Monday, December 31, 2012

Final Product Empties of 2012!

Hi Everyone!
   I hope Christmas found you all really well and that everyone had a chance to enjoy time with friends and family.  This is going to be my last post before my finale post about my project pan, and boy am I excited about that one! Today is just my last minute things that I finished up during the December month.  I always surprise myself about what I end up finishing out, it's never really the stuff I expect to!
Anyways  onto the products!

Garnier Fructis Fortifying Shampoo Pure Clean: So I've heard a lot of people saying that this was so cleansing for their hair, I really think that the "Pure Clean" aspect is more intended to be a part of their environmentally friendly label, not really the way it cleans the hair. I love this brand anyways, so it's something I'll be repurchasing over and over again.

Blondie Violet Volumizing Mousse: So I had this product since I went really blonde with Sun-In when I was about 16.  That's roughly 8 years, and I had purchased it thinking that it would keep it from being brassy.  At that time I didn't know what "brassy" meant, and saw no change in it. I dug this back out this year and finally used it up, I swear it would multiply over night.  I didn't see much volume either, so I think this was just a wishful thinking mousse.

Burberry Brit for Women: Okay, this is my signature scent for most of the year. Starting in September through till mid-April I will use this fragrance and it lasted me a long time too!I was sad to see it finish out, but for Christmas I got two more Burberry perfumes, but I will be repurchasing once I get through a few more scents. 

Asira Shampoo: This was just a travel product that I had when I went down to Atlantic City with my friends.  I didn't see it do anything special for my hair, just cleaned it.

Asira Conditioner: Another travel product, it was decent but I have a lot of other conditioners that keep my hair much softer than this one.

Giovanni Step 3 body lotion: This is a sample packet I got from Fairway Market, I found this lotion to be decent. It had a very sweet scent to it, which wasn't very off putting, but it isn't something I would purchase on a whim.  It's made with antioxidants so it's supposed to be good for your skin but I really didn't notice anything special about it.

Juer Birchbox Pink Lipgloss: This was a specially made mini for Birchbox, but I just didn't see it as anything special.  It had barely any pigment, and the design wasn't the greatest because it was a square shape and the brush couldn't reach to majority of the product.  I finally started to use a longer brush from another gloss but it was a pain to carry them both around.  I was disappointed by it, and won't bother to look into it.

Almary One Coat Dial Up: This was an awesome mascara, and it kept my lashes deep black, curled and didn't make them crunchy.  I had a backup of this one, but I'll use it once I get through my other mascaras. 

ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black: This was the first liner I got from ELF and this was a miss for me, but only because the felt tip was already damaged.  It left a nice dark line on my lids and was rather long lasting.  As time went on, the liner pen frayed more and became rather unusable.  I know it's just a fluke though, because my other ELF liners are fine. 

Stila Smudge Proof waterproof Liner in Peacock:
This was another disappointing product.  It came from my first Birchbox, and came to me already defective, it wouldn't screw back down.  It also seemed to be much drier than others that I have sampled at Sephora.  It would start out as a beautiful deep color but by a few hours, it would turn into a light and bright teal.  It also could crumb on my lids, leaving fallout.  Overall just disappointed.

CVS Eyemakeup Remover: This bottle lasted me a while and didn't sting my eyes. I don't usually hunt out same brands specifically, but this one is something I'll repurchase. 

CVS Sensative Unscented Baby Wipes: I got these because for the last month I was staying at various friend's homes due to a hectic work and school schedule, for a bit I forgot to get any eye makeup remover, so tried these out.  They were cheap and worked well, they got all the makeup off, and hey...if they are good enough for a baby's butt then it was ok for my face.

Asira Oatmeal Almond Soap: This was my only favorite Asira product, because it had actual bits of almond in it so it acted like a great scrub.  It was still gentle and just smelled awesome.

Giovanni Step 1 Cleanser: This was the little packet, and I really didn't notice anything special about this cleanser, I feel like it was just another body wash, and wouldn't spend the money on it.

Giovanni Step 2 Exfoliator: This, unlike the other three parts of the "program", was awesome.  I was expecting a stronger scrub and a little surprised it was a sugar/salt scrub, but still found it just right.  While I don't exfoliate my body often (oops being lazy) I would purchase this for the more summer months. 

Iseries Lens Towellets (60): Technically these aren't beauty related, but since they are for my eyeglasses, I figured they would count because I don't want them looking gross on my face.  These were fine, just something easy to clean up the lenses.

Opti-Free Replenish Contact Solution: This is the best product in the world...said no one about contact solution. lol. This is one of those large bottles you can get as a two pack for about 18 bucks.  It keeps them clean and that's all I care about.

Swan Nail Polish Remover: I buy this one at the Dollar Tree, and for some reason, I love it better than any other drug store polish.  It just seems to get my nails clean and it's cheap.  Since I do my nails so often, polish remover goes pretty fast.  I already have several bottles around my house.

Colgate Luminous Toothpaste: So another toothpaste done, and only several more containers before I get down to a normal amount! lol, I feel like this is another product that keeps having babies and multiplying because I keep finding more and more barely used tubes. Oh well, at least I have clean teeth!

So what does this new total come to??
Lotion/Fragrance/ Hair:53 + 6 =59
Makeup: 25 + 4 =29
Candles/ Scents:6 + 0 =6
Cleansers/Body Wash:32 + 5 = 37
Randoms:21 + 4 = 25


Stay tuned for an upcoming post about this journey and a look at how much space all these products take up! Have you started a Empties Project?


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