this had a very fake vanilla scent which is never a good way to start. It gave ok bubbles but overall I wasn't impressed with it. 

Archipelago Pomegranate Soap: So I used to sell this brand at my old job, and really just hated this and the grapefruit scent. They did not smell anything like their names, but I still bit the bullet and used this soap. I didn't like it, but at least the scent wasn't lingering. 

LUSH Honey I Washed the Kids Soap: This was my first Lush soap (I've tried the bath bombs before) and really liked it. I got this and a few other products as a birthday gift a while back, and finally got around to using it. The scent is light and the soap itself felt moisturizing.  I think I'll have to go back to Lush and purchase a few things from there soon!

Montagne Jeunesse Squeezed Lemon Green Tea Peel Off Mask (Detox and Pore Cleansing): I felt like this was one of those masks from my elementary school slumber party days, where friend's would try to make us feel special and grown up.  I didn't really notice anything detoxifying or pore cleansing, but it did leave my skin very soft.  I might use this brand again, although the packaging is a bit awkward. It has enough product for two uses but it is a one time use sample packet. o.0

Go-Go Girlfriend All Natural Cherry Almond Soap: haha, again from this lovely brand. I actually liked this soap, it had some almond pieces in it so I felt like I had a little exfoliation. The scent at first was very strong fake cherry, almost bordering on medicinal.  Thankfully it faded after a few months and I was left with a likeable scent. 

Of course I'd have some randoms
Colgate Total Gum Defense: Well another mini toothpaste bites the dust. It wasn't a favorite one though, but hey it's toothpaste so it did the job. 

Nivea Fresh Natural Gentle Care Antiperspirant Deodorant: I got this from my Polish market, so I don't even know if American retailers sell the roller ball deodorant. I love that European products come in glass containers because it makes it feel a little more upscale. Awkward I know, but hey this deodorant worked like a charm even on the hottest days and since it was a clear gel, it didn't leave any marks! Wooohoo!

Wow, so I've finished out a good chunk of stuff! Let's get a rundown!

Lotions/Fragrance/ Hair: 42 + 11= 53
Makeup: 17 + 8= 25
Candles/ Scents: 6 + 0= 6
Cleansers/Body Wash: 25 + 7= 32
Randoms: 19 + 2= 21

Total: 109 + 28 = 137!!! Holy cow! I'm in shock that I've hit that much! 

How are your empties going? How many products do you think I'll hit by December 31st? Anyone? Anyone? lol

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Beauty Blogger Vox Box 2012

Hey all!

   So in my world it has always been that you know you are becoming a legit blogger when you have the chance to try products for free, and then give feedback about it. The company Influenster is a website that you can write reviews on products, rate them, and qualify for various free boxes of various products. There is a slight process to actually getting a box, but it still is so exciting!! Before anyone goes all twisted, I would like to but a disclaimer in that yes, I received the following products complimentary for use and review from Influenster.  My views are not going to be affected or skewed to favor the brand or products that I have received. So let's have a peek!
The inside of my box!
 There is a card that explains everything you get, along with the prices of the items. What is great is that all the products are either deluxe versions (aka more than one use) or full-sized!

Kiss Lash Starter Kit: 5.99

What excited me about this sample was that it came with the tweezers. I'm not a false lash girl typically because I never have an easy time with it. Let's hope these make them a lil easier! Plus this glue is latex free, which doesn't make a huge difference for me but I have several friends allergic to it.  Who knew that lash glue had latex!? Well at least someone paid attention and made something different!
Goody Spin Pin: 7.29

 I've heard Emily Eddington from Beauty Broadcast do a review on these pins and she said they worked out rather well for her.  I don't have really long hair but am trying to grow it out. These might help me with all my lil loose hairs.

NYC Quad in 08 Dark Shadows: 4.99

I already have an NYC quad and really enjoy it. I would not have chosen these colors personally, but hey better chance to try something new. All colors in this quad seem to have some shimmer in them, which might be a slight con...but I'll have to try them out and see how they look on the lids!

White Barn Candle in Nutmeg and Spices: 3.50
Oh my gosh, this candle just SMELLS amazing.  This is an awesome blend of more Christmas-y scents but still work for early fall.  I can't wait to burn this candle, and might try to pick one up asap.

EBOOST: $28 for 20 packets
To be honest, this is one product I just don't seem to care at all about.  I'm the type of person who drinks her OJ, tea, and uses hand sanitizer.  I'll try it out, but I don't see myself purchasing this at all.
Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream: 6.00
I don't have curly hair, but I might use this on day old curls.  I have heard a lot about this brand so I hope I can find a way to use the product. *fingers crossed*
Vitabath Fragrance Mist in Asian Orchid and Coconut
This is a brand I've never heard of but just one spritz and another thing I'm in love with. This smells like Hawaii in the a T! I could not be happier receiving this scent EVEN if I'm not the biggest fan of fragrance mists.

Overall I'd say this is a great mix of new products, new brands, and products that I've been meaning to try.  I will be posting actual reviews as I use these products, but for now...

Have you tried any of these? How were they for you?

DISCLAIMER: I was sent these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. I am not affiliated with these individual brands and will still be giving my honest opinion for each and every product. This also includes my experience with the company, Influenster, itself.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Julep Maven October Box

So I had received my October Julep Maven box (much to my surprise) about a week (or two) back. This is just an “unboxing” type of post, I did do swatches but I don't know the lasting power etc.  I do have a slight issue with Julep Maven—my next paragraph will explain the issues if you want to just see what I got and my impressions of it I’d suggest you skip this paragraph—but do have general good things to say about the box itself.  
Of course, everything came nicely wrapped and packaged. There was candy corn...but I ate it before I took this photo (oops)

            My issues: I had gone online in the space of time allotted to skip my box…this is a 20 dollar box and recently I just had been skipping them because funding was low. You have a window of 3(ish) days to skip the month, and yes I went during that time.  I guess it didn’t go through properly because a week later I get the email saying that my box is coming to me in the mail. Sure enough I had a transaction pending on my card account, and it was in transit. In the email they send you, there is a link so you can email the company. I promptly emailed them explaining this issue, and asking them what can be the plan of action. It has been about 2 weeks, and I got NOTHING from the company. Not even a confirmation email was sent, no response at all. Now I usually give a company 3-5 days to respond…nada. Plus I realized, if you want to cancel your box, you have to call in… BUT their hours are the typical 8-5 hours and even shorter on Saturday. So if you are like me and do clinicals, commute for about an hour (one way), have classes and work 9-9 everyday minus Sunday…HOW THE HECK ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO CANCEL? I feel like there should be a way to email your cancellation. There’s my rant for the day…onto the box itself.
            Even though this debacle occurred I did find a few bright sides.  This month was about Fall/ Halloween –esque colors and especially crackles.  I don’t know about ya’ll but I wasn’t a huge fan of the crackles and feel like this “trend” is done and over with.  I have the box Classic with a Twist and was really happy that I did not get the crackles, from what I’ve heard on the Youtube community is that a lot of people were opting out due to the crackle. 
The products themselves (again minus the candy corn)
            So what did I get? 2 polishes, 1 bottle of quick dry drops, 2 nail glitters and CANDY CORN. (I’m a total sucker for that stuff, even though I have come to realize that I should not be opening these types of boxes when I’m hungry…I eat everything up immediately!) Anyways.
1.      Boris & Nicole Nail Polish: In the bottle, this color is a gold/pumpkin/ blackened copper color, but this beautiful tone does not really transfer onto the nail. In my swatch you can note that the color is much darker than the bottle.  I’m not sure if you can pick it up in my photo but the base is more of a dark orange-fuschia-red… It is still a pretty color and opaque with just one coat (although I am a religious two coater)  but with one coat, there is more of the pinky tone. Two coats gives you a more golden tone. I’m a little sad that it’s not a lot more like the bottle but it’s still something I would wear. 
ONE COAT: Gwenyth on the Left. Boris & Nicole on Right.

2.      Gwenyth Nail Polish: This color honestly just looks like a nail treatment color.  I would not have picked this out on my own because it just doesn’t look impressive to me. One coat does nothing for the nails…two gives you a barely there pink tone. This doesn’t really impress me at all, but I guess that’s why they sent a suggestion card on how to use both nail polishes. I really don’t know if I’ll actually wear this, maybe as a base coat. *shrug*
TWO COATS: Gwenyth on Left. Boris & Nicole on Right.

3.      Julep Quick Dry Drops: Oh my gosh, I’ve never used quick dry drops but these are amazing. They have a great scent (lavender) and really does help with drying out the polish. One small drop on each nail does suffice. 
Clear Liquid. Does not leave fingers feeling greasy...AT ALL!

4.      Nail Glitters: I got two of these, one is a black with silver and then a deeper pumpkin orange with gold.  These are a little on the chunkier side.  I haven’t used nail glitters before and know you can use them on the tips…but I kinda wish I got a step by step tutorial on how to use these.  If you all know of anyone who does a simple tutorial please link below.  When I tried them out, I still got glitter stuck on my dry portion of nails. 

So overall, this box looks promising and I can say that I will use at least half of the box.  But I will still cancel this subscription just because I don’t want to run into the same issue as this month.  How was your box? 


Sunday, September 30, 2012


so....I exercise. I watch what I eat (most days) but I love my wine and beer. I have a good amount of tolerance, and especially since my trip to Spain (which was wine/beer fueled from 10am) I have found it harder and harder to lose weight. Now call me vain, but I won't see my fiance for the entirety of October, and our aniversary is at the end of the month...and I want to show up at our mutual (weekend) event looking banging (semi....kinda...sorta). I want to fit into a dress I own and feel good in it...mainly...this blog being a beauty blog...I want to be healthy.  Now with 21 credits, student teaching twice a week and working 16-20 hours a week and maintaining Honor's level status is crazy busy. But for the month of October...I will give up alcohol beverages and make sure I go to the gym at least 3 times a week. My only exception will be on my father's birthday which we are going to a very fancy restaurant that makes my favorite cocktail properly. But I want to get through 31 days of no drink...which I would safely say is my biggest barrier to losing weight.

Why is this so hard for me? My friends and I commonly meet at the local bars, which when we present our school ID's...we get discounts (I'm 22 mind you) and being me...I drink a good amount (not drunk...high tolerance woot!) but still. This isn't the best option to lose weight. I tried finding my favorite European beers and had a heart attack. SOOO...with the fiance being a part of organization that have many holiday parties...I want to also FEEL pretty. I'm not saying skinny...but pretty. I can't look in the mirror without a critique and high heels only do so much.

So here is my official no drink (other than one night being my father's bday) October. I want to lose 5 pounds by Novembre 8th...which doesn't seem like a lot, but my current medical condition isn't really nice to me so that means A LOT of work. Are you gonna join me? How much do you want to lose?

Best of Luck

Monday, September 24, 2012

More Product Empties!

Hi all,
   Well I've been MIA for a while, and just honestly I wasn't inspired enough to blog about some things.  With school starting up I've been on non-stop writing mode, and that took away from the joy of blogging.  But yet, I am back, and with more products that I have finished! I'm on such a roll, and a lot of these products were taking forever to finish out! The bottom of this post will have my running total of products and HOLY CRAP I hit a big milestone!

My snazzy basket that is holding all the stuff I finished this round!

Back to Front: Garnier Fructis, L'Oreal EverSleek, Essence of Beauty, B&BW Mist, Daisy, AHAVA, VMV Hypoallergenics

Garnier Fructis Body Boost Shampoo: I'd like to mention that all GF products smell so darn good! This was for fine or flat hair (both of which I have) and really did leave my hair feeling amazing. In general, I haven't met a GF shampoo or conditioner that's done me wrong.

L'Oreal EverSleek Reparative Conditioner: After being in Spain for two weeks and using horrible hair products that left my hair feeling like straw, I wasn't sure if I'd have my hair back to decent condition. But amazingly this product worked.  While I can't say my hair feels salon-just-got-a-haircut-new, it does look much healthier.  It didn't weigh my hair down either. Snaps for EverSleek!

Essence of Beauty Sweet Pea Body Lotion: So random back story that kinda relates to this product...I got this when everyone who was anyone LOVED sweet pea scents.  Like no one would dare say that they didn't own a sweet pea fragrance.  Fast forward a few years, and I'm finally using up those older products.  I now can say...I DISLIKE sweet pea.  This brand though had a more mild version of the "sweet pea" scent.  It didn't leave my skin feeling very moisturized hence why I won't be purchasing it again.

B&BW Signature Vanillas Lemon Fragrance Mist: So I've come to realize that I don't like the B&BW fragrance mists. I'm more of a perfume girl, so this pretty much became a room mist/ sheet mist which for the price is not worth it.  I can pick up better room sprays and sheet mists for fractions of the price.  Although the scent is awesome and summery, it's not something I wore even down to the beach. :/

Marc Jacobs Daisy Luminous Body Lotion: I got this as a part of a gift set a few Christmas's back and I finally got around to using it.  As with other perfume set lotions I find that it is great for the actual scent, but has a lot of alcohol so it doesn't moisturize at all.

AHAVA foot cream: This was really great for my heels and felt so nice. I left a good amount of lotion on and put on socks and watched tv!

VMV Hypoallergenics Re-Everything Lotion: This sample from Birchbox lasted me about 2 months! TWO MONTHS!!! It's a glycollic lotion and I opted to only use it on my face because it was just too thick to be a full body product.  I did not break out with this product *yay*.

L-R: Juicy Couture, Harvey Prince, Serge Lutons, Pacifica
Viva La Juicy Perfume Sample: I hated the way I smelled. I dislike smelling like candy or some random mix of sweet things. This was sweet overload. Good that I tried it, so I can very easily say NO!

Harvey Prince Eau Flirt: I love this scent. It is a warmish scent that is still crisp...a very fall scent without actually smelling like cinnamon.  I'd love to purchase this...but just as long as it's not online.  I don't know where I can purchase in person *sad face*

L'eau Serge Luton: This was a scent that was very crisp...almost masculine but with a hint of feminine. It didn't have musk or anything like that but it was very clean smelling. I won't purchase cause this baby is over 100 bucks *yeouch!*

Pacifica Malibu Lemon Blossom: I love this product. It's a solid perfume made from organic beeswax and reminded me of a mix of Hawaii and Lemons. (not sweet lemon) I had this for several years (4ish) but a little on the cuticles or hands etc makes you perk up!

L-R: Blinc, Burt's Bees, Jordana, BareMinerals, Jordana, Sonia Kashuk

Blinc Mascara: I got this in a Birchbox...and if anyone ever gets this I will tell them what I should have done...CHUCK IT NOW!!! I hated this product and it did nothing for my lashes.  It would actually cause my lashes to straighten out. To take it off was even worse, I had clumps of lashes come off. Overall, you couldn't get me to use this ever again.To make things better, it would get so "glued" shut I had to use two pliers to open the product towards the end!!

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm: My holy grail lip balm. This is just amazing and also lasts a fair amount of time!

Jordana Easy Shine Lip Gloss in 02 Babe: I don't see this on the website anymore, but I got this at Walgreens. In the tube it's a grey-beige base with pink shimmers in it. I am so in love with this though! It makes my lips a perfect nude shade, but the tiny shimmers adds dimension to my lips.  If you see this color, pick it up...I don't think you'd regret it.

BareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara in Black: I don't normally fall in love with high end mascaras, and frankly always felt that they were just over-rated. But this mascara was amazing! If I wanted a high end mascara, this would be my pick because right from the start the formula is amazing!

Jordana Easy Shine Glossy Lip Color in 07 Watermelon Juice: I've reviewed this product before, but I really liked this product.  I'll probably pick up another one of these once I get through a few more glosses or lip colors. I love finding cheap options that still work well, much like this color!

Sonia Kashuk Metallic Brown Eye Liner: This took a dang long time to finish, but it was worth it to the end. I could not ask for a better brown liner. It was creamy, but not too creamy and soft. It was pigmented and did not smudge all over my face.

L-R: B&BW, OLAY, Daisy, B&BW
Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Bubble Bath: This goes along with my sweet pea comment earlier. I used this actually as a body wash because it had the same ingredients and I rarely take bubble baths.  This version of sweet pea was sickly sweet, and I just don't like the fragrance.

OLAY Cleansing Cloths (7 individually wrapped cloths): I took this on my trip to Spain, and while these were nice, I just didn't catch onto them. I guess I'm more of a person who likes to actually take off makeup with cleansers, not cloths. I might repurchase them....or try baby wipes.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Bubbly Shower Gel: Again, I love the scent but the product itself it just not amazing.  It went quickly and was not "bubbly" at all. I won't purchase but if it comes in a gift set...I'll still use it and enjoy it.

Bath & Body Works Signature Vanillas Lemon Body Wash: I love the scent of this as a body wash. If ya'll are confused it's ok. I like my body washes to perk me up, but what I like in a body wash isn't the same fragrance that I want via perfume or mist. If it's still available I will repurchase!

L-R: B&BW, Crest, Bio-True, Sally Hansen, NYC, No-Brand

Bath & Body Works Blushing Mimosa Hand Soap: I bought this on a whim about a year back and I don't regret it. This doesn't smell like the drink mimosa...but fresh and still sweet, but floral. I'd buy it again and again.

Crest Sensitivity Clinical Toothpaste: Now I didn't notice any less sensitivity or particular whitening, but hey it's a toothpaste and it's used up. My dentist will be happy! (lol)

Bio-True Contact Solution: A sample I got from my eye doctor. I didn't notice anything amazing with it. I feel like my cheaper options work just as well. I mean...have you ever heard someone get excited about contact solution!?

Sally Hansen  Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in 38 Flirt: Such a pretty color! A deep burgundy with red shimmers. But this one still has a WHITE cap aka very old.

NYC Color 115A: I saw this color as a trend for this fall, ran over to check my nail polishes, and then found out that it was all dried out! I guess that happens when you have a big nail polish collection. From my memory it is a rather opaque polish.

No- Brand Top Coat: This was fast drying but just okay on actually keeping the polish from chipping.

So how many products have I finished!?
Lotions/ Fragrance/  Hair:  31 + 11 = 42
Makeup: 11 + 6= 17
Candles/ Scents: 6 + 0 =6
Cleansers/ Body Wash: 21 + 4 =25
Randoms: 13 + 6 =19

Grand Total: 109 Products!!! Yep I finished that much! I will continue this project till January...let's see how many products that is!!!

How's your project going?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Jordana Easy Shine Glossy Lip Color

Hey All,
     So all the new rage has been Balm Stains. Tarte has had them for  a while, and Revlon came out with them. It seems that every makeup obsessed gal has one, two or maybe all of them.  They are the "it" product of the summer it seems.  Well, needless to say, I decided to look through my makeup stash and double check if I had anything similar to these stains.  My mentality had been "if I have it already I won't go out and purchase it." Now the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains run for 7.99 to 10.49 (the highest price being at CVS *YIKES!*) and they do have some really great colors.  But with my tan skin, I was looking for a nice, bright (ish) pink, and all the Revlon colors seem to be a little too cool toned on my skin (my friend let me try on the 5 she had) .  So granted, no I don't own personally the Balm Stains, but I did find a product that I would say is rather similar.

The Jordana Easy Shine Glossy Lip Color in 07 Watermelon Juice is a product I bought a while back, but didn't really start using until last month.  It is in a stick formula, and is build-able in color. It starts of glossy looking, but after a while the shine wears off and you are left with a lovely stain on the lips that lasts you for the next few hours.  What's great is that this product goes for 1.99 at my local Walgreens and there is a decent color selection. I do own two other colors, but alas haven't worn them to vouch for them yet.  But each color's name has a corresponding scent, so watermelon juice does smell like watermelon, berry colada smells like berries and coconuts, etc.
The Tube

The actual stick of gloss
A swatch on my wrist.

The Jordana website does not claim that these are long wearing nor stains, but for someone who wants a little bit of the trend but isn't ready to fork over that 10 bucks, it's a good try. 

So a quick rundown:
- 1.99 (aka cheap)
- good amount of product
- smooth texture
- leaves a glossy shine (for a little while)
- great color

- Once the shine goes away, and your left with the stain, your lips do feel dry
- Not a huge selection of colors (the general line I mean)
- the packaging: The stick of gloss does stand above the actual plastic tube when you first get it, so putting the cap back on I find that I bump and nick the product a little bit. But once you start using a little of the product, it isn't noticeable. (not a huge grip but some might find it annoying)

Final Verdict:
  I like this product. I find that this is something fast to apply and takes out that 2 part lipstick and gloss process.  The color is bright, yet wearable to work.  I would repurchase this color, and at 1.99 what a steel!

Have you tried the Jordana Easy Shine Lip Colors?