Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Finished Products Pt 2

Hi All!
It’s time for another products that I have finished post! I feel like I am on a roll, but the be realistic this is probably the final batch of products that I had a little left and am now really working on full products (phew!) I’ve been pretty good with not spending money, last that I calculated I am at (roughly) 40 dollars spent. 
L-R: Softsoap Spa Radiant Body Wash, B&BW White Tea and Ginger Body Wash, Aveeno Lotion, B&BW White Citrus Lotion. TOP ROW: Calgon Tahitian Orchid, No Brand Foot Scrub, Avon Naturals Vanilla Lotion, B&BW Moonlight Path Body Butter

 1. SoftSoap Spa Radiant Body Wash: It says that it had some pearls in it, but the formula was so watered down that I had to use a lot to get a lather and the "pearls" were so few that I didn't bother to count it as "exfoliating". Not a huge fan of the scent either. Not repurchasing. 

2. B&BW White Tea & Ginger Body Wash: Talk about concentrated and getting your moneys worth. This lasted me 3 months! But I loved the scent and just a tiny bit lathered up so much and left my skin feeling clean. I already have bout 9 backups of this (B&BW sale...no shame!) The scent is fresh, and even my boyfriend purchased one because he loved it so much.

3. Aveeno Lotion: My sister used to have REALLY dry skin and hated many formulas, this was one that she didn't really like. I personally loved it, and will probably repurchase once I finish all these other lotions I have laying around the house (dear God, why did I buy so much!?!)

4. B&BW White Citrus Lotion: I've said it before, after using a lot of lotion products, I find that B&BW lotions just aren't moisturizing enough for my liking. Yes the scent lingers for a little while but when my elbows and knees need some TLC...it don't work too great.  I liked the scent though, found it rather refreshing and not sweet. I might repurchase, but it's not a MUST have for me. 

5. Calgon Tahitian Orchid: *siiigh* ok, I can say this product took me a while to finish, but just the scent doesn't seem right. FIrst off...doesn't smell like a real Tahitian Orchid, and second...it just didn't work right on me. I ended up using it as a room spray and even then...it just didn't seem to fit (really weird and wonky I know...but ever have just those products where you can't put your finger on it but it just seems wrong?)

6. No Brand Foot Scrub: Let's be real...this was rubbish as a foot scrub, but worked great as a body scrub. Yes it was minty but I liked it to wake me up on tough mornings. It wasn't greasy, or oily, just a great shower jelly with scrubbies in it. I liked it so much that i obviously cut into it. If I knew the brand or where I got it...I would probably repurchase. 

7. Avon Naturals in Vanilla: This just smelled like fake vanilla bean to me. I didn't love it, and it was just not memorable...or anything to write home about. Will I repurchase? probably not. 

8. B&BW Moonlight Path Body Butter: Ok, while the B&BW lotions aren't amazing...the body butters are pretty damn good! My legs still felt moisturized the next morning (after my nighttime application) and the scent was good. I might not try to use this particular scent though. (granted I have roughly 4 other body butters to get through...)

L-R: Color Workshop Eyeliner in Black, Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb, Carmex Tub
9. Color Workshop Eyeliner in Black: This was a sample sized black eyeliner that came in a palette I purchased, and I was actually really surprised how smooth, dark and creamy this liner was! If they sold these separately I would probably repurchase, but I have only seen them in palettes (and these are dirt cheap too!)

10. Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb: I love this thing! It has the mintiness of the regular Burt's Bees but a really nice tint to the lips.  This color does not have a frost or shimmer and feels really nice on the lips. Once I get through a few more glosses or chapsticks I will be buying this again.

11.  Carmex Tub: My holy grail lip treatment. My lips had never felt as nice as with this product. It was just medicated enough to protect my lips. Will be a repurchase as soon as I can because I almost always have one on hand.

B&BW Wallflower in Cranberry Bellini, Rembrandt Mouth rinse, Nail Polish Dryer
12. B&BW Wallflower in Cranberry Bellini: I was introduced to this scent by a friend and it just smells so yummy. It has a light and crispness to it that allows it to still be fruity but not fruit-punchy. I will probably repurchase once I finish out my other 4 wallflowers and if they go on sale again at B&BW.

13. Rembrandt Mouth Rinse: Meh, it was a good mouthwash, but nothing to really write home about.  I didn't notice my teeth getting any whiter. Frankly, if I had to pick between this or a large bottle of my usual mouthwash, I'd probably pick the cheaper version. Not going to be a repurchase simply because it just doesn't seem to be anything amazing.

14.  Nail Polish Dryer: This product was pretty cool, it dried my nails a bit and left a nice sheen on my nails.  I would probably buy this product again once I get through my Avon nail polish dryer.

L-R: Burt's Bees Citrus Scrub, Olay Gentle Cleanser and Scrub, St. Ives Apricot Mask

15. Burt's Bees Citrus Scrub: I enjoyed this sample and I found it rather surprising to have enjoyed it.  It took quite a while for me to really be willing to try because it had a different texture and color (deep brown). But the exfoliates were quite nice and varied in size. I'd probably repurchase if I see it, but it's not something I would go out of my way to get.

16. Olay Gentle Cleanser and Scrub: OYE, i was not a fan of this product. The only really good thing I could say was the pump on it which made it much easier to dispense.  The scrub was SO fine that it did not leave my skin feeling clean and the gentle cleanser was TOO gentle cleansing. It didn't lather up, and it was just an overall disappointment. NOT repurchasing.

17. St. Ives Apricot Mask: DISLIKED. After using the scrub I thought that it would be just as amazing, but I just did not like it. It wasn't great as a cleanser and the mask was ok...but got a lil funky towards the end there. For what I hoped it would be...it didn't deliver. Every brand has it's own flops and I think this is the flop of the St. Ives brand. 

So My Running Totals Are:
Lotions/ Fragrance/ Hair products: 9
Makeup: 6
Candles/ Scents: 5
Cleansers/ Body Washes: 11
Randoms: 2
Grand Total: 33

How are you all using up products?

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