Monday, January 16, 2012

Bye Bye Birchbox?

Hi All,
 So I have been away for a while and computer-less, which was surprisingly lovely because I had a chance to relax and not worry about being too connected. When I got back home I found my birchbox on my bed, and was frankly not very excited. What started as an exciting monthly subscription, became something that I felt no pitter patter in my heart. I came to realize that for the last few boxes, there has been maybe ONE product I thought was good, but everything else became a "blah" product.
   Now I am not at all saying that I hate birchbox or that it is a bad company, but that I had gotten tired of the company. It was not living up to the first 6 boxes I got, and was left with a buncha products that I actually needed to get through. Since I have so many products my mission is to try to work through my own products. I will be remaining with my gogo girlfriend box subscription just to see how that works out, but as of right now....bye bye birchbox.



  1. I felt the same about Birchbox, I wasnt that impressed, I had it for 6mths, I subscribed to myglam box so hopefully it will b better.

  2. Totally agree - I signed up last February, got really great things until about July, and then it tapered off. December was my last box - yes, I was getting boxes *worth* more than $10, but for $10 I would rather buy a product I know I will like instead of getting samples of things I have no use for *cough*handcreamsandfacewash*cough*