Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Birchbox Series: Philosophy Purity

So I have never used any Philosophy products, but when I received this cleanser I got really excited because this was the rage product all over Youtube. It was THE product to have your hands on, and I needed to somehow get my hands on it. But being my silly self, I put it aside to use at a later time (makes total sense right? Ha! Not) I received a one fluid ounce sample, but it took me near 3 weeks to get through the product. 

Philosophy Purity Made Simple 1 Step Facial Cleanser (July 2011) Full Size: $32.00

According to Birchbox:
“This facial cleanser quickly dissolves dirt, oil and makeup to deep clean pores while maintaining the skin's proper moisture levels. purity made simple™ is gentle enough for the eye area and even for the most sensitive skin. As a final step, the toner balances out skin’s pH levels.”

My take:
This little cleanser sure lasted me a long time! It was very very gentle; almost too gentle for my skin. I prefer to use something that has some salisilic acid in it, so my pimples go away faster, and this was like washing with soap. (except the times I’ve washed with soap, it’s been a deeper clean). My skin did feel nice, but it was not anything special and did not get rid of my acne or breakouts. This is great for someone who has extremely sensitive skin. I don’t use the Clarasonic, just the Neutrogena Wave, which rather gentle on the skin. I did notice that the toner is rather nice, and that it had worked rather well.

How much is full sized:
$32.00 for 16 oz. 

Did Birchbox make me want to buy it?
Thank goodness I had a chance to sample the cleanser, because it made me realize that it is just too gentle for my skin. I would not purchase the product because it just isn’t what my skin type needs. 


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