Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tag: Summer Besties

Hello readers!
   So today I was watching on youtube a new tag going around that was created by Macbarbie07 called the Summer Besties. It's just a list of the summer favorites in different categories. So I figured I would turn this into the blog version of the tag and give it my little bargin twist on it. My views on summer makeup is to basically go much more light-handed than I do at winter time. Summer is when we are getting that glow and don't need to pack powders on like there's no tomorrow. I know that during my summer vacation I am literally pool-work-gym-pool-beach routine so I don't want to be packing a big makeup bag with me. I do love to tan out on the beach (gasp...) but I do use something with SPF in it (*calming sigh*) SO...

1. Lip Product: Summertime I don't really use lipsticks, I turn to my glosses and chapsticks. Depending on my mood I'll go for a colored/ tinted lip balm or gloss or just go sheer. Other times I don't want shine and just a little protection. My gloss picks would be the Jordana line found in Kmart and Walgreens. The products are 2 dollars max and come in many cool shades and flavors. For lip balm I just grab whatever I have in my purse (at the moment I think I have 4 floating around!)

2. Blush: I love my benefit blush in dandelion. It's just pinky and shimmery enough to be worn in both winter and summer. It adds the little extra oomph and when I have a day I don't want to look like I have make up on, I dust it lightly and it doubles as a highlight. I use the Wet N Wild bronzer in Acapulco Glow in certain spots to just highlight. It's a light shade so it's not a bronzer perse but adds a little gold reflects.

3. Nail Polish: Oh gosh, I really can't pick one, and almost never really have a favorite must have I always fall back on summer color. I just love to change it up, matte, shiny, glittery etc. Summer is just that time to go bold or try new shades. It's a more carefree time! My go to line of nail polish is either Sally Hanson Hard as Nails (between 2-4 dollars) or Sinful Colors (.99-1.99). Both have a wide variety in colors and have good payoff without too much risk with price.

4.Liquid Face Product: For summer WATER! Crazy as it sounds water is the best and cheapest way to a healthier and more glowy/ radient face! It's been proven that when you sweat your pores are being cleaned out, so yes as gross as it is...sweating is good!haha. On a more seirous note, it keeps skin and our body hydrated and removes puffiness in the face. How's that for a cheap, always available miracle product!?

5. Powder Face Product: Um...I really don't use many powders during the summer. It's a little too much upkeep for day to day with my summer activities BUT if I had to pick something, it would be a pressed powder. Just something transluscent with a mirror is good. I've found ones from L.A. Color that were for 1 buck and work great!

6. Hair Product: I have fallen in love with the Got2B smooth operator and L'Oreal Kids Detangler. When my hair is damp I just comb the lotion consistancy product through my hair and let it air dry or style. The detangler is SO yummy and summery smelling. With a fun bottle like that and a price tag of $3.50, its great. The detangler doesn't weigh down your hair or leave it feeling greasy

7. Eye Product: Summer time I love the deep bronzy shadows with gold shimmer. Granted I wear this color all year long, but summer time, I just wear that one color and blend it out. My favorite one at the moment is Rimmel Glam'eyes in Spicy Bronze. Just that color and thick black lashes, and I feel ready even for the night out.

8. Self Tanner/ Tanning Item: I love using Hawaiian Tropical products because they just SMELL like summer. Especially the tanning products, they have a coconutty scent which I will only wear at the beach, but when I wear it OH MY GOSH. I know it's summer!

9. Fashion Accesory: I would have to say silver toned hoop earrings. Not the small ones you wear for work that are about an inch, I mean 3 inch, classy hoops. I love how they look on tan skin, and are perfect for day and night. You can find these anywhere, Claire's is a great place for cheap but nice earrings for about 5.99. They always have some sort of deal so you can stock up on your faves!

10. Clothing Piece: I would have to say my dresses. I have these gorgoues dresses, mainly from Urban Outfitters, that have a '20s look to them. They are fun and flirty and just awesome! They always scream summer because I'll wear them to bbqs or parties or a night out in the city :)

Hope this was a fun read for everyone! What are some of your besties for summer?

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  1. I love the detangler and bronze shadow too! Great blog post!