Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birchbox Series: Pomega5

Hey all,
   So many of us have signed up for the subscription services like Birchbox, MyGlam etc etc with the allure of trying new products for a low price of 10 bucks (or around that) per box.  The main point of these companies is to give you the sample, once you try it out, you then have the option to purchase the full-sized product.  I always hear about people unveiling their boxes via youtube or here on blogs, but how often do we really use them up and review them? Do these samples really work and make me want to purchase it? Well, I wanted to start a series (as I work through my samples) and give my two cents on them and if my Birchbox has done it's job and made me want to purchase the product. Please remember, these are my own thoughts and opinions and if I disliked it, it just means that I have different preferences and that they are different from yours :) So what is on the chopping block first?

Pomega5 Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer (February 2011) Full size: $58
Sorry for the unclear photograph, I've been working with my sister's old camera since mine broke!

According to Birchbox:
“ This silky moisturizer gives your skin the powerhouse ingredients and hydration it needs without feeling heavy. It’s perfect for combination and oily skin because it skins in quickly and leaves your face fresh and supple. Plus we love the citrusy-fresh scent. 

My Take:
I had about a 3-4 day sample given, and I used it both day and night.The color was a fleshy toned product that was a little on the thinner side.  I didn’t know this was labeled as “mattifying” because the container didn’t say it was (not that it made any difference because I didn’t notice my skin becoming matte!) It left a nice feeling on my skin, and it didn’t break me out (points right there for natural products!) and was light in texture but still kept my skin moisturized during some really bad cold and wind. BUT a citrusy-fresh scent? That left my head scratching, this was more of a very sweet pomagranet-y smell boarding on a hard candy. I would have purchased this product if it wasn’t for this super sweet scent, ( I got NO notes of citrus) This sample was nice, but having a large bottle of this stuff would have left me nauseous. I don’t enjoy my face products to have such a strong scent, and one that doesn’t leave me with “clean” feeling. Because of the smell I kept having this image that I was putting some sugary product on my face. 

What is the full size?
1.7 oz. That is a pretty small bottle for 58 bucks to be honest. 
Did my birchbox get me to want this product?
Not really. Yes it was a nice sized sample, but it caused me to underscore the fact that I dislike certain scents on my face but I will be now on a search for a similar textured product! The product also did not leave my skin matte, so it didn't really do it's job.

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