Wednesday, March 6, 2013

NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm in Applelicious Pink

Hey everyone!
   So NYC (New York Color) has been cranking out some new products recently, and I picked up one of their newer lip products, which you've probably seen around.  It's their new Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm.  There were several option to chose from but I grabbed a color that I knew I would like, so at least if the gimmick or actual product sucked, at least I had a pretty color. 

So let's just get a glimpse at what the NYC website says about this product: 
"Only NYC New York Color could find the city’s soft spot with their new deliciously ‘feel good’ APPLELICIOUS lip balm that will deliver color, shine and moisture in one single swipe! Just like the Big Apple itself it’s juicy, shiny and colorfully loud but also reveals a softer and more caring side. Color is fun and fruity and with a hidden apple core of care it’s also delightfully moist. This ‘oh so cute!’ apple-shaped core reinforces the moisturizing properties of the rest of the balm and gives your lips a healthier look! The apple on the cake? A fruity apple scent that will make your lips irresistibly kissable!"

So in essence, this is really just a light balm product with a core of lip moisturizer.  It is definitely cute looking with the apple in the center (which continues through the entirety of the product, and the smell is a sweetened apple/ berry.  

This is definitely build-able in color, so one swipe can leave a light stain of gloss and color, while future layers lead to a nice bold, yet sheer lip.  It doesn't erase your lips, just leaves a glossy stain appearance.  The color I chose was in Applelicious Pink, and is a magenta-pink toned color.  It doesn't have really long staying power, but it does stain the lips a little (but be warned...the stain does dry the lips)

On the moisturizing level I find my qualms.  This wasn't nearly as moisturizing as a Burt's Bees tinted balm, and would dry out my lips, causing me to keep applying the lip balm and continuously leading to dryer lips.  I find that a lot of the glossy-tinted-lip-balm-staining products, once the gloss wears off, are drying to the lips.  

Is it s a cute product? Yes.  Is it a must have from the shelves, not really.  I wasn't extremely impressed by it, but I will continue to use it at a time where my lips won't look like raisins. They retail at the reasonable price of $2.99  

Have you tried these?

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