Friday, May 11, 2012

Health: My Numbers

Hi all,
   I realized I hadn't given you guys my current numbers that I'm working with. Granted I did not take measurements of my body (because I never remember exactly how I did them--anyone have a good method?) But I had a fitness evaluation back on my first day at the gym. To keep track and maybe give someone an idea of what this journey is...I figured why not post them on my blog. Plus it keeps me accountable!
Starting weight: 196.5
BMR (similar to bmi but calculates differently): 45.6 (majorly obese)
Resting Heart Rate: 90
Active Heart Rate: 180 (nearing heart attack levels! eeeep)

So this is what I'm working with here *oye*. But I have been to the gym each day so far, and have been eating better. I've cut down my alcohol *because some dishes were meant to have a little wine pairing -- culinary school did that to me!*

Now I don't know what size I am exactly...I fit ranges of 14-18 in sizes depending on brand but that 14 was getting a lil too squishy and that brand was always big! My reasonable size is a 12, but not JUUUUUST squeezing myself into it, but actually properly fitting into them. I also want to fit into my dresses properly without my belly protruding like the pregnant woman who I was once mistaken for *how embarrassing!* SO...I will update you all with the numbers probably every 2 weeks *give or take* How's ya'lls journey going?


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