Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Crusade: Changing a Life Long Struggle

Hi All,
   So this is a different type of blog post, this is a little bit about myself and I guess coming to a realization about my own health...and weight. Yes I said that scary word, weight. This is a rather hard post for me, because I came to terms about myself in that respect, and took to heart that I need to become HEALTHY. Operative word right there, healthy. I am what a doctor technically calls obese, and it is hard to hear that and trust me, even harder to shop for clothing. I always end up in tears and just walk out of a store hating myself. I am NOT on a crusade to get skinny or fit into an unrealistic size or try to drop a huge amount of pounds in unhealthy ways.  Marlena, the MakeupGeek (look her up, SUCH a sweet woman) really inspired me, because for her, it was not about getting skinny but also being healthy. I am always going to be a little "bigger" and understand that.

I guess I am writing this post as my official "HI YES I WILL BE ACCOUNTABLE" for my own health. I have a big motivation because according to my doctor, I am on my way to diabetes if I don't change now and being a person who faints with needles....needless to say I would not fair well with having to get my blood checked daily! *ick* Now I am terrified posting something like this, because I know that there are many who are out there who will be more than happy to rip on a blogger. But here I am :)  I would say that my crusade is to change my view/ relationship with food. I have found my happy place in my life, and after turning to food as my stable/ constant, I'm ready to let that go and to turn food into the thing that gives me energy...not happiness.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this. It is more of a public proclaimation that today, I, will change my life relationship to food. I will become healthy. PERIOD. Not "skinny" not "tiny" but healthy. I would like to be able to checkin with you all about my progress, because I do feel that health is somewhat of a "beauty" item. I would like an opinion about this because I completely understand if some feel that it is a huge waste of time, and no hating will be a result. I know that many ladies follow/ read for the beauty products. So I think that is all I wanted to really say. :)

 Oh and I will not be using any type of supplement, or cleansing, this is really just about a life long change.

Thanks everyone, and stay healthy this season :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mini Lip Haul

Hi Readers!
  So after watching a bunch of youtubers and gurus I realized that I had no "fall" lip colors. Granted I have my reds, my pinks, a bronze shade and random ones I am not crazy about but I had none that I could officially claim as my go-to dark lip color! SO, I had some time on my hands and walked my tush over to my nearest Walgreens. It was so funny, because I've been staying away from stores in general, but hey...sometimes I need a lil therapy haha. I picked up several items and came across some brand new lip colors that I had not seen from Jordana.

1. Rimmel Moisture Renew in 540 Burgundy Lustre
  I was SO nervous when I saw this color because it really is a deep wine color. There is some fine red shimmer, but overal the lipstick is very smooth and as the name states: moisturizing. It is sheer so I can build it up, or leave it as an almost "just bitten" tinge. I really love this formulation and color!

2. Rimmel Moisture Renew in 500 Berry Rose
  I wanted to get a berry toned lipcolor that could be used for fall/spring/winter. I had heard some guru (don't remember which one) mention that this color is very lovely. It is similar to the Burgundy Lustre in how it is on the sheer side but very buildable. This lipstick has a glossiness to it, which leaves just the right amount of shine. It leans towards a strawberry tinge, another color that I love!

3. Revlon Colorburst in Soft Nude
  I have two previous lipsticks from Revlon and have heard people rant and rave about the soft nude. That said, I hate it....well the color at least. I think I should have gone with my gut to get rose nude, but because I had heard everyone say how perfect this nude is, I got it. I think it is more about me, and being the type of person who wants to see my lips, not have a conceler on my lips, which is what I felt I looked like. I'll try to go back to my store and return it/ exchange it. It was a little bit of a disappointment, but I know that if I don't feel comfortable or confident it will show in my temperment.

4. Jordana easyshine glossy lip color in 07 Watermelon Juice, 02 Berry Colada, & 01 Sugar Plum.
  I never saw these glosses in my local Jordana counters, so I figure they are newer products.  All of the glosses smell similar to their names, so Berry Colada has a pinapple- pina coloda - coconut scent to it. Out of all of them Watermelon Juice is the most sheer but leaves a hint of bright pink on the lips. Berry Colada leaves a sheer sided coat of color, but is buildable. Sugar Plum is the most opaque out of all of them, and while is lovely to wear, I really need to have a very light hand with them.  They have a lovely gloss like finish, and don't leave my lips feeling very dry. The downside though is that they fade out relatively soon. So for longwear don't get these, but for a fun day at the park or class, I say why not. Berry Colada is the only one of mine that has glitter in it, but it does not feel chunky on the lips. hmmmm, I think these were the best investment! (1.99)
Anyways, lipsticks are a great way to perk up and change everyday looks. Switch up a few and see how you feel! Any one else use these products?

Have a great day!