Sunday, March 10, 2013

ELF Studio Blush in Berry Merry

So this is a blush from the ELF Studio Line that I don't hear people mention, really at all.  I've noticed that ELF seems to have attracted the attention of many beauty lovers more for the pinky-peachy tones, and rarely the deeper shades.

After checking the ELF website, I basically understood why no one really talks about this doesn't look pretty online, in fact it looks muddy and brown and super sparkly.  This is how ELF shows that swatch on the website! Not pretty looking...but in reality it is rather pretty! (and a true berry blush!)

This is what it really looks like in flash and in natural light, with a swatch.  See how much prettier it is, and it is pretty pigmented too!

I love using this blush during the winter/fall time because it creates a very lovely wash of color.  I use a delicate hand and the shimmers that are in the product actually come together to create a nice highlight. It is a smooth and nicely milled blush, and the packaging is sleek and slim, so it's not wasting space in a makeup bag.

I would suggest giving this blush a go if your in the market for a berry colored blush, and at 3.00 it is a steel.  (You can often find it for 1.50 on the ELF website when they have the 50% off sales).

What do you think about it?

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