Thursday, January 3, 2013

B&BW Twisted Peppermint Candle vs. Fragrence Oil

Hey everyone,
   So it's that time of year when B&BW does it's semi-annual 50-75% off sale, and it's truly the best time to restock up on products, and even try out some new things.  I am a huge candle lover/ home fragrance person, and of course B&BW carries both.  I was using a few candles recently that just really disappointed me in their scent carrying and strength and then I realized that I had the fragrance oil version of them and decided to put them to the test.  So is one better than the other?

Twisted Peppermint is my favorite winter/ holiday collection scent from B&BW so I had my expectations set for the candle.  When I purchased it, it had a a decently strong scent, but also was something that didn't seem overpowering.  Just would be a minty fresh, yet slightly sweet scent for my bedroom.

Typically fragrance oils are much stronger in scent than candles, so in theory you get more use out of them and don't have to put a whole lot in the diffuser or cotton round.  I have the Scentbug which is a battery powered diffuser with a small fan and a little hatch where you put a cotton round in that has the scent you want to use.  What's great is that you can mix your own home fragrance too!

The Candle: 
I hate to say it but the candle itself was very disappointing when I finally lit it.  It had a barely there scent and just didn't diffuse throughout the room as much as I was hoping for. Perhaps it is because it's from last year, but I do also have a few candles from last year that still have beautiful, strong scents. I just don't like paying for a wimpy candle, even if it is on B&BW sale.   It does have a very clean burn, and it would be safe to say that it burns for a very long time, even the small versions of it.  The candle seems to be better fit for those who like the ambiance, and who don't have to worry about small children or pets getting to it.

The Fragrance Oil:
Now B&BW has a good thing going with these, and it's basically the wallflower oil in different form. Like I mentioned, I have the Scentbug (also purchased a few years back from the 50-75% sale) and while the directions say to use about 20 drops, I find that 10 is fine.  The Scentbug does have a slight hum sound from the fan, but it's actually rather relaxing, and the scent is carried throughout the room, to the point that my hallway smells of whatever scent I am using.  I have tried to add a drop or two of the Twisted Peppermint into the candle for some extra strength, but it caused the flame to create soot, and didn't do much.  This version of the Peppermint was much stronger, and just overall what I was looking for.  You don't have to use the actual Scentbug, if you have a fragrance oil diffuser, it works with that too.

Overall Opinion:
In the case of the Twisted Peppermint scent, the better deal (especially during the semi-annual sale) is the fragrance oil.  You don't need as much as the packaging says, it's potent, and the scent carries into other rooms.  The candle was a disappointment, and I'm really hoping it's just an old candle, but B&BW I think since I've had such great results with the oil, I'll repurchase that one instead.

What about you? Have you had a dud scent from B&BW? Have you tried a fragrance oil from there?
Happy New Year!

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