Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Tried To Love You...But It's Just Not Working Out

Augh, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had to deal with products that they saw from the same brand they have enjoyed from the past or just heard raived about by friends and makeup gurus, only to purchase and find out that it's NOTHING like you were hoping it to be. So you try to accept that maybe it's just you, and that you need to work with it because of course makeup doesn't work the exact same way each time. But then you come to that point when you hide the products in the back of your drawer hoping to just forget about it. Weeks turn into months, and you finally reach that point where you have to face the facts.
This product didn't and point blank won't work. You wasted money on what you thought would be amazing.

Hey, trust me your not alone!!We have all been there, and I'm sure you (my awesome reader) are sitting here nodding thinking of those particular products, be then nice and on sale...or on the more bitter side...expensive and what was counted as a splurge. (ouch, my sympathies)

Let face it, I'm a college girl and buying high brand makeup is a major luxury that is reserved for holiday or birthday wishes (or if I could finally win a youtube giveaway! *wishful thinking*).
So this post (okay yeah you are probably okay girl this is rambling BUT I'm getting to my point) is about a few of my own products that I got that I was really kinda sad about and my reasons why (also a few prices if I remember them) Enjoy and let me know how they worked for you!

1. Wet N Wild Idol Eyes (in Pixie and Graphite)
Ooooooh I remember this purchase. It was one of my first buys into makeup. It was cheap and I thought I was so cool, even though I had NO idea what I was looking for or going to do with it. I don't even know if they make these anymore! But it's a creme eyeshadow put into a thick pencil (think of NYX jumbo pencils for a more popular reference). It's a great idea,but where they went wrong: you try to smudge it in, and the product disappears. Seriously, like vanishing act. I sit there and try to figure out what to do with this because I'm reluctant to toss it yet. I figure I can use Pixie which is a golden beige color as a highlight, but it is not even creamy enough to hold powder shadows! On the site it says "long wearing and easy blending" Yeah... bout that. Maybe it's the newer formula, but mine didn't wear longer than the 30 seconds before I tried to blend.
Cost: $1.99 - yeah, it's cheap. But I'd rather have spent it on something else.

2. donna MICHELLE Makeup Foundation (Light 1)
Okay I'll preface this with, my local dollar store sells a lot of makeup, sometimes more wellkno
wn items and other times "no brand". My friend and I were in the dollar store when I mentioned I needed some foundation but didn't want to spend a large amount. My friend said that I HAD to try this one out, and for a buck I thought "Okay, if she is raving about it,
it must be gr
eat." Wrong. It comes out looking like regular foundation, but once I put it on my skin, it disappeared. Not like it covered or cleared up any blotchy spaces but just *poof* gone. No color. Nada. I guess that's what I get for buying this, but I am still trying to figure out how it worked so well for my friend. (scratch head moment). I suppose I can just use it mixed with my moisturizer and my loose powder foundation?
Cost: $1.00 - I know I know, one buck I'm gonna complain? Yes a little.

3. Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Peel-Off Mask, Cucumber
So I'm really sad about this product. I had seen a youtube guru praise this thing an
d I was just SO ready and excited to go out and purchase this product. It's like a clear gel (reminds me of Elmer's clear/light b
lue glue) that you put all over your face and it's claiming to "clarify and renew skin". I don't really know, but I just don't see it doing anything for me at all. I bought two of these at a CVS BOGO half off sale. I really do wish I could go back and return them, cause I use them and peel them off, and my skin doesn't feel any different. I tested it once to see if it would pick up on foundation powder, and it barely picked up any of the product. I have oily skin, and I feel like it left my face with an off texture. I also noticed breakouts (but I'm still narrowing down cause I started to use a few different products) which is not something I would expect from a "clarifying" product.
Cost: $4.99 regularly priced - Could've bought a Clean and Clear product instead.

4. N.Y.C. Mod Quad (in Peace-ful Pastels)
I love N.Y.C. and owned the Far-Out Fawns Quad which was actually pretty decent for the price I got that one at. But this one...Oh this one. It starts out with nice colors that I can imagine would be adorable to use on V-Day makeup look, or even for a more subtle smoky look. Where it goes wrong, there is almost no pigment. I use primer for my eyelids, and then put on the product. I packed it on, and then I started to blend. Bad Idea. It smudged all together in such a way that I looked like I had a black eye. (I can navigate myself around different colors/ trios of eye shadows rather well, fyi haha) Then this "cream liner" was totally dried out. I chipped it out with a box cutter cause it had NO use. The colors were really chalky, and I was really sad w
ith that quality :(.
Cost: $3.99

5. L.A. Colors 6 Color Metallic Eyeshadow (in Eye Candy)
Another one of those "I love the line but this product is a MISS". Maybe it's just me, but I bought this lil palette so I could add some fun colors that I don't normally see into my look. It's a discontinued product, and has been for a very lo
ng time. When I run my fingertip over the color you get this bright
metal color, but once put on the eyelid, it was really sheer! And once I blended a little bit, the color got very muddied, and all ended up looking the same...shimmer. Instead of being called "eye candy" it's more of a "pastel easter basket" palette.
Cost: $1 - $3 this maybe the one product I will end up tossing completely :(

Well these are my misses as of right now. I will continue to review my times with more products. Let me know how your experiences have been, or if you have any requests for similar products! :)

xoxo Ema

P.S. For some reason my blog didn't want to let me upload the last two photos but I will get onto that really soon!

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