Saturday, July 21, 2012

Updated Empties

Hey all,
   So another installment of products that I have finished within the last eeeeeeeeh, month I suppose.  So this is going to be a bit longer of a post, so you have all been warned! (mwuahahaha). How is everyone else doing on their journey to finish out products?

L'Oreal EverCreme Sulfate Free Moisture System Shampoo: So after my last experience with sulfate free shampoo and conditioners, I was very reluctant to try this product.  Even several youtubers had said this was not a good product, so when my father dropped off some shampoo that was on sale (aka this one) my heart sank a little bit.  BUT, then I tried it. This is actually a really nice shampoo, good smelling and did not make my hair greasy by the end of the day. I might repurchase if on sale.

Citre Shine Fresh Fusion Shampoo in Pure Energy: I love this shampoo, it had such a fresh scent and always leaves my hair with shine, less frizz, and just very healthy looking. I will repurchase this one.

Hotels in Venice Shower Shampoo in Milk Fig: I got this little sample or "travel-size" bottle from my time in Italy at one of the hotels.  I did not like this fragrance and it left my hair a little tangled. Needless to say, not a huge fan of it.  I have no idea how to even purchase it!

L'Occitane Repairing 5 Essential Oils Shampoo and Conditioner Packets: I love L'Occitane products, especially their lotions and perfumes.  These two samples were nice sized, and very nice on my hair. It felt so silky, and light. My one issue with this product is how herbally it smelled. Now this isn't a herbally in the sense of mint, basil, lavender etc. This just strait smelled of a potent concoction of mixed herbs that was not really pleasant.  I won't purchase because these are also expensive.

Camille Beckman Mango Beach Silky Body Cream: I enjoy Camille Beckman products, but this was just not a scent I am a fan of.  BUT the product itself was so thick and moisturizing to my skin.  My other issue with the product is more packaging, it's just a very thick plastic that makes it tough to get any product out.  Since this cream is so thick, I had to cut it apart to get to the rest of the product. I will repurchase one day, but in a different scent.

Ahava dermud Enriched Intensive Foot Cream for dry skin: This was a nice sized sample of the product and it was sooo nice on my feet. I'm not a foot cream user, but this was a very pampering product.  It took a little while to soak in, but pop in a movie and stay off your feet! I may purchase the product in the future.

Jennifer Aniston Perfume Samples (Two Samples): This perfume was very nice, the notes are floral and states that it has a musk to it. To me, it just smells of light honeysuckles. Don't get me wrong, I liked this scent and would purchase it, if the scent actually lasted on my skin.  I could spray myself and almost 30 minutes later the scent was gone. I went through two samples in roughly 2-3 days. I'd say this is more of a starter perfume for younger girls who don't want to smell sweet or sugary. But at 70 bucks for the bottle...x.x

Twirl by Kate Spade Perfume Sample: I really wanted this scent, this was so nice on my skin, but when I went to the counter and sprayed myself from the larger bottle, it smelled and dried on my skin differently (sad face!) It has a floral, vanilla and fruity sweet scent (again, not something I typically go for and even like), but it leans to more of a floral.  Since the bottle smelled differently than my sample size version, I passed on it.

Mark, White Vetiver Fragrance Sample: I got this sample from a mark. purchase, and honestly I did not like it at all. It just smells of fake floral and vanilla.  (Think of lip glosses with those fake vanilla flavors that somehow end up smelling similar to play dough) NOT a purchase.

Burberry London Delicately Floral Body Lotion: I got this a part of a box set with my Burberry perfume. I love the perfume, and the scent of the lotion is very similar although a bit more floral in comparison to the more spicy perfume.  One thing I noticed with the lotion is that it is very thin, non- moisturizing, and strong scented.  I don't know if I can purchase this separately, but it was overall nice if you are looking for something that you can layer with scents.

Mark. Glow Baby Glow Lip Gloss in Bubbles: I'd like to just say that I love this little sample size! I wish more brands gave out little samples like this so before you purchase you can really test it out.  This gloss is a pinky-purple gloss with baby blue shimmer. It sounds weird but looks so pretty on the lips.  I even used another lip gloss wand to dig out every last bit of it! I can see myself purchasing this the next time I order from mark. or Avon.
No Brand Shower Gel: I hated this product. This scent was so gross, it was supposed to be a berry scent, but it ended up being a strange floral. I got this as part of a gift from a friend a few years back, but I never plan to try to figure out where exactly I can get this.

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sensual Body Wash & Foam Bath in Jasmine Vanilla: I've already done a review of this particular product. I love the shower gels from Bath & Body Works because they lather so nicely and only need a small amount per use.  But this scent was something I really disliked. I already have almost 10 bottle in my parents house of these body washes in scents that I love, so I don't need to repurchase anything just yet.

Mark. Three's a Charm 3-in-1 Body Cleanser in Lemon Sugar: I got this from a fellow blogger/ youtuber, Grace from reallygraceful (her youtube name). As much as I liked this product, it just wasn't something that really stood out to me.  It was a great cleanser, but the scent didn't quite tickle my fancy.  I'll have to check if they make other scents!
Opti-Free Replenish Multi-Purpose Contact Solution: I'm not picky when it comes ot my contact solutions. I typically go for whatever is on sale, or the less expensive brand.  My eye doctor suggested this brand when it comes to the lower end of spending scale. What can I say other than it works, and that I'll most likely be repurchasing it once I finish the other bottle.

Old Spice Fiji Deodorant: Yes ladies, I use a "mens" deodorant.  After reading an article on really ow similar men's and women's deodorants are, I just went out and got this one. It has a very fresh and crisp scent, and is something I will repurchase.

Fa Deodorant in Caribbean Lemon: This is a brand from Europe that is not the easiest to find in the typical American drugstore.  I like the scent, it leans to a more lemongrass scent and is fresh without being sweet.  I like it, and next time I'm back in Europe I'll probably pick up a few more.

Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails Protective Base: I have to say, that this base coat was very fast drying.  But what I noticed for the period of time that I used it, my nails still got stained and they would flake so badly.  I do not have naturally weak nails, and I even ate my Jell-O to get some extra strength to my nails, but they would just splice apart.  I wouldn't suggest this and will not repurchase this.

Swan Nail Polish Remover: I think I got a bunch of these from my local Dollar Tree for obviously a buck.  It works well, even though it is not a pure accitone remover.  Hey I like it, it works, it's cheap (after spending 8 bucks on a bottle way back when and it not taking off polish -.-). I'll be repurchasing them until I find some magic product.

** random background story regarding these last few products: I travel a lot, and so I was cleaning out all my travel bags, I found plenty of half used tubes of toothpaste that I finally committed myself to using them all up so I don't have 6+ toothpastes half used. **

Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste: This was a good one, I like that this toothpaste foams up nicely and just has a nice minty flavor that doesn't make me feel like I'm using baking soda.

Crest Whitening Plus Scope: I was not a fan of this one, I'm naturally not a fan of Crest brand ( I don't know why I just don't) But it cleaned my teeth so I can't really complain.

Colgate Total Advanced Plus Whitening: I can't vouch for the whitening because it is such a small tube, I feel like I would need to use a full-sized one to find out. I don't have badly stained teeth, but I drink my coffee and wine. (I'm 22 if someone is balking at my wine reference)

Marvis Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste: Recently everyone recieved from various beauty boxes this toothpaste, but honestly... it's nothing special. It doesn't stand out to me, other than it's from Italy and therefor is more expensive.  So save a few bucks and get your favorite toothpaste from the drugstore.

PHEWW! Wow, another large chunk of products that I really have no idea how I even finished. So my running totals are:

Lotions/ fragrance/ hair: 19 + 12 =31
Makeup: 10 + 1 =11
Candles/ scents: 6 + 0 =6
Cleansers/ Body Washes: 18 + 3= 21
Randoms: 4 + 9 =13

New Total: 57 + 25= 82!!!


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