Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lipstick Series: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul

I remember purchasing this particular product right after all the hype of the lip creams came through town…erm… youtube. The packaging is supposed to reflect the actual color of the lip cream, and while it does come out similar, the swatch on my hand leans more toward a cool toned bright baby pink. 

On my lips, however, this color warms up and reflects more closely to the color on the packaging.  The formula on this product in this particular color is a little streaky, so two coats are my suggestion. (although you can build it up rather comfortably) This formulation does highlight any lines in your lips, so I'd probably top this off with a clear gloss.  

The formula does seem to remain a little tacky on my lips, not fully annoying but not the biggest gripe there is (and I'm sure with a light gloss, it'll feel better).  I wouldn't call this a "your lips but better shade" as this is lighter on me, but I'd classify this color more as a "nude" shade as true nudes make me look quite dead. By the end of the day my lips did feel dehydrated because it IS matte, so a little TLC was needed. 

Because these colors are opaque and creamy, I don't know if I would actually purchase any more shades, to be very honest when I went back to look at the selection, I still was very happy with my choice in this one (plus a little sentiment is in this as I spent some time in Istanbul back in May)

**I will warn though that the swatches on the website aren't true to color. Istanbul on the website looks more mid toned/ neutral pink with a little dustiness in it. **

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