Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Birchbox Series: Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint

Hi all,
   This is #2 of my new Birchbox Series, which is basically just a look into the samples that I finish and if Birchbox has made me want to purchase the products. This also links to, does Birchbox really match you up with your likes? So this next item on the chopping block is:

1.       Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint  (May 2011) Full size: $38
Bronzed is on the left...look at how ORANGE that is! Glow was not much better

According to Birchbox:
The oil-free formula feels positively weightless on but gives you plenty of even coverage. Skin looks soft and dewy and, thanks to SPF 20, you’ll be extra protected from the sun.

My Take:
Okay, I’m going to preface this with, I do not wear foundation or moisturizer on a daily basis. Frankly it is really rare for me to wear it simply because I don’t like the feel of another layer of makeup on my face. I’ll wear it for a fancy occasion where I need to look picture perfect, but day-to-day I don’t. I put this on and felt cakey.  My skin already is oily, so I get that “dewy” look rather quickly. I got the shades bronzed and glow, which on the website glow would seem to be my color, but it was FAR from it. (think Snooki). I touch/ rub my face often and just found this foundation to come off quickly.It's great that it has SPF, it states that it is hypoallergenic and water resistant (o.0). What turned me off the most is the color Birchbox? did you not pay attention that I said that I am fair skinned?

How much is in a full size? 
1.7 oz for 38 bucks.

Did my Birchbox get me to want this product?
I’d have to say no. Maybe if I had gotten my actual shade I would have enjoyed the product a little more. But since both “shades” have orange in them, I’d be concerned how the other colors look. Online they don’t look like the actual sample colors. When I look at the Birchbox site, they have a more neutral tone, but my samples were much much too orange.  


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