Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Few Thoughts Inspired by My Tin Pan Project

So I am almost done with my Tin Pan Project, which for those who don't know what it is, it's basically a buying ban until you complete a certain number of products. I have chosen the magic number of 20 for my project, and it rather inspired me a little to just sit back and write this blog post. As much as we love to buy more products and test out the next best thing, it came to my attention during my project how long it really does take for us to go through our products. It doesn't really matter if it is a dollar or 20 dollars, some things take a darn long time to finish out. Let's take my NYC Mod Quad in Far Out Fawns (basically a trio of a light pink, gold, and brown eyeshadow with a cream liner <- totally could have done without that liner mine was all dried out when I bought it), I've been using that for my everyday eye look because it goes best with my casual wear. I am STILL not done with it, and I have used it everyday (literally EVERYday for about the last two months) and I still have enough product that it frustrates me. Don't get me wrong, this sleek, little case did it's job perfectly, and took up very little space. But I have such a backup of the same colors that I just want this one done and off the list so I can continue on with completion of other products.

The Tin Pan Project has also given me a chance to grow. Now when I say that, I mean that I did not know the difference between a good pigment and okay, or a good liner or a poor one. I always took it as "beauty hurts" and "practice makes perfect" (that last one only stands if the product is halfway decent) but now I've really had a chance to figure out what I really like about certain palletes, what I really want to buy, or how to use certain products. It also makes me look back at other products through, perhaps a more critical eye and really think about how my money will be spent.

There is something about makeup that makes us walk a little taller, and feel that much more beautiful. I will be blunt and honest about myself....I put on weight, and that makes me frustrated because I can't fit into certain outfits that I could. (hence my insistance that my wardrobe stays and I get back into fitting into it) But the makeup community has really opened my eyes to how I can use products to not cover me up, but bring a little attention to less problem areas. I really have to thank emilynoel83 and MakeupGeekTV because they have really gotten me and my makeup ability to where it is. These two women are so spunky, and joyful to watch! From them, I have learned the most basic things like primers, or crease shades, or how to make myself look more awake, how to use blush and not look like a clown. It really hit home when I had a classmate of mine one day, out of the blue, tell me that she loved how I did my makeup each day, and how it just was so cool that I could blend colors, and do what she thought was cool stuff. That was just an awesome day.

So while yes, this isn't a beauty review, I still have to say that beauty is in fact about learning about ourselves, and learning to love those little things. To just stop freaking out about imperfections and love who we are, because my own journey has proven that I need to love myself, all of myself before I take time for the outside.

Till Next Time!

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