Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project Palette (Update)

Hello all!
  So recently I started this project to go through all my makeup mini palettes and try to use up colors and then consolidate them into one big homemade palette.  Well, I can safely say that it is going well! I tweaked this project a little though. My first step, (and admitedly pure amount of boredom) brought me to depot many of the palettes I owned.  This was a better idea than having to go through so many of them to finish up. I now have all the colors (that would actually depot) in one CD case.  It's nice to be able to have some more freedom this way. I say this because when I had the mini palettes it was too much work for me in the mornings to go digging through my drawers for another shade of brown, so I would just use the suggested mixes. Now I can see which shades of browns I have and can darken them up, or lighten them up! OOOOOOOH freedom haha.  
   It has also been rather amusing for me when I go into the drugstsore, because I do have so many products and colors I would use (in nailpolishes) that I usually leave the store with nothing more than a purchase of hand creme. Shopping my stash has gotten me aware of what products I do have and gets me to explore what I can do with them. I also came to realize how many similar or almost the same shades I have that I never touched! I was purely shocked. Well I am still into this project, and feel confident that I can downsize what I have into the drawer without needing the help of a male to push the drawer back! I may need a warning sign on it! Since I haven't really put a dent on my project I won't update you all on how its going, it will most likely be in my monthly favorites/ most reached for items instead. I will also let you all know what other products I finished out during this project :)
   Thirdly, how awesome is this, I looked at my subscribers and see that there are 7 of you reading this! It's really awesome to now see people reading this blog. Thank you all and please know that I appreciate you guys!
  Fourth, it's yard sale season!! I am so excited for the next bout of warm weather to go hunting for some goodies.  My dad and I are such amazing bargainers, and I am so ready to start looking at furniture and kitchen items.  Yep, I'm looking at apartments! While this is not an asap move, it is getting to that time where I need to stand on my own feet and take care of myself, but until then...I'm still happily living at home and workin hard for that money! 

Thanks for reading


  1. I wanna see a picture of the CD case palettes!

  2. I will post them asap, I just haven't had much time to decorate them as much as I'd like. But I promise I will have them up! :)