Sunday, August 28, 2011

Using Up My Products

Hello Readers, 
  So I have not written in a long while, part being because I was travelling a lot this summer and part because I was using a lot of the same products.  I am the type of person that when I start an eyeliner, I want to finish it before I start on my next one. So instead of boring all of you followers with the exact same monthly posts, I decided that perhaps it would be better for me to do a "favorites" by season. I have not been buying many products either and actually the entire month of August has been free of buying products! *insert shocked face here* I got to that point where I had so many similar colored nail polishes and eyeshadows that I finally passed it up.  This has actually been the longest on-going project, and while I am not on a strict no buy, my focus is finishing out products that I've owned for much too long. I will create another post focused on exactly what I used up and how long it took me. 

And let's not get started on how long certain products take to use up! Oh my goodness, a small pan of bronze shadow took me 6 months, and my black eyeliner is something I have been still working on since January!  I really feel that part of being a bargain beauty gal, is infact using the products that we purchase. I get the most joy when I first buy the product, hit pan on it, and then finally finish out the product. I love to see how long it lasted and then divide up the price of the product by the months it took to finish. Call me such a dork, but it's that secret joy of saying "haha I got SUCH a great deal on this, and it lasted THIS long, and basically meant I spent THIS much a month". By cutting monthly expenses, it's how we all save up for that wedding, trip or future.  

For example, my Wet'n'Wild black kohl eyeliner. I purchased it in January for 0.99, and won't finish it until October (trust like GROWS  when it's in my makeup drawer and I'm not looking). So 0.99 divided by 10 months equals about 9 cents a month! How much better of a bargain is that? My one greatest investment is my Benefit lemon aid primer. It was 19 dollars when I purchased it (and ouch for my up front cost) but I have been using it since last September, aka bout 12 months, so 19 divided by 12 equal about 1.60 a month, and still counting! Granted I can't use that mentality to purchase all high end make up, but isn't that just a cool way of seeing if you really are getting a good deal? 

Well, I hope every person tonight and any time you will read this post is safe, my coast got hit with Hurricane Irene, and thankfully my town only experienced a little bit of flooding, and all friends and family have power, water, and are safe. I know others are not as fortunate, so all my best to you all <3 


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Updates/ What would you like

Hello all my lovely readers out there! Well this has been a really busy summer, and specifically a busy month for me.  I spent a lot of my July traveling both nationally and internationally hence the reason why I have not had much time to post on this blog. Not only that, since I had very limited space in my suitcase, my makeup routine was taken to a bare minimum of choices. So... I'm just leaving this post as a kind of "what would you like to see in the next post" kind of open forum. I can update about birchbox, what I took with me to travel with, July favorites etc. Or if you want to leave a question for me as a kind of "get to know who Ema is" I can do that too. I hope everyone is having a great summer!