Friday, July 13, 2012

Losing Weight Update

Hey Everyone,
    I hope this summer is finding you well.  I just finished my summer class (ICK) so that kinda explains the reason why I haven’t blogged a lot recently.  I wanted to give an update of my working towards health goal.  As of yesterday I was 184.5 pounds which means I have lost 12 pounds so far! Woot woot!.  This means that I lost roughly 6% from my original weight! I haven’t been that number in at least a year or two.  It also made me thrilled that I can fit into a dress (although a tad snug) that I didn’t wear since my sophomore year of college (I’m going to be a senior). This is a HUGE deal for me, and just makes me feel already so much better.  My next goal is to lose 5 more pounds before my trip to Europe so that I can hit the “under 180” mark.  This is something I can do, I just need to work out more regularly.
Something that I have been learning during the last month is changing my choices that I make when it comes to food.  This is coming from a food addict, and it’s been tough.  But I cut myself some slack and came out really proud of myself especially in June, which was a month of almost daily get together with friends and HUGE potluck dinners.  I ate, but I chose what I really wanted to eat too.
 One thing that stuck with me were the words of my Health Wellness Professor, the first few bites are always the best, after that we are just chasing after that flavor. The bigger the portion, the less “as good” the flavor is by the last few bites.  This makes sense to me, so I’ve kept my portions a bit smaller. 
I already instated an alcohol only on weekends and with dinner “’rule”.  I do see the weight coming off easier through that. (wohoo) Now my next choice is to have one day a week where I will not have breads or pastas of any kind.  I think that just one day is manageable and practical.  So that is just my little update.

Be healthy!

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