Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 3

Hi All,
   So it's day three of me going to the gym and eating better! I'm still extremely sore to the point that I wake up at night, but I'm also careful to not overdo it and end up spraining some body part! The two most important things for losing weight/ getting healthy is 1. actually going to the gym and 2. nutrition.  One fact I learned about recently in a magazine is that most woman over- calculate how many calories they lose after a workout -- sometimes by 500 calories! This put into perspective that I should probably put down a few snacks because I am SO guilty of this!

Another tidbit is switching out wasteful snacks for something better (trust me your talking to a junk food junkie so its not easy at all for me to munch on celery when all I want is ice cream or chips and dip) But my big culprite was my breakfast, I'd usually have a roll (bout the size of the ones you get at fancier restaurants) with butter or cream cheese or even a bec. But on days that I want a glass of wine with dinner or a desert, I'd feel so guilty!

I wanted to share a quick recipe for my breakfast. I recently purchased a TON of yogurts, berries and almond milk because it was on sale and I miscalculated when school ends for University. So now I'm stuck with a huge fridge of snacks that didn't really work out perfectly on their own.  So....

Breakfast Smoothie Numero 1
Several strawberries
Several raspberries
Several blackberries
Almond milk
Berry yogurt (I use the 80-90 cal versions)
2 pinches of muesli (or sugarless granola)

I used a hand held blender because I can't be bothered with the big blender, pulsed it. From that small yogurt, I ended up with a nice big smoothie that tasted really good!

I'm looking at several other recipes from online (various random combos) so I'll post here how they go! How do you all start your mornings?


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