Thursday, November 7, 2013

NYC Plumping Lipgloss in Pleasantly Plump Pink

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    Today I wanted to bring a review on a lip gloss that I had a chance to try from the drugstore (and extremely affordable) brand, NYC.  I like a lot of NYC products, it's actually one of those brands that I first got into because it was so affordable to a young teenager like myself (at the time).  Today's gloss is the NYC Plumping Lipgloss in 467 Pleasantly Plump Pink. **I was sent this gloss to try out and after playing around with it for a few days, I've developed an opinion regarding it.

The official NYC website advertises this gloss as the following:

So how did the gloss match up to the claims? Let's delve into it!

Claim: Get voluminous lips in one effortless stroke/ 50% more volume to your lips

Reality: This gloss does make your lips look more voluminous, it fills in those lines and just makes them look plump. the 50% claim is a bit false because if my lips really did go up 50%, I'd be lookin like Angelina Jolie.   For the actual "plumping effect" I'd have to say it's slim to none.  There is a light minty feeling, but the best way to describe it is if you took a tiny TINY bite of sweet mint gum.  (random association I know)

Claim: 4 hours shine

Top Left: Gloss with flash Bottom Left: No flash. Top Right: Sunny day no flash
Reality: This gloss lasted a long time on my lips.  It is a bit thick/heavy on the lips and is a bit sticky, hence the long stay.  As I wore this gloss through the day, it would get tackier.  It didn't really last the full 4 hours, but it does last longer than most of my other glosses.

Additional Comments: While the shade I got was really pretty, the smell of this gloss is something I can't get over.  This gloss has a sickly-floral-old-lady-violet-mint smell.  Not only does the smell affect you, but it just gets into your mouth and you taste it too.  I tried several times to wear this gloss, but I just can't deal with the smell.  It's bad enough that I wouldn't want to kiss my fiance while wearing it.

Final Call: I would say, that with so many other glosses available even in the NYC line, I would pass on this particular gloss ONLY because of the smell.  I can deal with a lot of different fragrances, but when it comes to lip products and scents, I am particular and this is one scent and taste I can't deal with.

Have you tried this gloss?
What did you think about it?

**I was sent this gloss complimentary of Influenster, yet it does not affect my opinion of said product.

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