Sunday, March 13, 2011

ELF Cream Liner Vs. WetnWild Liner

Hey everyone!

So I am a HUGE fan of cream eyeliners. I remember falling in love with AVON Cream Liner, but sadly it disappeared (funny how that happens) and I went without for a while. Drugstores didn't carry it and by the time I came around to AVON again, it was no longer in stock :(. It wasn't until I came to the beauty community on youtube and came across emilynoel83 who got me interested in the ELF brand. (if you don't know her, she's the sweetest and most honest guru out there that I have come across. I have bought several products because of her reviews and have LOVED) I don't have a Target in my area, nor for the next 15 miles, so I had never heard of this brand. So during Christmastime I went ahead and ordered from them, and bought myself a cream eyeliner in coffee. (review on this below) I was recently in my Harmon's Discount Beauty Store, when I saw that WetnWild came out with a cream eyeliner! I had heard that their formulas improved greatly, and was excited especially since it was a lovely eggplant shade.

So now the review.

ELF Cream Eyeliner in Coffee
This product is a great amount of payoff. It's nice and thick, and very manageable, even for a person like me who can't use liquid liner for her life. This product comes from the studio line, so it is $3 for a 4.7gram container and a brush. It's nice packaging except a little bulky. I have been using it daily since January and still have so much of this product left. It comes basically full to the top and the bottom half is clear so you can have an idea of how much you really have left. Overall an AMAZING find and deal. They come in several shades like deep blue, purple, copper, gunmetal, ivory, coffee, black and I believe one or two other colors. It has great staying power and washes off easily. My only suggestion for any cream liner, don't use on the waterline!

WetnWild Cream Liner in Eggplant
I saw this product and was thrilled, because the hype from the beauty community was how awesome WNW had become and how they reformulated so much. I guess they didn't redo anything with this product. I believe this is a newer product because I hadn't seen it around. It cost me $3.99 and also came with a small brush, but was only 3.8 grams. It's similar to ELF with a clear bottom, but its got a very weird aspect of packaging. The purple comes up to the full top, looking like the eyeliner had melted, been tossed around, and then re-hardened. It was purple all the way up to the top, and when i tried to scratch it off of the sides, it wouldn't come off at all. The payoff of color is also poor, its a liquidy consistency and when smudged in, almost disappears. My product also has a strange sent to it that's not particularly pleasant.

In the end I will be repurchasing the ELF cream liner. I feel like I got much more of a payoff, nicer product, and spent a tiny bit less for it. With tax at my Harmon's I could have still bought an extra $1 ELF product instead of an off-smelling eye product. Skip the Wet N Wild cream liner and wait until they work out the kinks in this product.

Happy Shopping!

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