Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Resolutions

Well this is my second post for New Years, and already I feel so excited for this next year. So many changes are afoot, and they start with today.  First off I graduate undergrad in May, and after a crazy semester I may be able to start my last semester with much fewer credits. WOOOHOOO! SO what that means is more time for me, and more time for my blog.  I figured that making my resolutions on here would probably make me stick to them, and perhaps throughout this year I will be making updates about my working towards these goals.  Maybe I'll go buck wild and make a post in December about my progress! (shocker!)

So I narrowed down my resolutions to 5 main categories:
1. Work through products: This is directly tied to makeup, and it is something that I really want to do in full force.  I have much too much, and by actually using my products, I am enjoying them.  I buy so many and have so much that I don't get the chance to actually use them.  Plus so much space is lost too it, I want to find what I love and keep it to there. Plus I only buy certain colors, so I end up repurchasing the exact same colors!

2. Get Healthy: Yeah I know, everyone is probably putting this one on the list, but it is so important.  Over the last semester I took 21 credits, 20 hours of clincals, worked 15-20 hours, and commuted a total of 2 hours daily (10 hours in a week) so I had no time to take care of myself.  I didn't go to the gym, didn't sleep, and at the worst possible food because my school lunch lines are insane.  This semester in focus I want to fit into a dress I purchased last year for either my formal or graduation (a week apart). I also want to fit back into my wardrobe, which is so pretty and lovely but I can't wear because I got so big.  I might start a series on monthly updates, and show what I've been eating, my actual weight numbers (eek), and a few food surprisees (like stuff we thought was good which is actually really bad) and just generally explain my own changes.  This means going to my gym 4-5 days a week, which now my schedule will permit me too.

3. Pay more attention to my blog:This is probably a no-brainer, but when you have to write 60-100 pages per week for classes, you really don't wanna type something up on the computer (hence my inability to look at a screen for almost 3 weeks) But I want to spend more time on here, review more products etc.  There may be some more fitness on the way, but also some more feed back on the products I do have. This is something I want to spend more time doing, and as I sat down to come up with products that I feel should have some more mention, I realized that in fact I did have a lot to say.  Hopefully I'll be able to put up weekly posts, if not more! Let me know what kind of posts you'd like me write!I want to also make this blog about my readers, not just me.

4. Be more social: This is kinda linked to being healthier, but the fact that I had so much to do over the last year in my own personal life and was so focused on work, and school, I missed out on going out with friends, and get togethers.  This year I want to build that back up and reconnect with my friends that we had fizzled out with. That also includes my move, that is probably the scariest aspect of my life, because I have never been away from home more than a month, and I always had my sister with me.  I'll be moving on to my own, where I'll still beable to visit family (as they will only be an hour away) but still. eeep.!

5. Become more organized: This applies to every aspect of my life.  While I do stay organized via a planner, I can become scatterbrained and not do things around the house, or leave a mess behind.  I want to work on that. along will allotting time for social things, blogging, and exercise. 

So what about you all? What are your resolutions? Also what would you like to see me blog about? I'd love to get some feedback!

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