Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Birchbox Series: Korres Showergel in Guava

Hi All,
   Another Birchbox post here and today's focus is the Korres Showergel in the scent/ flavor Guava.  I had never tried the Korres brand before although I have heard a bunch about the lip butters! (they are on my list of products I want to try one day) I had received a 1.69 oz bottle (really .69? couldn’t just get to .70?) and it lasted me about 2 weeks, which was a nice length of time and would have been perfect for travel (if I didn’t already have so many tiny bottles!)

Korres Guava Little Showergel (month year) Full Size: $19.50 (July 2011)

According to Birchbox:
“We’re not big on singing in the shower, but we can’t resist a good body wash. Korres’s lovely showergels fit the bill quite nicely. The foaming cleansers come in three transporting scents — Fig, Guava, Japanese Rose — that make for an uncommonly luxe daily shower experience. Plus, the paraben-free formula has natural ingredients to keep skin soft and hydrated.”

My take:
I have to say that I fell in love with the scent from just the first sniff. It is just so yummy and I was sorely tempted to find a drink or dessert that smelled (and would taste) like this.  Sad thing is though, after you wash off the gel, the scent does not stay (pity really). But it did make my shower time a lot more fun and was great in the mornings to awaken me.  Another good product that is paraben free, but I really did not notice my skin getting softer or more hydrated. 

How much is full sized:
$19.50 for 400ml

Did Birchbox make me want to buy it?
This was a nice product, but once again, it did not jump out at me as a  unique enough product that I would be willing to splurge on.  


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