Thursday, February 21, 2013

Incoco Nail Strips Review

Now I feel like everyone and their mother has tried theSally Hansen version of the nail strips. I haven’t yet tried them so I can’t compare them to Incoco, but as someone who had noprevious experience with these strips, I found it to be very straight forwardand simple to use.  There is a slightnail polish scent, but not as strong as straight from the bottle polish. 
Packet I Got

Most of these strips fit on my nails just fine, and the tinyparts that stuck out I could very easily file down.  I topped the strips with 2 coats of clear topcoat to just seal everything in and was good to go! The instructions werestraight forward and really simple.

These lasted me over a week, before they started to lift andmy nails started to grow out.  I’m aperson who once she sees a chip or lifting, I start picking at it, so theystarts to look bad after that first week.

Taking them off: I didn’t realize that these strips were actually glitter (don’t ask why…I thought they were just printed) so trying to remove those things were a pain BUT not as bad as regular glitter polish. 

Incoco Nail Strips retail between 8.99 – 10.99 for the full nail sheets with designs on them.  I was surprised because I always assumed these were more than the Sally Hansen versions, but hey they  aren’t. 

Who would I recommend them for?
-         People who like nail designs and don’t pick at polish
-         Special occasions: (ie Christmas, Birthday,Wedding) Because hey, it’s cheaper than getting a manicurist to try to do the same design!

Have you tried these?
Xoxo, Emi

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