Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Little Rant From A Frustrating Day

Oh wow, two posts in a day...I never thought I would do that, but I figured that it would be a good idea to vent a little bit before I got started on my own homework assignments. I was looking forward to doing a mini haul post especially since I had been on one of my favorite brands website several times this week creating a list of things that the brand had on their main page advertising a "buy one get one half off" promotion at the CVS. Now what brand am I speaking of?

New York Color, or better known as NYC.

It's a great brand, with lots of fun combinations that usually turn out awesome *there are a few misses but I guess why those were discontinued*. I was SO looking forward to this sale, and had set time aside from my day to make sure I had time to go to my CVS. When I arrived there, there was no typical yellow "buy one get one half off" sticker or tag. Other brands had them, but not NYC. So at first I thought it was my own CVS at fault since it has been known to be a little slow on the uptakes. So I went to the one two towns over from me, and AGAIN! no sale on these products. I asked the young woman at the front counter and she had no idea about this. So I even went to the CVS that is near my college, which is 40 minutes away. sale. I checked on the website and there is no date for this promo to start or end. o.0???? Frankly, I'm a little frustrated about this. I wrote an email to the company, and it will be interesting to hear back from them, but it's one of those "awwwwww but but but I was looking forward to this!!" *sigh*

My second upsetting (<- is that a word?) was on my hunt for a lipstick. As you can tell, I don't really want to spend 7 - 9 dollars on a lipstick, and frankly I can't afford that at the moment. But trying to find a nice shade is much more difficult than I thought it would be. I am a fair toned girl think Slavic (aka Polish) with blonde/ light brown hair. I tend to get a red splotch easily (I blush very easily too) and I'd say I have a warmer toned face. That said, I am a neutrals girl. I like my nice browns, or a little green thrown in. I don't wear the bright pinks, reds, or lime green eyeshadow (bless you all who have that confidence and ability) but my hunt has been for a nice few popular shades of lipstick. Nothing too shimmery, nothing to dark, nothing that makes me look like death, just a more polished color, and something I can wear to my dates in the city or nights out with the girls. Apparently that is a tall order. What I have been finding is colors that are just so drying, or shiny, or looks beautiful in the tube and on the tester, but just don't make me look polished at all. *augh* Will I ever find that lipstick? Or must I finally get over the my extreme need to subtle? I am on this quest, and I hope that I can soon find one and not have to keep doling out to find that shade.

Keeping on my "shade" rant....WHY ARE THE COLOR SWATCHES ALMOST NEVER THE ACCURATE COLOR???? I get to that point where I wonder if I am the crazy one and don't really see how they match? How is a nice rosy pink lipstick swatched and created into a bright pink display piece, or the opposite way? oooooh makeup, I love you but you leave me wondering things sometimes.

Okay rant is over haha :) Thanks for reading this. If you have any suggestions or comments or helpful hints for me let me know!


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