Monday, March 26, 2012

Repurposing Gel Liner

Hi all!
   So this week I had wanted to use my Physicians Formula Gel Cream Liner (Hazel Eyes) instead of just using my brown pencil (specially since I knew I would be done with it within the next week) but upon opening my containers, I found them to be on the road to be dried out. (womp womp) SO the two colors that I couldn't use was the gold toned liner and the purple toned liner. Both, I realized could be really pretty eyeshadows, and the drier consistency made them nice to use as cream shadows! 

From top to bottom: Gold, Purple, Black
I was able to wear both colors today, gold on my lid and the purple in the crease. I used a brown on the outer portion of my eyelid and added some deep purple into the crease. I never really wore purple shadow, but boy is this a rather pretty look! It's neutral enough to wear to work and school. Since they are liners, they did not crease on me, transfer, or smudge yet they were rather easy to take off with eye makeup remover. The shades are very shimmery but I found them to be rather lovely spring-ish shades. I will look forward to using these because they were also easy to apply onto the eye. I simply used an ELF $1 eyeliner brush and ELF $3 small precision brush.

Instead of tossing out my drier liners, I can now try to use them as shadows! Yay for getting some bang for my buck!

Have you found ways to re-purpose products?

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