Sunday, July 3, 2011

Benefit Dandelion vs Wet N Wild Pearlescent Pink

Hello Fellow Readers!
   So today I went to Walgreens where I came across the Wet N Wild Blush In Pearlescent Pink. In the container it looked very similar to my favorite blush Benefit dandelion. I have tried to use many other blushes, and just haven't found one that I feel is just as easy to use as Dandelion, until I saw this color. I could only wonder if there is really a blush I could love as much as my (I suppose I could say coveted) boxed blush. So for those who want to get the Benefit Blush, but cringe at the price tag of it....could Wet N Wild have come up with a product that is comparable to Benefit? Let's do a quick rundown!

Benefit Boxed Blush in Dandelion:
- 10g of product
- comes with a brush
- light pink powder with gold shimmer. Rather sheer and can be used for highlight powder on cheeks. "foolproof".
- $28 

Wet N Wild In Pearlescent Pink
- 4g of product
- comes with a brush
- pink toned powder with gold shimmer. This product has a little more pigmentation that Dandelion, but very easily blendable.
- $2.99

Final Words: I really like the Wet n Wild blush and with this price, I can get 9 blushes for the benefit blush. The Wet N Wild is very blendable and easy to use. It has a little more pigmentation than benefit, but once applied to the cheeks, it's basically a dupe for Dandelion. 

Hope this helps you ladies!

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  1. Ooo good call! I'm going to have to look for this now!