Wednesday, October 16, 2013

ELF Studio Makeup Remover Wipes

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   So I hope this day finds you all well.  What I'll be reviewing today is the ELF Studio Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths which retail for $3 on the website.  These are pre-moistened cloths which come 20 to a pack.

Taken from the website.

Let's first check out those claims:

1. "Gently and easily cleans skin to remove all traces of makeup and dirt, even waterproof mascara."
     I did find that this cloth worked well on removing most makeup, and did actually remove my waterproof mascara! I did go over with a toner and found a little of left over makeup on the cotton pad, but not bad enough for me to get all hell bent.

2. "Great for on-the-go travel"
   Ok, let's admit it...all cleansing cloths are easier to travel with than a bottle of liquid and a cotton pad. (what a duh!) What I like a lot is the fact that the pack has an inner seal and then an outer clasp that snaps shut.  I'm not as paranoid that these will dry out as quickly as other packs.

3. "Gentle Cloths are soft and soothing for even the most sensitive skin."
  These aren't as soft as a baby's bottom, but they don't irritate my very sensitive, contact wearing eyeballs.  While I would not call these nessesarily soothing, they don't leave my skin feeling stripped of moisture.

4. "Infused with Aloe Vera Extract for deep hydration and moisture"
  That would be the nice, and fresh smell I get from these cloths.  I can't argue with the moisture aspect but deep hydration...well how do you test that? I don't feel dry, but I feel clean.  But then I put a moisturizer on....sooo that claim is a little up for grabs.

The price: For $3 bucks, they are probably a cheaper pack than I'm used to for cleansing wipes.  When ELF has a 1/2 off sale I'd say snag a few packs!

Overall reaction: I could see myself buying these again.  The packaging is practical but also minimal and sleek looking.  They have not broken my face out, and don't leave an unpleasant residue on my skin.  I see more people talk about the $1 cloths, but I think these are well worth a shot.

How has your experience with these been? Would you try them out?

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