Thursday, April 5, 2012

Project Cut Back Spending Update!

Hi All,
   This post is more of just a quick update of my "Project Cut Back Spending" for makeup is going. I am waiting to hit another 20 products before I actually do a photo and whole post about the products (maybe even experiment with making a video version of it!? *would anyone want to watch that instead of reading the post?*) but figured I can at least give the newest calculation of my spending! So from January 1st, 2012 to April 5th, 2012 I have spent *drum roll please!*

 15 BUCKS on makeup/ skincare/ body products!

I find that to be really awesome because it has pushed me to use what I have, and even scramble a bit to use a product or two up before it went bad.  I have been able to develop an idea of what I really like and which ones I would love to repurchase. 15 bucks is what I would typically spend in a month, or more!   I plan to save up for the next Sephora F&F sale and then purchase a few staple (or hopeful staple) items.

I don't know if this is technically cheating, but I have been to Sephora to pick up a few foundation samples, so I'm finally learning to use it and what I like in it! (yayyyyyy)

How is everyone else doing??

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