Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shecky's Girls Night Out: Yay or Nay

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   So how much fun does a "Girls Night Out" in NYC filled with jewelry, fashion and drinks sound? I know, for us beauty ladies it sounds awesome especially at a discounted price of 12 bucks!.  Shecky's is a company that does Girls Night Out's in many different cities throughout the United States.  There are some events that are three days long and are more fashion focused and others that are just one day and are makeup/ beauty focused.

**DISCLAIMER: I do not have any association with Shecky's.  All opinions are my own, and my event ticket was purchased with my own money.  I do not get any compensation for this post**

I went to a fashion focused event, and found it...lacking.  The original price was $30, but the tickets were discounted at $12, but the day of the event the price went up to $14 for a weekday. Ummm...okay? Sounds a little strange for me.

Taken directly from the Shecky's New York Event page. 
So what they make it sound like seems like it'll be an awesome, relaxing evening with drinks and an AWESOME goodie bag. Before you hit a "purchase button" let's do a quick run down of the reality along with a rating based on what they are telling us a night would be like:

 Food/ Drink: 
1. Expectation: "delectable drinks" logic would also say some finger foods.
-2 white wines (1 oz samples). 
   - Smirnoff Ices (2 flavors: Crisp Apple & Original) and a few beers.  
-Cash bar available upstairs but looked very cheesy. 
-No snacks at all.  
-Mac & Cheese like foods in styrofoam carry out containers by cash bar, and cupcakes. 
   Grading: 4 out of 10. 

1. Expectation: "discover unique designers": 
- Summer cast off's or rejects (almost nothing that said "fall"
- unique... erm... aka Forever21 products with raised prices?
-90% jewelry selling almost identical pieces (enough with the collared necklaces already!)

2. Expectation: "cap your night with pampering" 
Reality:  What is this pampering?
-Sally Hansen Airbrushed Legs trial booth. 
- 3 body products: soaps (actually worthwhile), Shea Moisture (yep like from CVS or Walgreens), and body wrap for weight loss. 
- 1 Mary Key rep with EXTREMELY limited display.

Goodie Bag:
1. Expectation: "Glorious good bags"ooooooooo
Reality: Insert Palm to Face. 
-Underwhelmed. Severely. 

Some of the contents of my bag

Yay or Nay?(what do you think!?)


 If you want to attend this event don't you DARE pay more than $12 for a weekday. Honestly I wouldn't pay more than 5 bucks for this ability to have poor drinks, no food, and "sample sale" shopping. I mean there was not even seats to sit down for a few moments! Several ladies attending the event commented to me that over the last few years the quality of Shecky's events has gone down dramatically.  Goodie bags used to be STUFFED with products, and this year seems to have been the worst yet.  As of October 9th, photos from my event STILL weren't up on the website, when the photographer had promised that they would be up by September 30th.  DOH! I feel like this COULD be a fun event, but the level of expectation they raise needs to be put into check.

Have you attended this event? Let me know how your experience was in the comments section!


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