Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bath & Body Works Jasmine Vanilla Sensual Body Wash

**Giving a review on a scented product is always difficult. What smells one way to me, may be different to you.**

 I bought this product at one of the Semi-Annual Bath and Body Works sales for right about a buck. I love B&BW, but really miss their old scent which were classics. I find that the newer scents are all pretty similar or just a buncha mixtures BUT ANYWAYS... I have used the Aromatherapy line in the past but usually calming(lavender) and another eucalyptus scent which I can't remember the name of. I was wandering around and saw this scent and figured that since all the rest of this line was so great, I'd try it-- even though I was not looking for an oooh-la-la sensual scent.

The Label:  Awaken your senses. Jasmine Absolute relaxes the mind and inspires sexy self-confidence. Vanilla Absolute helps soothe and calm so you feel at ease.

Let's take this apart.... Awaken your senses: boy did I have a double take on my 'awakening' this was not the scent I thought it would be.  Jasmine Absolute relaxes the mind and inspires sexy self-confidence: I STANK LIKE A MAN... a man who overdid it on the AXE spray. This is so masculine, so the only thing that it gave me was self-awareness that I did not smell 'right'. This is coming from a girl who does use more neutral scented men's deodorants so I am not a person who likes to smell like candy or fruit.  Vanilla Absolute helps soothe and calm so you feel at ease: the jasmine is so strong that I get NO notes of vanilla, even after washing it off. 

BOTTOM LINE: If you want to smell like a man (a la AXE) use this product. If you wanted a lighter, woods-y, spicy, yet sweet "sensual" scent -- this isn't for you. It's not a bad product based on quality and strength of scent, but my dissapointment stems from what I believed the scent would be and what it turned out to be. Maybe I have a different idea of what a "sensual" scent would be like...

Repurchase? NO!

Ever have one of these moments?
Sometimes I really think that B&BW should have a scent cleanser (coffee beans like they do at Lush) so your nose doesn't get all clogged up with every other scent.

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